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The California Wine Club Review 2023

Written by: Steph Gregerson on Nov 28th, 2022

The California Wine Club in a Nutshell

Take a visit to California’s wine country (plus a few other west coast vineyards) without stepping out your front door. This wine club sends you handpicked wines from different boutique Californian vineyards each month. 


  • Six different wine club levels to choose from, which offers a great variety

  • The “Love It Guarantee” offers to replace any wine you don’t love

  • The Club supports small family winemakers up and down the west coast


  • Not many budget-friendly wines

  • Shipping costs aren’t included in the prices

  • Some of the club levels don’t allow as much customization as others

The California Wine Club Overview

I love the idea of learning about wines, but the process can seem a little overwhelming and intimidating. Enter The California Wine Club, which is a great way to try boutique wines made by small winemaking families in California and other select locations. It made me feel like I was part of an exclusive club.

The prices are higher than some competitors, but the Club works hard to find hidden gems among small vineyards in California and the Pacific Northwest to bring special value to its members. 

It’s like getting a personal tour of award-winning wineries without leaving your house.

The California Wine Club Membership 

The California Wine Club has five different wine club levels, plus a club level for ordering cases. Each level features a different selection of wines. As the name suggests, there are plenty of Californian options, but the Club has also branched out a little in recent years.

  • Premier Series – The original and most popular, featuring small family wineries.

  • Signature Series – Offers some of California’s highest-rated premium wines.

  • International Series – Includes a selection of wines from around the world.

  • Aged Cabernet Series – Exclusively features Napa Cabernets aged 7-12 years.

  • Pacific Northwest Series – Features wines from Oregon and Washington.

  • Case Club Series – Option for ordering larger quantities of featured wines.

Once you’ve selected your club level, you can customize your order to include only reds, only whites, or a mix. You also have the choice of two bottles or four bottles with each order and can customize even more from there. Not every wine club offers complete customization, so you may need to shift around if you need something specific.

Here are the different customization options when you select two bottles. If you decide to include more bottles, you can still customize, for example, three reds and one white.  

There’s a “Love It Guarantee” with each order – if you don’t love a bottle you receive, you can get a replacement or a refund. Sign up for deliveries monthly, every other month, or once each quarter, depending on how often you want to try something new.

The California Wine Club Prices

There are multiple options for ordering wine through The California Wine Club. There’s an a la carte option if you want a specific bottle, or you can choose from one of the six different club levels listed below. With the different levels of membership, you’ll find a wide range of prices for different budgets and preferences.

The Premier Series club starts at $41.95/month or about $21.00 per bottle. You can adjust the number of bottles and the number of reds or whites. It’s the most flexible option offered.

The mid-range club levels are the International Series at $71/month, or $35 per bottle, and the Pacific Northwest Series at $77/month, or $38 per bottle. These options only offer two bottles per order. 

The Signature Series costs $119/month for two bottles. You can order up to four bottles, but there’s no discount for each additional bottle. These premium wines are award-winning, top-rated Californian wines. 

For the Aged Cabernet Series, you will pay top dollar. This level costs $233 per month for two bottles of Cabernet aged 7-12 years that are ready to drink now. 

The Case Club Series sends you 12 bottles – three bottles each of four different wines. These selections are mostly from California, but can also be from other west coast locations. The price per case is $168 which, at $14 per bottle, is the best deal per bottle. 

Shipping and handling are not included in the prices above and are determined when you check out. There are no hidden costs. Shipping is discounted to $1 if you decide to order a half-case or full case of any wines you’ve tried in one of your monthly boxes, plus you’ll pay the Club’s special prices. 

The California Wine Club Selection

The California Wine Club was started with the aim of helping small artisan wineries introduce their products to the world. The California Wine Club helps connect these passionate winemakers with wine lovers.

Each wine sent to you is hand-selected so you know you’re getting something great. With the different membership levels, you’ll find an option that works for your taste and budget.

There’s a great mix of reds and whites. Most of the wine is from California or the region specified in your membership, and you’ll receive information about the vineyard and winemakers. 

Each box comes with an information guide, Uncorked. It offers tasting notes, general tips about wine, food pairings, and additional background about California’s wine scene. It’ll arm you with everything you need to sound like a wine expert.

Top The California Wine Club Wines

At each club level, you’ll find a varied selection of wines available, with different price points and flavors. It’s a great way to explore smaller wineries. Here are a few of my favorites to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Le Vigne Winery 2018 Kiara Barrel Select Paso Robles Malbec is a favorite from the Premier Series. You can purchase it on the website for $13.99 per bottle. This winery is located in the Central Coast region of California and the family has been making wine since 1982.

