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Written by: Roxana David on Nov 22nd, 2022

Freshly vs. Snap Kitchen 2022: Convenience for the Win

Convenience… Both Freshly and Snap Kitchen offer that in spades with chef-cooked, single-serving meals delivered directly to your door. But which one is better?

After an in-depth analysis of both services, Freshly takes the win for me. The little details make all the difference: the lower price per serving, the nationwide delivery, its helpful Android-friendly app, and the generous timeframe in which customer support is there to answer your every query.

Still, Snap Kitchen is a great option as well, especially if you live in the Texas area (since it offers special deals for local delivery and pickup). But there are also diets that Snap serves better than Freshly, so buckle up to read all about the Freshly vs. Snap Kitchen show-down: 

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?

💲 Price:

($6.90 per serving)

🍔 Menu Variety:

It’s a tie

⏰ Prep Time:

It’s a tie 

🍴 Customization:

It’s a tie

👍 Ordering and Delivery:


🙋 Customer Support:

It’s a tie

Menu Variety

Winner: It’s a tie

Freshly offers a fixed menu of around 35 to 39 prepared meals, plus a small selection of proteins and breakfasts. Of the entrees, around four or five are plant-based and 10 come in at less than 550 calories per serving – also known as the FreshlyFit menu. 

You’ll see lots of familiar dishes – American-style barbecue pork chops and burgers, Mexican-inspired burrito bakes, and plenty of Italian-style pasta dishes – plus some Indian-inspired meals like curries and dal, and European influences like the Bistro French Onion Chicken. 

And if you’re feeling fancy, protein-packed options like the Flame-Seared Top Blade Steak with Green Pea Risotto and Parmesan Crumble actually feel rather indulgent for a Friday night. 

Freshly's Flame-Seared Top Blade Steak with Green Pea Risotto & Parmesan Crumble

Bison meat steak and parmesan? Now that's a combo you don't eat every day

Similarly, Snap Kitchen offers a fixed chef-cooked menu comprising around 28 lunch and dinner options, along with four breakfasts and around 10 proteins and sides.

If you’re based in Texas, you might also be eligible for local delivery or pickup, unlocking an extra menu of breakfasts, proteins and sides, soups, salads, drinks (including coffee and kombucha), and healthy snacks such as paleo-friendly jerky, chocolate, and zucchini crackers.

Much like Freshly, the Snap Kitchen menu is a mix of local cuisines (the Texas Steakhouse Chili is a staple) and international – from Italian to Asian, and even Middle Eastern vibes. 

I personally love the sound of the Greek Meatball Bowl with Olives and Herbs. It’s fresh, it’s Mediterranean-inspired, and it’s topped with savory feta cheese. Yum!

Snap Kitchen's Greek Meatball Bowl with Olives and Herbs

I love everything Greek, so this bowl certainly hits the spot with its feta and olives

Since all the meals from Freshly and Snap Kitchen are single-serving, neither service is a good match for families. However, if you’re looking to feed a household of two adults, both menus are rather accommodating to different tastes.

It’s also worth noting that both Freshly and Snap Kitchen have fixed menus, rather than rotating menus that change weekly. This means you can order your favorites week after week without having to worry you’ll never see them again – but it also means you might get bored if you only like a few of the dishes. 

That said, new items are added occasionally (around every six to eight weeks), so you’ll have the chance to mix things up as well.

Meal Customization

Winner: Snap Kitchen

Since both Freshly and Snap Kitchen offer exclusively meals that have been pre-prepared, there’s no real customization possible with either service. 

What I’m going to talk about instead is how both companies cater to specific dietary preferences and how detailed the filters on the menus are – and in both cases, I’d say Snap Kitchen takes the win.

Sure – Freshly offers a wide variety of gluten-free meals and is certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group, so it’s great for celiacs. And by wide variety, I mean that almost all the meals on the menu are labeled as gluten-free, which is impressive! 

There are also a few plant-based meals on the Purely Plant menu, and some carb- and calorie-smart options in the FreshlyFit category.

Many of the meals are made without dairy, peanuts, or soy, too – but that’s as far as the list of allergens goes. If you want to further exclude ingredients, you need to look at the nutritional info on each individual dish. 

Filter tags under one of Freshly's recipes

I love how Freshly lets you know everything about a dish with a few tags

When choosing your Freshly meals, you can also sort them by category and macronutrients – calories, carbs, total fat, and sodium.

However, Snap Kitchen has a more detailed approach to sorting through the menu. You can easily exclude dishes that contain gluten, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, pork, sesame, shellfish, soy, and tree nuts.

You can also select moderate-sodium and sodium-conscious dishes, as well as a specific range of protein, carbs, and calories.

Snap Kitchen's filters and categories

I like how detailed the filters are. You can even sort by the amount of macronutrients!

As well as using the filters, you can click on the categories across the top of the menu to only show meals suitable for high-protein, low-carb, keto, paleo, and Whole30 diets. Now that’s something not a lot of services offer!

