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Author Jessica White
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Updated on Jun 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

8 Best Bariatric Meal Delivery Services in 2024

Recovering from bariatric surgery is a delicate and often lengthy process. This also makes meal prep challenging, especially while your body adjusts to its new post-surgery anatomy. This is why you may benefit from having diet-specific, ready-made meals or meal kits delivered to your door every week.

I’ve compiled a list of the best meal delivery services that can help speed up your recovery. The services on my list offer low-calorie meals and are best for individuals who need specific foods, such as fibrous smoothies, soups, and regular foods. 

My top recommendation is Factor due to its wide variety of meals and add-ons like smoothies. However, most of its prepared meals are best for patients in their final stage of recovery when they can eat normal, low-calorie dishes. Read on to discover more of the best meal delivery services for post-weight loss surgery meals.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Bariatric Meal Delivery Services

  1. Factor – Best for dietitian-designed low-calorie plan

  2. BistroMDBest bariatric-specialist-designed meals

  3. Splendid Spoon – Best for low-calorie liquids and soft foods

  4. Blue Apron – Best holistically healthy meals

  5. Hungryroot – Best customizable post-op recipes

See 3 more bariatric meal delivery services

Disclaimer: None of the recommendations on this list are medical recommendations. Please speak to your healthcare professional before changing your diet or making any choices based on the following information.

The Best Bariatric Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Factor – Best for Dietitian-Designed Low-Calorie Plan

Factor's Chicken Thigh Vesuvio with Garlic Potatoes and Roasted Carrots

Key Features

  • Excellent for those in recovery who want high protein and minimal meal prep

  • Over a dozen Calorie Smart recipes offered each week

  • Keto, flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets

  • Current deal: Get $130 off with code DELIVERY130

Registered dietitians design and approve all of Factor's microwave-ready meals. If you don’t have a lot of time for shopping and cooking, Factor’s prepared meals ensure you get the right balance of protein, carbs, and vegetables in your recovery meals.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu changes weekly and includes 35 recipes and 40+ add-ons each week, giving you plenty of variety. Meals are chef-prepared and always arrive fresh. This is great for those in recovery who want to return to their pre-surgery diet.

I like Factor’s meal plans because they cover a variety of diets. The 6 plans include Protein Plus, Keto, Flexitarian, Vegan & Veggie, Calorie Smart, and Chef’s Choice. You can mix and match dishes from different plans with this service. 

While Factor has 1 of the best add-on selections of prepared meal services, the extras are mostly accommodating toward keto dieters. Check out our tested Factor review for an expert take on the menu, cost, and more. Photo of Factor's Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry cooked in a microwaveable tray with a fork ready to eat

What Makes It Special?

A unique feature of Factor is that you can have a session with a registered dietitian (RD) before you make any order commitments. There are other services with RDs, but normally you can only have a consultation after creating an account. With Factor, this service is free even if you decide not to place an order. A chat with an RD can ensure that Factor's meals are right for your dietary needs during your stage of recovery.

Factor's recipes are integrated into the most popular food tracking apps. You can find them in LoseIt, Carb Manager, and MyFitnessPal. So you can easily record your Factor macros to ensure you’re getting enough protein during recovery.

Is It Good Value?

All foods arrive fully cooked and microwave-ready, which is super convenient when you're recovering and don't want to spend time on your feet cooking. Meals are available in single-servings.

Meals come in single-serve portions, and you can order 6 to 18 meals per week. Pricing starts at $10.49 per serving for the maximum order and increases with smaller orders. 

2. BistroMD – Best Bariatric Specialist-Designed Low-Calorie Meals

BistroMD's Chicken Herbed Parmesan

Key Features

  • Low-calorie recipes designed by a bariatric specialist and her team of dietitians

  • 150+ recipes across the full menu

  • Dietary options include low calorie, heart health, diabetes-friendly

  • Current deal: Get 40% Off + Free Shipping on Your First Week

All BistroMD meals are fully prepared low-calorie recipes. They’re designed by a team of registered dietitians as well as a bariatric specialist physician with over 20 years of experience in helping patients lose weight. BistroMD meal plans are a convenient way to eat healthy and tasty weight loss-encouraging foods.