The J. Davies Vineyards 2016 Diamond Mountain District Napa Valley JD Cabernet Sauvignon is a standout from the Signature Series. Located in the famous Napa Valley, this vineyard was the first hillside vineyard in the area (in 1862) and has transformed over time to produce some great red varietals (grape varieties). It’s won the Editor’s Choice award from Wine Enthusiast, so grab a bottle to enjoy now or hold on to it for a special occasion.

And from Oregon, just north of California, the Pacific Northwest Series features Nine Hats 2017 Columbia Valley Washington Reserve Chardonnay. Described as having “flavors of white peaches, jasmine flowers, and ripe stone fruits,” it sounds like a perfect white wine for a summer day. It’s available on the website for $32.

Sending The California Wine Club As a Gift

The California Wine Club offers multiple ways to gift its wines. You can purchase gift cards for different amounts or you can sign the recipient up to any of the club levels for a month or more. Some gift options come with an announcement that gets mailed in advance telling the recipient to watch out for the delivery.

Here’s a quick summary of The California Wine Club’s pricing and who it’s best for:


From $41.95 per month

Ideal for

California wine lovers and anyone looking to support smaller vineyards

Shipping costs

Calculated at checkout

Special deals

$1 shipping on reorders

The California Wine Club Delivery

The California Wine Club offers delivery throughout the United States. Each state has its own laws about wine shipments. By entering your address and creating an account, you’ll be able to see if delivery is available to your address as well as shipping costs.

Once you place an order, the wine will be sent out to a local carrier and you’ll receive updated tracking information throughout the process. Someone 21 years of age or older must be able to sign for the package. If you can’t have someone home to receive the wine, the website encourages you to call them for alternatives for delivery.

Each box is packaged in a way to ensure nothing is broken during delivery. 

The California Wine Club Delivery Locations

The California Wine Club works with freight companies to reach as many locations within the United States as possible but a few states have restrictions. Once you type in your address, you’ll get a notification like the one below if you’re not able to receive wine shipments.

The California Wine Club Customer Service

There are many ways to contact The California Wine Club team. You can chat with someone directly on its website or reach out through any of the other channels provided.

The chat feature instantly connects you with a personal wine consultant who can help answer questions or solve any issues. For example, if you receive a wine you don’t love, you can reach out to them and they will send you a replacement bottle.

How to Cancel The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club offers a very user-friendly online experience to manage your account, track the wines you love, reach out to customer service and even cancel your membership. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the My Account page 

  2. Click on Make Changes to Existing Membership

  3. Cancel the club you are signed up for

You can also call, email, or live chat to cancel and someone on the customer service team will be able to assist. There are no hidden fees or charges and you can cancel at any time.

There are a few other wine clubs out there in addition to The California Wine Club. Some have more budget-friendly options, more wines to choose from each month, or wines from locations outside of the United States. Here are just a couple:

Winc offers a more budget-friendly selection. As described in our Winc review, you take a quick taste quiz when you sign up and it gives recommendations based on your answers. In the end, you get to pick exactly which wines you receive, but many people go along with the recommendations.

If you love the idea of supporting small boutique wineries, you could also check out Vinesse. Featuring different wineries around the United States, it gives you the chance to explore smaller winemakers and a huge range of varietals and flavors. You can learn more about this unique service in our expert Vinesse review.

Bottom Line: Is The California Wine Club Worth It?

The California Wine Club offers a variety of club levels to choose from. The premium wine options are great and the “Love It Guarantee” ensures that you get bottles you’ll enjoy each time. 

This is not a budget wine service, so if you’re only after a couple of $12 bottles each month, you can check out our list of worthy alternatives. But for high-end wine drinkers who wish they could travel to the beautiful wine regions of the west coast, The California Wine Club is the perfect fit.


Which wine club is the best to join?

There are so many different options available to try that it really depends on your preferences. If you want to try a variety of wines from the west coast, our overview above goes over why The California Wine Club is a great option.

Are California wines good?

California offers a perfect location for winemakers with its Mediterranean climate. Californian Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular wines to come from the region. But you can find many different varietals, as we discuss in our explanation of the menu, from the four different wine regions.

How much does The California Wine Club cost?

As described in our pricing section, Club levels range in price from $41.95 for the Premier Series to $233 for the Aged Cabernet Series, with four other options in between. Shipping and handling are not included in the prices and are added at checkout.

What is The California Wine Club?

The California Wine Club is a monthly wine club that offers selections of boutique wines from California and a few other west coast locations. The club allows you to customize a monthly, every other month, or quarterly subscription to receive wines that you are guaranteed to love, or it’ll send you a replacement.

You can learn more about how the membership works above.

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