So, unless you’re looking for some plant-based options, I’d say Snap Kitchen caters to a wider range of diets and offers an easier way to sort through allergens and macros.

Ordering, Delivery, Unboxing

Winner: Freshly

I’ve selected Freshly as the winner here because not only does it deliver to more areas of the US, but its helpful app works on both Android and iOS, so it’s more convenient for more people.

When it comes to delivery, Freshly ships to the whole of the continental US, while Snap Kitchen delivers to most, but not all of them.

Still, if you’re from Texas, Snap might be the better choice for you as it offers special deals with local delivery. Apart from that though, both services are pretty similar and are great in terms of convenience. 

Ordering from both Freshly and Snap Kitchen is straightforward too. You simply select the size of your plan, add your desired meals to the cart, and set up your subscription with easy-to-follow steps. You can do this either on the website or by using the app.

You can also use the Freshly app to track your delivery or chat with customer service. Snap Kitchen has a similarly useful app, but it currently only works on iOS.

If you need to change your order from either delivery service, including rescheduling the day it’s due to arrive, you can easily do so before your weekly deadline. After that weekly cut-off, your order is locked-in, so keep that in mind. 

With Freshly, you can choose your preferred shipping day from a list of available dates based on your location and carrier (usually three weekdays). Orders take just one or two days to ship, so your meals will always arrive fresh.

As for Snap Kitchen, you can check out the delivery availability by entering your zip code. Meals take around one to three days to ship, and you can choose between three delivery dates. For a Dallas order, I was prompted to choose between Saturday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

The minimum order from Freshly is four meals, while for Snap Kitchen it’s six meals per week.

For both services, your meals will arrive in trays neatly stacked in a box, with clear labeling and heating instructions on each individual package. The meals arrive chilled and you need to store them in the fridge as soon as possible.

In terms of eco-friendliness, both companies do a good job, but Snap Kitchen does it better with 100% recyclable packaging – including the ice packs. You can consult the recycling page on the website to see how to dispose of each item.

Freshly also has recyclable plastic containers and cardboard sleeves, but the denim insulation included in your box is not entirely biodegradable. Still, 85% biodegradable is pretty high, and if you’re crafty you can upcycle the denim as blanket filler or bedding for your pet.

Snap Kitchen's packaging

One hundred percent recyclable? With Snap Kitchen, that's not just a motto

Now, about this cool localized feature that Snap Kitchen has going on: as well as its usual meal plans, if you’re located around Texas you can get a Snap Pass plan to get 5% off your orders, including store walk-ins. 

There’re no minimum or maximum order size, and the subscription is just as flexible as its usual six- or 12-meal plans. Plus, if you don’t enjoy a meal, you’ll be offered a replacement. 

And another thing: there are snacks and juices available as well, so you’ll have a wider range of products to choose from.

So, if you’re from Austin, Houston, Dallas – or have a neighborhood Whole Foods that stocks Snap Kitchen meals – you can place an order this way and have your meals within minutes. 

A map of Snap Kitchen's local delivery and an example of items you can order

If you're one of the lucky ones in the Texas area, you can also order soups, juices, and snacks from Snap Kitchen!

Meal Prep

Winner: It’s a tie

Both Freshly and Snap Kitchen deliver prepared meals, so the only effort on your part is heating them before eating them. No hassle, no cleanup.

As mentioned, both sets of meals will arrive chilled – never frozen – so they won’t require thawing.

Freshly meals will fare well around three to five days in the fridge. Certain meals might have a badge on them to let you know it's recommended you eat those dishes first – for example, if they contain seafood. But there's a use-by date on the back if you’re not sure. 

If you find you can’t eat all of the meals within the time frame, you can store them in the freezer for another day. No need to thaw them then, either – just add a few more minutes to the cooking time.

You can also heat the meals in a preheated oven after transferring them into an oven-safe dish and covering the top with tin foil. They take around 25 to 35 minutes to cook through, and give it another five to cool down – we don’t wanna burn those taste buds!

Freshly's meal trays stacked in the fridge

I love how colorful and detailed the trays are. They even have pictures so they're very easy to identify in the fridge!

The meals from Snap Kitchen are very similar in the sense that you can heat them in the microwave in three minutes or less, directly in the tray. 

For best flavor results though, the company recommends transferring the meals to an oven-safe dish, covering with foil, and heating for 15 to 20 minutes at 350F. You’ll find the exact timing and instructions on the packaging.

The Snap meals also have a shelf life of three to seven days. If you plan to freeze them, however, Snap Kitchen recommends moving them into the fridge the day before so they can thaw out.

Customer Support

Winner: It’s a tie

Freshly’s Customer Care agents are available on the phone every day from 6 am to midnight ET to answer your questions or issues. That’s a very generous time frame, if you ask me. Plus, you can call or text, whichever feels more comfortable.

As well as that, you can send an email for less time-sensitive matters and the agents will respond as quickly as possible. The Support Center on the website is also a highly valuable tool you can use in the meantime, sharing the answers to tons of FAQs. 