What’s on the Menu?

You can order a full week’s worth of 20 meals from any plan. Each meal is individually packaged in single-serve portions and designed to be eaten in 1 sitting. You’ll have zero prep, zero cleanup, and there’s no chance of going off-track with maintaining a healthy eating plan post recovery.

You can’t make any customizations to the meals since they’re designed to be part of a calorie-controlled and portion-controlled diet. There are also no allergy accommodations, so this isn’t a great service for allergy sufferers unless you fit into one of its preset plans, such as gluten-free.

Despite this, you’ll always get well-balanced, low-calorie meals made with whole foods. Each meal contains proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats with macro balances according to the meal plan you choose. Check out my colleague’s tested experience with BistroMD and what they thought about the meals they tried. Photo of a stack of BistroMD's prepared frozen meals and one frozen meal out of the cardboard packaging in its microwaveable tray

What Makes It Special?

BistroMD meals are best for months 4 to 6 after weight loss surgery when you can eat more normal foods while maintaining a low calorie count per day. 

Besides meals, you can order essential and tasty snacks (EATS) from this weight-loss company. My highlights are the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites, Black Bean Salsa Dried Chicken, and Lemonade Protein Punch.

Is It Good Value?

BistroMD has gender-specific plans with different calorie goals for men and women. It also has plans targeting various health conditions and dietary preferences, such as Keto Flex, Diabetic, and Gluten Free. The service ships frozen meals, which gives them a long shelf life, but if you prefer having fresh meals, try Factor instead

Each plan lets you choose to have 2 or 3 meals a day for 5 or 7 days a week, meaning you can order a minimum of 10 single-serving meals per week. If you opt for the full plan for 7 days, you’ll get 20 meals and can choose to eat whatever you want on the final night. Pricing for the maximum plan comes out to $8.24 per serving.

3. Splendid Spoon – Best for Low-Calorie Liquids and Soft Foods

Splendid Spoon's Carrot Lentil Curry Soup

Key Features

  • Fully prepared low-calorie smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and snacks

  • Filter to avoid 10 different ingredients, including caffeine, tree nuts, and beets

  • 8 dietary accommodations, including low calorie and lower sugar

  • Current deal: Get $120 off your first 4 deliveries!

Splendid Spoon is an excellent option for the 2nd or 3rd month of weight loss surgery recovery when you’re eating soft foods. Some smoothies and soups may even be a great option for the 3rd or 4th week of recovery when you’re on a full-liquid diet, as approved by your physician.

What’s on the Menu?

Splendid Spoon's menu is really easy to search. You can filter smoothies and soups for recovery-friendly options between Dietary Needs like Higher Protein, Lower Calorie, Lower Carb, and Lower Fat. Useful Avoidances to filter while you're recovering include Caffeine and Spicy Ingredients. All meals are calorie-conscious, grab-and-go, or fully prepared recipes and come in at around 220-300 calories each.

The cuisine variety is primarily Mediterranean recipes for the soups and bowls, with hints of Mexican, Indian, Thai, and Asian-inspired flavors. You can choose from 20 to 25 smoothies, several soups, a few noodle bowls, and various juices and power shots. 

Each smoothie contains 100% plant-based ingredients, zero artificial sweeteners, and 100% non-GMO produce. For more on the complete service and its clean, vegan, prepared meals, check out our in-depth Splendid Spoon review.

Image of a bottle of Splendid Spoon's Blueberry Coconut smoothie next to a glass full of all the ingredients used in the smoothie

What Makes It Special?

