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Author Mirela Niculae
Mirela Niculae
Updated on Sep 11th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Plonk vs. Winc 2023: Which Wine Club Should You Choose?

Both Winc and Plonk offer impressive wine lists and memberships. However, if you’re looking for a more beginner-friendly service that caters to your unique tastes and maintains affordable prices, I think Firstleaf may be a better option.

The perfect wine club experience is an extremely personal choice. That’s because we all have individual preferences, desires, and expectations from such a service. And the fact that there are so many wine delivery services out there doesn’t make it easier to find the right service for your needs.

Plonk and Winc are 2 of the most interesting wine clubs on the market. Both companies feature an exquisite wine list and support small wine producers that focus on quality rather than quantity. So I set myself out to compare these services and identify their differences and strong points.

In the Plonk vs. Winc showdown, I found Winc has the better wine list and prices . Still, Plonk is not that far away, especially if you’re interested in organic, naturally-produced wines. Continue reading to learn more about each of these wine delivery services and make an informed decision.

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?

💲 Price:

Winc ($12.00 per bottle)

🍷 Wine List Variety:

Winc (50+ wine options)

👍 Ordering and Delivery


🙋 Customer Support:


Wine List Variety

Winner: Winc

While I like that Plonk puts more emphasis on organic wines, Winc’s selection is more varied. Otherwise, both companies boast about supporting small winemakers and offering labels that would be difficult to get otherwise. You also get access to more wines made using sustainable techniques.

If you’re interested in learning more about small winemakers, Naked Wines may be a better option. This company cuts out the middleman and puts you in direct contact with the wine producers and the methods they use.

Plonk is a haven for wine enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and authenticity behind each bottle. Unlike wines made by industrial manufacturers or boardroom executives, Plonk actively supports small winemakers and promotes unique indigenous grape varieties. So if you’re looking to expand your palate, it can be a great start.

Plonk features a good selection of natural wines
Plonk's wines are free from industrial chemicals and additives

Plonk’s list includes 40+ labels of exquisite reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines. Most of the wines are grown using organic, biodynamic, and sustainable vineyard practices. This means no pesticides, herbicides, or commercial additives like colorants or artificial sugars. 

Besides access to natural wines, you get detailed tasting notes and recipe pairings for each bottle. You can also keep things interesting by switching between the 3 wine clubs – Mixed, All Reds, or All Whites. Each club features wines from regions such as the US, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

I also like that you can go beyond the monthly subscription and get special bundles and packs. You can choose between Mystery Cases, Seasonal Packs, Dinner Party Packs, Food & Wine Bundles, and Special Collections. And yes, the Food & Wine Bundles do include cheese!

Winc takes a personalized approach to your wine selection. Before signing up for a subscription, you have to complete a quick, minute-long quiz that helps tailor your box to your taste preferences. Unlike Plonk, where you receive the most popular wines on their list, Winc ensures that each bottle reflects your individual palate.

You also have the option to rate each wine you try. If there's a bottle you don't enjoy, simply give it a low rating, and Winc will ensure it doesn't find its way into your box again. You can also see other customers’ ratings and get an idea of which wines are more popular.

Winc is committed to minimal-intervention winemaking methods and sustainable farming techniques. As a result, its wine list features amazing wines in a variety of tastes and colors. You get to choose from 30+ reds, 20+ whites, and several rosés and sparkling varietals.

Winc features a generous wine collection
Winc makes it easy to find the right wines for your taste preferences

Both domestic and international wines find their place in Winc's collection. While California serves as the main source of domestic wines, international offerings span regions like France, Portugal, Argentina, Spain, and Italy. This diverse selection ensures that you can explore a wide range of flavors and discover wines from different corners of the world.

With each bottle, Winc offers suggestions on what dishes pair best with your chosen wine. Unlike Plonk, Winc doesn’t offer any special bundles, but you can browse their list based on specific preferences, such as no added sugars, no sulfites, or wines from organic grapes.

Overall, both Winc and Plonk offer exquisite wines created using sustainable methods. However, Winc has a more generous collection and makes it easier to choose labels based on your taste preferences. Overall, I think Winc is a great choice when you want the full wine experience.

