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Author Roxana David
Roxana David
Updated on Sep 20th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Vinebox vs. Winc 2023: Which Wine Selection Is Better?

Important note: While both Vinebox and Winc are popular choices, you should know that neither made it to our top 10. If you want to see what our very best wine delivery service has to offer, make sure to check out our Firstleaf review.

Navigating the expansive landscape of wine delivery services can be overwhelming. As a fellow wine lover, I understand the importance of finding a service that combines quality, variety, and a delightful tasting experience.

In an effort to compare 2 popular services, I've thoroughly evaluated Vinebox and Winc, focusing on key factors like wine selection, quality, and customer satisfaction. Although both services provide an array of wines for diverse tastes, Winc comes out ahead due to its personalized selection process, customer flexibility, and more value (read: wine) for the money.

Winc brings a customer-centric approach to the wine delivery industry, curating selections based on your unique preferences. Its commitment to customer convenience and a seamless subscription process, coupled with high-quality wines, ensure a superior wine experience.

However, Vinebox is a good competitor with its handpicked selection of wines sourced from esteemed vineyards. It could also be a compelling choice for certain customers. Check out the rest of the article, where I'll delve deeper into the distinctive qualities that set Winc apart.

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?

💲 Price:

Winc ($12-$25 per bottle)

🍷Wine List Variety:

Winc (25 choices per month)

👍 Ordering and Delivery:


🙋 Customer Support:


Wine List Variety

Winner: Winc

Winc offers greater variety in terms of the number of wines and allows for more customization according to individual tastes. Meanwhile, Vinebox offers less variety but more novelty with a fixed, curated set of wines that change monthly, adding an element of surprise to the wine tasting experience.

Winc provides over 25 selections each month, featuring wines from around the world, including Spain, France, Argentina, Portugal, and the U.S. The wine list changes regularly due to Winc’s rotating selection and partnerships with small winemakers.

Winc’s website provides filters and categories, such as organic, vegan, and low sugar, to help you select wines based on your unique preferences. It also provides brief descriptions of each wine and customer ratings to help you make an informed decision.

The wine variety leans towards the midrange premium category, catering more toward regular wine drinkers. There is, however, less emphasis on ultra-premium or luxury wines. Additionally, Winc's subscription model allows some customization, with suggested monthly bottle amounts that can be adjusted by the customer.

A screenshot of Winc's categories on the website
I like how detailed Winc's categories are. There's something for everyone

In contrast, Vinebox offers a fixed box of 6 wines per month. The wines are curated by a sommelier and include a mix of red and white wines. The offerings are limited in quantity but unique, with an element of surprise as they’re only available for a month. The selection changes completely each month.

An example of a month's selection of 6 wines from Vinebox
Vinebox sends you a different hand-picked selection of wines each month

This model may not suit you if you prefer to choose your wines based on personal preferences, as there’s currently no option for customization. However, the small bottle size (100 ml, or about two-thirds of a glass) allows for a diverse tasting experience within the same box.

The wines are sourced from Europe and California, and each box is priced the same, regardless of the included wines. Vinebox also adds an experiential element by suggesting specific cheeses to pair with the wines, despite not including them in the box.

Ordering, Delivery, Unboxing

Winner: Vinebox

When it comes to ordering, Vinebox offers more flexibility with one-time purchases and an optional subscription for savings, while Winc provides a membership model with a pre-paid credit system and customization options for wine preferences.

Vinebox allows customers to make a one-time purchase from its website without a subscription. It offers flexibility if you don't want to commit to recurring payments. If you’re willing to commit, you can subscribe to save 20% with automatic delivery of the next monthly box.

The ordering process is simple, with no need to answer a series of questions to determine a tasting profile. This model lets you taste a variety of wines without committing to a full bottle.

Winc's 6-step survey on the website
Even if you're not sure which wines fit your palate, Winc has a quiz ready to help you out

Conversely, Winc sells exclusively to subscribers and doesn’t permit a la carte purchases. The monthly subscription provides a prepaid credit for wine. Any additional purchases beyond this credit will incur an extra charge. Any unused credits roll over to the following month.

Winc requires subscribers to confirm their order each month to ensure delivery. You also have the option to adjust your recommendation settings in the My Membership section of your account.

When it comes to delivery, both Vinebox and Winc have specific shipping policies related to delivery within the U.S. due to alcohol regulations. They share common restrictions regarding states they can’t deliver to and require the recipient to be over 21 with a mandatory signature upon delivery.

The companies allow shipments to be sent to an alternate location where someone of legal drinking age can sign for it if delivery to the home address isn’t possible.

Vinebox provides free shipping with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 business days. For faster delivery, customers can choose UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Next Day Air for an additional cost. However, Vinebox doesn’t seem to offer order tracking or adjustments to delivery dates or locations.

On the contrary, Winc typically requires 3-7 business days for delivery and doesn’t offer expedited shipping. However, it does provide more flexibility with order tracking via SMS updates. You can also adjust the delivery schedule if you contact Winc. There's a minimum order size of 3 bottles.

As for what to expect when unboxing, Vinebox provides smaller, repurposable bottles with a focus on cheese pairings and virtual tastings, while Winc delivers full-sized bottles with comprehensive guides on tasting notes and wine characteristics.

Vinebox delivers 6 100 ml wine bottles in a cardboard box that can be easily recycled. The bottles are secured with a foam insert and sealed with a screw top, ensuring the wine's freshness for up to 3 years.