While calories are low, portions are relatively large for those in recovery. Each 16 oz bowl or smoothie is meant for 1 meal or 2 snacks for 1 person. So, listen to how you feel rather than aiming to finish the whole meal. Each portion should easily satisfy you, and may be enough for 2 or more meals depending on your stage of recovery.

Ordering with Splendid Spoon is super easy since you can order once or subscribe, and meal plans are super flexible. I like that all you have to do is choose the number of items you want in your box from any category on the menu. This allows you to have a nice variety of recovery foods, including hot and cold, soft and solid foods.

Is It Good Value?

Splendid Spoon is one of the pricier services per serving, since prices start at $9.99 per serving when you order 21 meals. But it might be worth it for the period of time you're in recovery. You can order box sizes of 7, 14, or 21 meals, with free shipping for the latter 2.

4. Blue Apron – Best Holistically Healthy Meals

Blue Apron's Pan-Seared Cod

Key Features

  • Wellness plan has low-calorie recipes

  • 80+ unique options per week

  • Dietary accommodations including vegetarian, low-calorie, and health-conscious

A low-calorie post-op recovery diet doesn't have to be low in flavor. And Blue Apron's got you covered with high-quality meal kits and prepared meals that contain signature seasoning mixes.

What’s on the Menu?

Most meal kits require about 25 to 30 minutes prep time. But you can also choose from the Prepared & Ready plan instead of the Meal Kits plan. Prepared meals include all the same high-quality ingredients as Blue Apron's meal kits, with recipes like Cheesy Chipotle Rotini at less than 600 calories. These convenient meals are best for individuals in the final stages of recovery who can eat small-portioned normal foods.

If you don't mind cooking, you can find complete meal kit recipes within each recipe page on the website and read through each step to decide if it's right for you. Or click the Cook Along button for a slideshow version of your recipe – with pictures.

You can mark your favorite meals by following labels and tags. These include 600 Calories or Less, Carb Conscious, Nutritionist's Pick, and 30 g of Protein, depending on the meal type. You can also find the estimated serving time.

Photo of Blue Apron's Mushroom Farrotto meal kit recipe cooked and served in a bowl

What Makes It Special?

You’ll see recommendations for calorie-conscious meal prep ingredients when you open recipe cards on the Blue Apron website. Check out my colleague's tested review of Blue Apron for more about its weight loss-friendly gourmet recipes.

Every Blue Apron ingredient is measured, portioned, and packaged, and the step-by-step recipes are easy to follow. Though some recipes take longer than others, most novice to experienced chefs can follow them. You always have the option to order prepared meals, too, if you're not feeling up to cooking. 

Is It Good Value?

I like that you can choose between kits and prepared meals, but if you only want ready meals while you're recovering, then Factor has a much wider choice

Blue Apron's minimum order is 2 meals with 2 servings each per week. For prepared meals, the minimum order is 4 meals per week. Pricing starts at around $5.59 per serving for larger orders.

You can order meal kits 1 week and prepared meals the next. But if you prefer having both on your weekly menu, you can choose from a selection of Prepared & Ready meals from the Add-ons when you order meal kits. 

5. Hungryroot – Best Customizable Post-Op Recipes

HungryRoot's Roast Turkey with Sweet Potato and Asparagus

Key Features

  • Swappable ingredients in most recipes

  • 100+ recipes each week and hundreds of add-ons

  • 10 dietary accommodations, including <500 calories per meal

Hungryroot’s best features are its customizability and variety. Post-bariatric surgery recovery can be tough since you need to eat small amounts of food. With Hungryroot, you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from. Unlike most meal delivery services, you can swap ingredients in most of Hungryroot’s recipes to suit your optimal calorie count.

What’s on the Menu?

To start your subscription with Hungryroot, you take a detailed quiz about your eating needs and taste preferences – including whether you have weight loss goals – that helps Hungryroot recommend recipes to fill your cart. Read our full Hungryroot review for a step-by-step guide to the whole process.