Ordering, Delivery, Unboxing

Winner: Winc

I like that Winc takes your personal tastes into consideration when formulating recommendations. It does so by asking a few questions when placing your first order. The questions are about your favorite foods and flavors, and you won’t have to spend more than 1 minute answering them.

Winc's quick questionnaire when placing the first order
Winc will ask about your taste preferences to understand your palate and make accurate recommendations

If the initial selections don't quite hit the mark, you can make changes before placing the order. You can also add more bottles if you feel adventurous and want to explore more. And if you don’t feel like committing to a subscription, Winc lets you order à la carte. Just make sure to order at least 3 bottles (the minimum order).

Winc believes in empowering their customers and values their feedback. That's why it encourages customers to rate each wine they receive. This way, you can provide valuable insights that contribute to future selections tailored specifically to your preferences.

If you’re not happy with any of the wines in your box, Winc will replace it for free. Plus, you can change an order (provided it hasn’t been shipped yet) or edit your taste profile whenever you want. You’re also free to pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

You can share the Winc experience with friends and family by sending wine as a gift. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, all you have to do is choose the value of the e-gift card you want to offer and introduce the shipping details.

In a similar fashion, Plonk makes the ordering and delivery process a breeze. This time, you don’t have to fill in a quiz. Just select 1 of the 3 available Wine Clubs – the Mixed Organic Wine Club, Red Organic Wine Club, or White Organic Wine Club. You can switch clubs at a later date.

Plonk's 3 wine clubs
The 3 wine clubs serve as subscriptions for specific types of wines

Once you decide on a club, you have to choose your case size (4, 6, or 12 bottles). You will also have to decide if you want an ongoing or a prepaid subscription. With the Ongoing subscription, shipments can be every 1, 2, or 3 months, while with the Prepaid subscription, shipments can be every 3, 6, or 12 months.

Plonk's White Wine Club subscription
Regardless of the Wine Club you choose, you have to deceive on a case size and type of subscription.

Once you've decided, sit back and let Plonk act as your personal sommelier. Their team expertly selects your wines, taking the guesswork out of the equation and introducing you to new and exciting flavors that are sure to delight your taste buds.

Your first Plonk box comes with a few interesting perks. You’ll find a free corkscrew – a must-have tool for any wine lover – as well as detailed tasting notes to deepen your understanding and appreciation for each bottle. Plonk goes above and beyond by providing a monthly shipment preview video, so you can anticipate the wines headed your way.

Plonk also offers the option to customize your box further. You can add additional bottles to your core subscription, allowing you to explore even more intriguing wines beyond the curated selection. If you want a more tailored approach, Plonk offers an à la carte option, just keep in mind that the minimum order is 6 bottles.

Should you need to make changes to your order, Plonk understands that flexibility is key. If your order hasn't been shipped yet, you can contact the customer support team via phone or email to modify it. Lastly, Plonk allows you to share the joy by sending a subscription as a gift.

When it comes to delivery, you can expect a prompt fulfillment process from both companies. Winc will typically ship your order within 3 business days of processing. However, shipping times vary depending on your distance from Winc's fulfillment center, it may take between 3 to 7 business days.

At Plonk, all wine club shipments are sent out during the first week of each month. If you join Plonk Wine Club on or before the 1st day of the month, your order will be included in the next scheduled shipment. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the following month's shipment. It typically takes between 5 to 10 business days for your order to arrive. 

Both companies keep you in the loop as soon as your order ships. You'll receive an email with the tracking number, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipment. You can also view the tracking number in your account. Keep in mind that someone at least 21 years old must sign for each shipment.

Plonk and Winc feature a minimalist box design and use recyclable packaging materials. Inside each box, you’ll find sturdy inserts designed to keep the bottles in place during transport. Winc takes things a step further with special inserts that only fit its bottles and boxes.

Additionally, both companies include some extra resources in the box. Winc will send you a colorful magazine containing information about its wines and pairing tips. Plonk keeps things simple and only adds tasting notes for the wines in your box. Overall, everything is simple and minimalistic, designed with elegance and durability.