If you want to cancel your subscription, there’s no need to call. You can do it directly in the app: tap on the profile icon, then Manage Subscription, and then Cancel Subscription. You’ll need to give a little written feedback on why you're canceling and that’s it.

Likewise, Snap Kitchen is available to answer your questions via email, online chat, phone, or a ticket you can send directly from the website.

The chat and phone line is available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. If you choose the email route, you’ll get an answer within one or two working days.

Snap Kitchen's support form

Apart from phone, email, and live chat, you can also send tickets to customer support directly from the website

If you want to cancel your Snap Kitchen plan, you can do it either via the website or in the app. On the website, you need to click Cancel in the My Subscription section at the bottom of the Subscription page.

In the app, go to Account and click Manage Meal Plan, then select Manage Plan, scroll to the bottom, and click Cancel Plan. Just keep in mind that if you haven’t managed to cancel in time and an order has already been processed or locked-in, you’ll still receive it (and pay for it). 


Winner: Freshly

Freshly wins this category thanks to its lower starting price of $6.90 per single-serving meal. The undiscounted price per serving varies from $9.59 when you order 12 meals a week to $12.50 when you order just four meals per week.

Freshly shipping fees vary based on the weight of your order. Expect to pay $9.99 on orders of four to eight meals, $10.99 for nine or 10 meals, and $11.99 for 11 or 12 meals.

If you add shipping into the equation, a typical six-meal plan ends up costing $12.49 per serving, and a 12-meal plan $10.58 per serving.

Freshly's meal plans

I love how you can order anywhere from 4 to 12 meals from Freshly

Snap Kitchen offers free shipping on all orders, but even so, it can’t beat Freshly’s prices

The six-meal plan from Snap costs $13.84 per portion and the 12-meal plan is $11.34 without discounts, so both options are pricier than Freshly, even with Freshly’s shipping fees factored in.

Another thing you should know is that even though Snap Kitchen also offers sides, proteins, and breakfast options alongside its entrees, they still count as individual meals in the plan, so the price per portion will be the same.

Similarly, the breakfast and side dishes from Freshly also count towards your total number of meals.

Snap Kitchen's meal plans

The more meals you order from Snap Kitchen, the better the price per meal

One last thing: Snap Kitchen offers special discounts to military members and their family, first responders, nurses, medical professionals, government employees, and more. 

If you’re part of one of these categories, you can get checked digitally using ID.ME and get a sweet deal on your meal plan! 

Features Comparison: Freshly vs. Snap Kitchen


Snap Kitchen

Best for

Budget-friendly prepared meals

Special diets like keto or paleo

Starting price

$6.90 per serving

$9.66 per serving

Shipping cost

$9.99 to $11.99


Minimum order

4 meals per week

6 meals per week

Menu variety

40+ choices per week

40+ choices per week

Prep time

3 minutes 

3 minutes 

Low-prep options



Allergies catered to

Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Peanuts

Gluten, Egg, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Pork, Sesame, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts

Special diets

Vegan, Low-Carb, Low-Calorie

High-Protein, Low-Carb, Keto, Low-Sodium, Paleo, Whole30

Customer support

Phone, text, email, live chat

Phone, email, live chat, ticket


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Save $80 with code SALE80 plus FREE SHIPPING.

And The Winner Is: Freshly

Freshly wins because it’s easier on your wallet, includes some plant-based dishes on its menu, offers more flexible plans, and – in my opinion – has better customer service. 

Last but not least, there are regions in which only Freshly delivers, so there’s a greater chance you can get your hands on its meals.

However, Snap Kitchen has some advantages of its own, especially if you’re trying to stick to a keto, paleo, or Whole30 diet. If you’re crazy about macronutrients, you’ll find its detailed filters very helpful, as well as its general low-carb approach. 

Plus, if you live around Texas, you can enjoy local delivery or pickup and a wider menu, including snacks and drinks.

If, however, neither of these services caught your eye, you can check out our list of the 10 best meal delivery services and see other curated options! 


Is Freshly or Snap Kitchen cheaper?

Even though Snap Kitchen offers free delivery on all orders (and Freshly doesn’t), Freshly ends up being the cheaper option. This is because it has lower prices per portion, so even when you add the cost of delivery, it’s still more affordable.

To get an idea, Freshly starts at $6.90 per serving, while Snap Kitchen starts at $9.66 per single-serving meal.

Is Freshly or Snap Kitchen vegan?

Snap Kitchen doesn’t have any vegan or plant-based offerings, but Freshly does. Freshly has a small menu of Purely Plant dishes that comprise 100% vegan meals.

Is Freshly or Snap Kitchen keto?

While Freshly has some low-carb meals, Snap Kitchen has a dedicated keto category on its menu. You can also browse the Snap menu using macronutrient filters, from the amount of protein to calories, carbs, and more. A lot of the meals are keto-friendly, but even more fall into the low-carb category if that’s more your lane.

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