Once your cart is full, you’re free to swap recipes or ingredients in recipes. This allows you to include more greens, proteins, or veggies in your meals. It also increases your recipe choices significantly and gives you more opportunities to get creative in the kitchen as you progress through your bariatric surgery recovery journey. Screenshot of HungryRoot's grocery menu with soups selected

What Makes It Special?

Choose a minimum order of 4 meals, then add a la carte groceries and snacks. Groceries include tons of low-calorie proteins, like 140 cal per serving Seasoned Pulled Chicken, or liquids like the 150 cal Lime Coconut Chicken Bone Broth. This makes it easy to design a menu that suits you, whatever stage of recovery you are in.

Hungryroot stands out for its thorough onboarding quiz, which delves into 3 main areas: About You, Your Tastes, and Your Daily Routine. Questions range from your preferred cooking time to your favorite flavors to your lunch or dinner preferences. Each question offers a variety of answers, allowing for a personalized selection from a handful to a dozen or so options.

Is It Good Value?

Hungryroot is a great service if customizability is your priority in planning your post-op meals. Prices start at $8.99 per serving, and you can order 6 to 16 servings per week.

6. Nutrisystem – Great Diversity of Low-Calorie Foods

Nutrisystem's Chicken & Grain Bowl

Key Features

  • Meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

  • Over 130 unique recipes

  • Dietary options include low-calorie, high-protein, vegetarian, and more

With Nutrisystem, you get fully prepared meals and snacks to cover your entire day. All you need to do is store them, and they're always ready to go. This ease of use can be a relief, especially when you're in the later stages of post-op recovery and the last thing you want to do is fuss over complicated meal preparations. 

What’s on the Menu?

One of the most commendable features of Nutrisystem is its diverse menu. From savory pasta dishes, hearty sandwiches, and burgers to classic pizzas, soothing soups, stews, and nourishing grain bowls, there's a flavor for every palate. This diverse range ensures that even in the last stages of your post-op recovery, you're never bored with your meals.

Nutrisystem has fresh and frozen meals on its menu. Note that they're likely to arrive at different times if you order both. You can browse the menu by main meal, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and Snacks.

You can use a series of filters to narrow down your options. Some I find particularly useful are Special Dietary Needs (Diabetes Friendly and Vegetarian), Nutrition (Good Source of Protein, Lower Sodium, etc.), and Exclude (Pork or Pork Gelatin, Sugar Alcohols, Spicy Foods, and so on). Photo of Nutrisystem's Creamy Tomato Soup in a microwaveable container with a spoon

What Makes It Special?

Nutrisystem’s diet plan is curated to provide between 1,200 and 1,500 calories per day. These calories are distributed across 3 meals and 1 snack, which are all provided by Nutrisystem. This way, you ensure a steady and healthy post-op journey, especially if you need to eat low-calorie foods and keep a watchful eye on your diet. 

Every Nutrisystem subscription is paired with the NuMi app. This intuitive app becomes your companion, helping you monitor your daily caloric and macronutrient intake. 

Is It Good Value?

Nutrisystem's meal plans cater to both men and women at various stages of life. Whether you're a young adult or in your golden years, there's a tailored plan just for you, ensuring your dietary needs are met. My colleague’s in-depth Nutrisystem review can provide more info if you’re interested.

When it comes to cost, Nutrisystem offers flexibility. Prices start at $9.64  per day but you can expect to pay extra for more comprehensive options. You have the choice to order either 5 days' worth of meals or a full week, and deliveries are scheduled monthly, ensuring you're consistently stocked up.

7. Purple Carrot – Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Purple Carrot's Red Lentil Kitchari

Key Features

  • Meal kits and prepared meals

  • 30+ meals across all categories each week

  • Several dietary options, such as gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and others

Purple Carrot offers both meal kits and fully prepared meals that are 100% plant-based. Everything it delivers is fresh, and the ingredients used are of the best quality (even organic, whenever possible). This aligns well with the requirements of the vegan diet and offers an effortless way to incorporate wholesome meals into your bariatric surgery recovery menu.