Customer Support

Winner: Winc

While both companies offer several forms of contact, Winc puts in the most effort. With Winc, you get a comprehensive FAQ database with well-written answers and useful details. You also get a blog where you can learn more about wines and winemaking.

To contact Winc’s support team, you have 5 contact channels plus 3 social media pages. The main contact channels are email, contact form, call, text, and live chat (only active when you’re logged in). Working hours are Monday to Sunday between 7 am and 4 pm PT, and you should get a reply within 24 hours.

Plonk only offers 3 channels of communication – phone, email, and contact form. There is also an FAQ section, but it’s less comprehensive in comparison to Winc’s. You’ll also find 3 social media pages where you can connect with the brand.


Winner: Winc

Both companies offer monthly subscriptions and options for à la carte shopping. Also, with both, you will pay a fixed monthly fee for the wines included in the membership. However, when comparing prices per bottle and subscription fees, Winc is definitely more affordable.

Winc’s subscription works a lot like Naked Wines’ pricing system. Once you become a member, you will pay a monthly fee ($59.95 at the moment of my writing), which will be turned into credits ($1 = 1 credit) and stored in your account.

You can use the credits as you see fit by ordering the recommendations or shopping à la carte. You can skip for as long as you want (you will still be charged monthly) and let the credits build up. Keep in mind that your orders won’t ship automatically – you have to check out each month you want to receive wines.

The minimum order with Winc is 3 bottles, and there is no upper limit. However, if you stick to the minimum, you’ll have to pay $9 for shipping. Any order of 4 or more bottles has shipping included.

Each Winc wine is individually priced, and members get a better price per bottle. For instance, a bottle of 2021 Pizzolato NSA Merlot is $16.99, but Winc members pay $14.99. Overall, regular prices vary between $15.99 and $27.99 per bottle. You can also buy gift cards of $60, $100, $150, or a value of your choosing.

Plonk’s pricing system is a lot simpler – a monthly ongoing club subscription starts at $110/month. For this price, you’ll receive 4 bottles of wine each month. Bigger cases will cost $165/month for 6 bottles and $330/month for 12 bottles.

For prepaid subscriptions, you pay upfront, and you’ll receive a monthly case for the stated period. For instance, to receive 4 bottles per month for a period of 3 months, you’ll pay $330 upfront. Overall, wine prices vary between $28.75 and $35 per bottle, which is quite steep.

Features Comparison: Plonk vs. Winc



Best for

Wine connoisseurs who prefer organic wine

Beginners and connoisseurs with adventurous tastes

Starting price



Shipping cost


$9 for 3 bottles

Free for 4+ bottles

Minimum order

4 bottles for club members

6 bottles for à la Carte

3 bottles

Wine list variety

40+ choices

50+ choices per week

Customer support

email, phone, contact form

online chat, email, phone, contact form, text


Free shipping on all orders!

Get 4 Bottles for $29.95 at Winc.com!

And The Winner Is: Winc

Even though Winc is the clear winner, it doesn’t mean Plonk is not worth trying. Winc is more affordable and has better wine variety, but Plonk focuses more on offering organic wines produced with minimal intervention techniques.

Both companies support small winemakers and try to bring you unique labels and flavors. So, whichever you decide to try, you are in for a truly wonderful wine experience. Also, if you want more diversity, I recommend you check our best wine delivery services list put together by my colleagues.


What is the Winc monthly fee?

You will pay $59.95 per month, which will be turned into credits you can use to purchase wine. Since the cost of 4 bottles can vary between $52 and $59, the monthly fee is just right. You can also skip whenever you don’t feel like ordering, and the credits will build up for future orders.

Is Winc easy to cancel?

Canceling your Winc subscription is a hassle-free process. However, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team for this. But don’t worry, there won’t be any uncomfortable questions and the procedure is super simple.

What sets the Plonk Wine Club apart from others?

Plonk Wine Club is committed to featuring organic wines and supporting small winemakers. Therefore, Plonk is a service that goes beyond the ordinary and curates a collection that prioritizes quality over quantity.

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