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Wine Delivery
Wine Delivery

TCM Wine Club Review 2024: A Classic Choice?

Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


TCM Wine Club offers a unique experience; it blends classic cinema with quality wines. I've thoroughly researched it to help you decide if it's the right choice for you. The club is a collaboration between Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and Laithwaites, but what sets it apart is TCM's active involvement in selecting wines.

The club stands out in the wine subscription world due to its thematic approach. As a wine enthusiast and a fan of classic movies, you'll appreciate the care TCM takes in curating each selection. Every bottle comes with the promise of enhancing your movie-watching experience.

It's important to consider whether TCM Wine Club aligns with your interests and palate. While its unique pairing of wine and cinema is appealing, it's tailored for a specific audience. If you're intrigued by the idea of sipping a carefully chosen wine while enjoying a classic film, then keep reading to see how this club could be an exciting addition to your wine journey.



Collectible movie-themed wines

No gifting option

Educational and unique

Can’t choose delivery date

100% money-back guarantee

Niche appeal

What’s on the TCM Wine List

The TCM Wine Club is ideal if you have a passion for both classic cinema and fine wines. I've found that it offers a unique blend of these interests. Members receive a selection of handpicked wines every quarter, each thoughtfully paired with a classic movie recommended by TCM. This combination creates a unique tasting and viewing experience.

Image of 15 bottles of mixed wine from TCM Wine Club

This club stands out for its global wine selection. It focuses on bringing a diverse range of wines from renowned wine regions across the world. You can expect to discover limited-production specials from small but outstanding wineries. This variety ensures that every delivery brings a new and exciting taste experience.

The introductory offer from the club is particularly appealing. It includes award-winning wines from prestigious regions like Tuscany, Bordeaux, and Argentina. These selections highlight the club's commitment to quality and provide an excellent introduction to what it offers.

Image of 2 stills from a movie next to a bottle of wine, and a description of the complementary wine

In addition to regular deliveries, TCM Wine Club also offers special cases. These include two extra selections per year – 1 in the summer and 1 for the holiday season. Each case features 12 "superstar" wines, carefully chosen to match the season and enhance your celebrations.

The club's movie-themed wines add an extra layer of enjoyment. With each bottle, you'll receive film pairings, like a Marilyn Monroe Cabernet Sauvignon matched with a classic Monroe film, or a Forrest Gump Pinot Gris paired with the iconic movie. These collectible wines offer a unique way to appreciate both the drink and the film.

Screenshot of the tasting notes for It’s a Wonderful Life Red Blend 2021

Moreover, the club provides an educational aspect to its subscriptions. Along with each bottle, you'll find detailed wine descriptions, winemaker bios, regional backstories, and food-pairing tips. This comprehensive approach helps you understand and appreciate the wine's origin, making each sip a learning experience.


Every shipment from TCM Wine Club comes with comprehensive background information. This includes detailed profiles of the winemakers, the vineyards, food pairings, and the unique characteristics of the wine. I appreciate how these notes enhance your understanding and appreciation of each bottle.

Image of tasting notes for the Burt Reynolds Zinfandel 2020

The notes also delve into why each wine was selected to pair with a specific classic movie. This aspect of the club adds an extra dimension to your experience. As you sip the wine, you can explore the connections between the flavors and the themes or settings of the movie, deepening your enjoyment of both. 

Shortlist of My Favorite Wines

Elvis at the Movies Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Image of a bottle of Elvis at the Movies Cabernet Sauvignon

Enjoy a glass of this robust red wine as you immerse yourself in the classic Viva Las Vegas, featuring the iconic King of Rock and Roll. This wine, with its hearty and rich profile, is an ideal match for dishes like succulent beef, warming stews, or sharp aged cheeses such as Parmesan. 

Forrest Gump Pinot Gris 2022

Image of a bottle of Forrest Gump Pinot Gris

Savor the Forrest Gump Pinot Gris from the lush vineyards of Washington State. This wine has delicate floral and zesty lemon aromas, leading to a lively, fresh palate. As you watch the beloved film Forrest Gump, you can’t do better than pairing it with a flavorful shrimp dish. Its crisp and dry nature also makes it a perfect companion for spicy Asian cuisine.

Boulé Brut Sparkling Wine 2022

Image of a bottle of Boulé Brut Sparkling Wine from TCM Wine Club

While watching 1935s Top Hat, featuring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, enjoy this sparkling wine. Its lively bubbles will add a festive touch to your movie night. It has a dry profile with tropical fruity aromas, making it a good match for chicken and fish dishes. This white sparkling wine has also been recognized with a 93-point gold medal.