What’s on the Menu?

Most of Purple Carrot's meal kits can be prepared in 35 minutes or less. There are also Less Prep kits and fresh and frozen ready meals on offer.

Caloric intake is a primary concern post-bariatric surgery, and Purple Carrot is attuned to this requirement. All the meals hover between 500 and 800 calories per serving, making it easier for you to adhere to dietary restrictions without compromising on flavor.

Apart from its core offerings, the Add-ons section at Purple Carrot is equally impressive. From pantry staples to ready-made foods like the delectable Purple Burger and Truffle Burger, this section ensures you have a selection of plant-based foods at your fingertips to help you maintain a healthy diet. Photo of the contents of a Purple Carrot delivery box set out on a table

What Makes It Special?

When you're in the post-op recovery phase, it's essential to avoid certain irritants. Purple Carrot understands this and offers a weekly menu that features gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free options. 

All meals are clearly labeled, allowing you to make informed choices and ensuring that your meals are both satisfying and safe for sensitive digestive systems.

Is It Good Value?

Purple Carrot’s offer is exciting and features a mixture of global cuisines. Whether you're in the mood for a wholesome dinner, a quick lunch, or a refreshing breakfast, the meal kits section has you covered. To learn more about cooking and taste, check out our tried-and-tested Purple Carrot review.

Purple Carrot offers 2-person and 4-person meal kit plans. Depending on your needs, you can opt for 2 to 4 meals per week. Prices for these kits range from $8.50 to $13.25 per serving. If you're looking for ready-made meals, options are available for 6, 8, or 10 single servings, all priced at $13 per serving.

8. Green Chef – Great for Delicious Meal Kits with Organic Ingredients

Green Chef's Tuscan White Bean & Chard Soup

Key Features

  • All produce and eggs are organic

  • 45+ unique recipes per week

  • 8 meal plans, including keto, plant-based, and gluten-free

Green Chef can help you navigate post-bariatric surgery dietary changes. The company features chef-crafted meal kits that are also designed with clean, high-quality ingredients. Even more, the menu changes every week, so there's little chance for monotony.

What’s on the Menu?

One of the reasons Green Chef stands out is its support for various dietary needs. Whether you're looking for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, calorie-smart, keto, or Mediterranean options, you will find meals that align with your specific needs. This adaptability means your meals not only satiate your hunger but also respect your dietary choices.

This service is the best option for the last leg of the recovery period when you can eat regular foods and don't mind spending a bit of time cooking. Entrees like the delectable Creamy Mustard-Herb Chicken or the zesty Blackened Tilapia with Dirty Rice are delicious. But they can be a bit heavy in terms of fat and carbs.

For more about what’s on the main menu or the Add-ons menu, check my colleague’s review of Green Chef. Photo of Green Chef's Miso Mushroom & Udon Noodle Soup recipe served in a bowl

What Makes It Special?

Most of Green Chef's meal kits are designed for quick prep and cooking times. If you don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen, don’t worry – these kits only take 30 to 35 minutes. For those ultra-busy days, you can choose from Green Chef’s selection of 10-minute lunches (around 4 options per week on the main menu). 

To further support your post-surgery journey, Green Chef offers a free 20-minute nutrition coaching session. This 1-on-1 session with a registered dietitian on the team can provide insights, guidance, and tailored advice to ensure your dietary choices are both delicious and beneficial.

Is It Good Value?

You can view the menu 3 weeks ahead, giving you plenty of time to choose the right meals for your stage or recovery.

Still, keep in mind that Green Chef can be pricey. Prices start at $9.99 per serving, and you can order for 2, 4, or 6 people (so it’s great for both couples and families).