Vinebox packaging, including two 100 ml bottles of wine
Even though they're small vials of wine instead of full bottles, Vinebox's packaging looks very elegant

Every box also includes a guide for recommended wine and cheese pairings and QR codes to access virtual tasting videos. The mini-bottles aren’t only recyclable but are also designed so that they can be creatively repurposed, such as for propagating house plant cuttings.

On the other hand, Winc also demonstrates eco-friendly practices by delivering its standard 750 ml wine bottles in a box made entirely of compostable materials. The wine bottles are held in place by specially designed cardboard holders and are devoid of cork capsules, reducing their environmental impact.

Each delivery also includes an informative booklet containing descriptions, tasting notes, suggested food pairings, and a dedicated A to Z of Wine section.

Customer Support

Winner: Winc

Winc provides a broader array of options for customer interaction, including live chat and phone support, offering more immediacy and flexibility for its customers.

Vinebox provides customer support solely via email, which may limit the immediacy of response compared to other communication channels. However, it does guarantee a same-day response. If you have multiple questions or need clarification on an answer, you may find that several emails need to be sent.

Conversely, Winc offers more extensive customer service options, including support articles on their website, a contact form, email, live chat, and even a phone line that operates from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific time every day. Winc also guarantees a response within 24 hours, even during peak periods.

Moreover, Winc provides an iOS app for easy account management, but this convenience isn't currently extended to Android users, who must manage their accounts via a mobile browser.


Winner: Winc

When it comes to pricing, Winc proves to be more cost-effective than Vinebox. Winc's minimum order requirement is lower, making it a more accessible option if you’re looking to try the service without making a larger investment.

Additionally, for a lower price compared to Vinebox, Winc offers up to 4 full-sized bottles of wine. Vinebox provides 6 small bottles of wine, which, even when combined, don’t amount to a single full bottle. This means that Winc provides more value for your money, giving you a larger quantity of wine for a smaller price.

Some of Winc's bottles of wine under $20
I love that Winc's selection of wine includes some more affordable bottles

Vinebox offers a flat rate of $79 for its wine tasting experience box, which includes 6 100 ml bottles of wine. The price also covers standard shipping, but for expedited shipping, additional fees apply ($15 for delivery in 2 business days and $25 for next-day delivery).

However, it's important to note that Vinebox's box only includes wine samples and tasting guides, and any recommended food pairings must be purchased separately, leading to potential extra costs.

Winc, on the other hand, operates on a credit-based system. A minimum monthly purchase of 60 credits, equivalent to $59.95, is required. These credits can be used to buy wines, which are typically priced between $12 and $25 per bottle. If a customer chooses to buy fewer wines, any unused credits roll over to the next month.

Purchasing more wines than the credit balance would simply necessitate buying additional credits. While shipping is generally free, orders falling below $40 incur a $9 shipping fee, providing an incentive to maintain a minimum order value. In addition, Winc offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a refund policy for unsatisfactory purchases.

In summary, Winc provides more flexibility and customization, rewarding higher spending with free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee, while Vinebox has a simpler, flat-rate pricing structure with an emphasis on tasting experiences.

Vinebox vs. Winc — Quick Overview



Best for

Trying out new interesting wines

Getting more wine for the money

Starting price



Shipping cost

Free for standard shipping

$9, or free for orders over $40

Minimum order

6 small bottles ($79/month)

3 bottles (60 credits, $59.95/month)

Wine variety

6 choices per month (preselected)

25 choices per month

Customer support


Contact form, email, live chat, phone


No active deal

Get 4 Bottles for $29.95 at Winc.com!

And The Winner Is: Winc

In this comparison, it’s clear that each offers a unique approach to wine delivery, each with its own strengths. However, taking into account the variety, convenience, and value for money, Winc comes out on top.

Winc's subscription model, broad selection of wines , and eco-friendly packaging give it an edge. The flexible credit system and extensive customer service further boost its value proposition, providing a level of flexibility and support that wine enthusiasts will appreciate.

On the other hand, Vinebox might still be the better choice for some, especially those who prioritize wine tasting experiences or are interested in sampling a variety of wines without committing to full bottles. If your priority is exploration and discovery rather than purchasing full bottles of wine, Vinebox could be the perfect fit for you, provided that you don’t mind its higher prices.

It’s important to note that neither Vinebox nor Winc have made it into our top 10 wine delivery services. If you're interested in exploring more options, do read our comprehensive list of the best wine delivery services of 2023. And remember, the best wine delivery service is one that aligns with your personal preferences, palate, and lifestyle. So here's a toast to finding your perfect wine match!


Which service offers the best value for money between Vinebox and Winc?

Winc provides better value due to its flexible credit-based system and a wide variety of full-sized bottles. Vinebox, on the other hand, offers 100 ml bottles that allow you to taste a variety of wines without committing to a full bottle, which could offer better value if you're still exploring your preferences or want a guided tasting experience.

Are the wines from Vinebox and Winc sustainably packaged?

Yes, both Vinebox and Winc prioritize sustainable packaging. Vinebox uses recyclable cardboard boxes and foam inserts to protect the bottles during shipping. Winc, on the other hand, utilizes packaging made entirely from compostable materials and employs specially designed cardboard holders to prevent bottles from breaking during shipping.

What customer service options do Vinebox and Winc offer?

Vinebox offers customer service through email, while Winc has a more comprehensive customer service approach. It has an online contact form and an email address, and it also offers live support via chat or phone from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific time every day.

Do both Vinebox and Winc deliver to all states in the US?

No, due to state laws and regulations around alcohol, both Vinebox and Winc are unable to deliver to certain states. It's recommended to check their websites to see the updated list of states they are currently able to ship to.

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