Starting From

Shipping Fee

$164.99 per 12-bottle case


The shipping cost is $19.99 for every order up to 15 bottles. Also, your first order will include 3 extra bottles at no additional cost. 

Since the wines are delivered through a partnership with Laithwaites, many customers opt for Laithwaites' Unlimited shipping service. This service, available for an annual fee of $89, allows for free shipping on all orders, making it cost-effective after just a few shipments.

Shipping & Delivery

The TCM Wine Club is unable to ship to several U.S. states. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Utah. If you're in a location where shipping is available, keep in mind that choosing a specific day or time for delivery isn't an option. However, you can delay or skip deliveries according to your schedule. Image of a TCM Wine Club box with 15 bottles of wine and a charcuterie board in the foreground

If you aren’t available to accept delivery, the FedEx Hold at Location service offers a practical solution. It allows you to have your wine shipments held at a nearby FedEx location, where you can pick them up at your convenience. This option adds an extra layer of flexibility to the delivery process, making it easier to manage your wine shipments.

How TCM Wine Club Works

Here’s how to become a member of the TCM Wine Club. All you need to do is visit the website and complete the easy registration process. Below, I've detailed all the steps involved.

How to Sign Up

  1. Visit the TCM Wine Club site and click on Join the Club.

Screenshot of the TCM Wine Club homepage with Join the Club highlighted

  1. Choose what types of wine you’d like to order. Screenshot of the wine selection screen on TCM Wine Club

  1. Add your address details and date of birth. Screenshot of the delivery address screen on TCM Wine Club

  1. Enter your payment details using a credit card or PayPal. Screenshot of the payment screen on TCM Wine Club

To finalize your order, you will have to consent to an automatic subscription arrangement. Once you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions, you can confirm your order. Then, get ready for the arrival of your first movie-themed wine shipment.

Managing Your Subscription

The process of signing up is straightforward. For the most convenience in managing your subscription, it's recommended to create an online account. Through this account, you can modify your wine choices, skip a delivery, or cancel your subscription. You'll receive a 10-day notice period to make any of these changes, either online or via phone.

Customer Service

Compared to other services, customer contact options for TCM Wine Club are more restricted. If you need assistance, you can reach out via email or call 1-877-377-8470. The customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Time, and on weekends from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time.

It offers a satisfaction guarantee for its wines. If you aren’t entirely pleased with any of the wines for any reason, simply inform the customer service team. They will ensure you receive a full refund. This policy removes the concern of being stuck with a wine that doesn't meet your expectations.

How TCM Wine Club Compares to Other Wine Delivery Services

TCM Wine Club vs. Firstleaf: Firstleaf offers a more personalized approach, selecting wines based on a user's taste profile. This customization often leads to a more satisfying experience. Its broader wine selection and competitive pricing make it a better choice if you prefer variety and value over TCM's thematic pairings.

TCM Wine Club vs. Bright Cellars: Bright Cellars uses a data-driven matching algorithm, using a detailed quiz to curate wines that suit individual taste profiles. This means you receive wines that align closely with your personal preferences. 

TCM Wine Club vs. The California Wine Club: The California Wine Club specializes in artisan selections from California's boutique wineries, providing an authentic taste of the state's diverse wine regions. This focus on small-batch, quality wines from a specific and renowned wine-producing area makes it a more appealing choice for enthusiasts

The Bottom Line: Is TCM Wine Club Worth It?

TCM Wine Club is ideal for those who love classic movies and fine wines. It offers a unique pairing of global wines with classic films. This niche approach combines wine tasting with the enjoyment of iconic movies, making it a special experience for enthusiasts of both.

Yet, for broader wine interests or a focus solely on wine quality, consider other clubs like Firstleaf, Bright Cellars, or The California Wine Club. These provide personalized selections or explore specific wine regions, potentially suiting different preferences better than TCM's movie-themed approach.

TCM Wine Club's appeal depends on your passion for both wine and classic cinema. While it offers a distinct experience, our top 10 list of wine delivery services presents alternatives that might better align with your wine preferences, especially if you're seeking more varied or personalized wine experiences.


Is it worth being in a wine club?

Yes, if you enjoy exploring different wines and appreciate convenience. Wine clubs, like the TCM Wine Club, offer curated selections delivered to your doorstep. These are ideal for expanding your wine knowledge and tasting experience to find your new favorite wines without the hassle of browsing stores.

Who makes TCM wine?

TCM Wine Club's selections are made in partnership with Laithwaites. This collaboration ensures a diverse range of quality wines from various regions, tailored to complement classic films featured on Turner Classic Movies.

What is the phone number for TCM Wine Club?

The phone number for TCM Wine Club is 1-877-377-8470. You can call this number for customer service inquiries, including questions about your subscription, wine selections, or delivery details.

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