Quick Comparison Table

Top Plans
Top Plans
Factor logo
BistroMD logo
SplendidSpoon logo
Blue Apron logo
HungryRoot logo
NutriSystem logo
Purple carrot logo
Green Chef logo
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$10.49 Per Serving

$8.24 Per Serving

$9.99 Per Serving

$5.59 Per Serving

$8.99 Per Serving

$9.64 Per Serving

$8.50 Per Serving

$9.99 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

6 prepared meals

10 prepared meals

5 lunches

2 meals for 2 people

3 meals for 2 people

6 meals for 4 days

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

Meal Types
Meal Types

Prepared meals

Prepared meals

Prepared Meals, Juices & Smoothies

5 - 60 min meal kits and prepared meals

Groceries, meal kits

Prepared meals, shelf-stable, and frozen food

Meal kits, prepared meals

10-45 minute meal kits

Prep Time
Prep Time

2-3 min

2-3 min

0-3 min

5-45 min

5-15 min

0-3 min

3-40 min

25-40 min

Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Bariatric Meal Delivery Service

I’ve compiled several tips for you to choose the best one for your post-bariatric surgery diet.

  • Consider your recovery needs: If you're recovering from surgery like bariatric procedures, you'll need to adjust your food choices based on your recovery stage. You'll first consume liquids in small portions and gradually switch to soft, chewy foods about 4 to 6 months post-recovery. Make sure the service you choose fits these needs. For instance, Factor’s food is great for the last stage of recovery.

  • Consider how much food prep you can do: Each delivery service offers meals with different levels of prep. Some services only offer meal kits that can take up to 60 minutes of prep, while others offer fully prepared microwavable meals that are ready in 2 to 3 minutes of heating, like Factor. Recovering after bariatric surgery means you’ll be engaging in minimal physical activity, so choosing easy prep meals might be best – especially in the early months of recovery.

  • Consider your budget: Each meal delivery service offers meals at varying prices. You can find meals on this list ranging from $6.99 to $14.99 per serving, plus shipping (BistroMD’s prices are somewhere in the middle). If you choose to subscribe, don't forget to factor in shipping for each delivery you'll receive.

  • Experiment with different services: If you discover multiple services suitable for your post-operative bariatric diet, give a few a go! You can utilize our discount codes to make exploring various services more cost-effective.


What can a bariatric patient eat after surgery?

Bariatric patients can eat different types of foods in different phases of recovery, depending on the type of bariatric surgery they receive. The diet should be determined by physicians and registered dietitians. Good foods for bariatric patients after about 2 to 3 months of recovery include soft foods in small portions with a low-calorie count like:

  • Tenderized and ground lean meats

  • Tenderized or ground fish

  • Scrambled eggs

  • Thin oatmeal

  • Protein smoothies

  • Peeled, cooked veggies

  • Low-carb fruits like berries

You can find a selection of these on Splendid Spoon’s menu.

Where can I buy the best bariatric foods?

You can buy bariatric foods from your local grocery store. But ordering from a meal delivery service is best for optimally convenient foods for post-op bariatric patients. You can find soft, low-calorie, liquid foods from Splendid Spoon, customize Hungryroot meals, or have prepared meals delivered to you from Factor.

What foods cannot be eaten after bariatric surgery?

Bariatric patients shouldn’t eat foods that will upset their stomach or digestive tract. Foods to avoid after bariatric surgery include:

  • Processed foods

  • Tough meats that are hard to chew

  • Greasy, high fat foods

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Spicy foods

  • Artificial sweeteners like erythritol, glycerol, mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol

What are the best proteins for bariatric patients?

The best proteins for bariatric patients are best derived from several important foods, such as: 

  • Tenderized meats

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt

  • Eggs

  • Silk tofu

  • Beans

  • Quinoa

You should be eating about 60 g to 80 g of protein per day from these sources and monitor your body’s response to sources like beans, tofu, soy, and dairy products. You’ll find the widest variety of protein options on Hungryroot’s menu.

Best Bariatric Meal Delivery Service in 2024 — Final Score

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