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Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
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10 Best Wine Clubs in Oregon 2024: Our Curated List

Oregon is a major hub for wine enthusiasts, thanks to its famous wine-growing regions. But while you have lots of local wines to choose from, a wine club can bring exciting new bottles right to your doorstep. Wine clubs in Oregon come in many styles and price points and cater to different preferences and budgets.

I researched dozens of wine clubs, considering factors such as price, shipping, selection of wines, and ease of ordering. I then narrowed down the options to present the 10 best wine clubs in Oregon. Every club on this list meets the high standards Oregonians expect from their wine.

Firstleaf is my top recommendation for Oregon residents. It offers a wide selection of domestic and international wines under $30, which strikes a great balance between quality and value. But every wine delivery service mentioned here brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you’re bound to find a wine club that aligns with your taste and preferences.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Wine Clubs in Oregon

  1. Firstleaf – Best wine club in Oregon 2024

  2. Naked Wines – Best selections from independent wineries

  3. Vinesse – Best selection of boutique wines

  4. Bright Cellars – Best wine recommendation algorithm

  5. Wine Insiders – Best for celebrity recommendations

See 5 more wine clubs in Oregon

The Best Wine Clubs in Oregon Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Wine Club in Oregon 2024

Three reds from Firstleaf

Key Features

Firstleaf gives you a selection of over 250 different wines every month. Once you fill out a 13-question quiz, Firstleaf curates and delivers 6 bottles. But while many of Firstleaf’s domestic and international wine offerings (like the 90+ Point Picks Red bundle pictured above) have won multiple awards at prestigious wine competitions, most Firstleaf wines come in at under $30 a bottle. 

You can always rely on Firstleaf’s Wine Concierges as your go-to experts. They can answer any questions you might have about your order, delivery, or taste preferences. Wine Concierges are a big reason why Firstleaf gets high marks for its customer service, as my colleague noted in their detailed review. 

Firstleaf’s selection ranges from well-known offerings like Pinot Noir to more uncommon varietals like Bordeaux Blanc (did you know that the Bordeaux region also makes some excellent whites?). You can always find new and interesting bottles alongside your favorites.

This personalized approach helps ensure your wines match up with your taste preferences. You can arrange for monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly deliveries, which lets you match up your subscription with your wine needs. And while Firstleaf doesn’t offer gift subscriptions, you can always send your friend a wine bundle or a Firstleaf gift card ranging from $25-200. a screenshot of the 2020 Valle de Viñedo Pinot Noir from Firstleaf

You can also find lots of informative articles at the Wine School. Available for free at Firstleaf’s Blog, Wine School articles are a great way for novices to discover more about different wines and their characteristics. You can learn about different types of grapes, the role climate plays in your wines, and other topics that’ll give you valuable insights into the wines you’re drinking. 

Firstleaf uses your ratings to improve its selections. When you give each bottle a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, Firstleaf adds that information to its selection algorithm. Firstleaf claims that its recommendations reach a 98% accuracy rate after you rate just 3 wines.

Prices start at $7.49 per bottle, and many Firstleaf wines fall in the $15-20 range, which is a great price for award-winning wine. Firstleaf also offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and will replace or refund any bottle that doesn’t meet your expectations.

2. Naked Wines – Best Selections from Independent Wineries

Six German whites from Naked Wines

Key Features

  • Wines from independent wineries worldwide

  • Nearly 400 wines available

  • Red, rosé, white, domestic and imported wines

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines is committed to supporting independent winemakers globally. It offers an array of distinct bottles from small-scale winemakers that are more interesting than the mass-produced wines you’ll find in most retail stores.

Naked Wines “Angel” memberships help fund independent winemakers. Your $40 monthly subscription fee goes directly to small vineyards to help them fund their operations. In return, you receive credits toward future purchases. You not only help family businesses compete against large, lavishly funded organizations: but you also get access to their wines at a substantial discount.

Angels receive 40-60% discounts on Naked Wines purchases. While a la carte purchasing is available, your Angel membership will save you money in the long run. Check out our review for a more detailed description of how the Naked Wines Angel program works.

Many Naked Wines bottles come from the United States, particularly California. But you can also choose between international wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Australia, and other locations. The selection changes regularly, so there’s always something new on sale at Naked Wines. But if you find a wine you love, you should stock up on it, as it may not be there for long! a screenshot of naked wines' 2021 Camille Benitah North Coast Chardonnay

For wine newcomers, Naked Wines offers the option to sort by wine styles. If you’re not familiar with varietals, you can select types of wine like “crisp white” or “rich red.” This helps novices navigate the large selection of available bottles. 

Angels also get access to the Naked Wines message board. You can interact with fellow Angels, chat with Naked Wines employees, and ask participating winemakers about the bottles they have on sale. It’s a great way to build community and get recommendations and insights from other wine enthusiasts.

Prices for the wines start at $7.99 and can go up to over $100, so there are bottles at multiple price points. The minimum order is 6 bottles, and shipping is free on all orders over $200.

3. Vinesse – Best Selection of Boutique Wines

Key Features

Vinesse offers wines to suit every budget. You’ll find a good selection of both inexpensive and premium bottles. If you want a regular supply of everyday wines along with the opportunity for an occasional splurge, Vinesse is a great choice.

You’ll find many limited-production bottles from smaller vineyards at Vinesse. If you enjoy exploring Oregon’s boutique wines, Vinesse will introduce you to family vineyards from around the world, with opportunities to enjoy the terroir of famous and less well-known winegrowing regions. Our expert reviewer spoke very highly of Vinesse’s wine options.

Vinesse offers one-time orders as well as wine club memberships. This is a great way to test the Vinesse waters before diving into a full membership. With an a la carte order, you can get a taste of what Vinesse has to offer without making a commitment to recurring deliveries. a screenshot of vinesse's 2021 El Persa Carinena Spain Garnacha

When you join the Vinesse club, you get monthly deliveries of 6 handpicked wines. You can choose between red, white, or mixed boxes. Bottles are chosen by Vinesse’s team of wine experts. And you’re always free to add extra bottles to your selection at the Vinesse wine shop.

Vinesse is a great choice for seasoned wine enthusiasts, but novices will also find lots to love. The website is user-friendly and intuitive and offers lots of information about each bottle’s notes, tasting profile, and history.

Vinesse’s wine bundles (such as Member’s Favorites) make excellent gifts, and you can also buy recurring orders for friends. Gift subscriptions come in 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 bottle sizes, and you can purchase 1, 3, 6, or 12 shipments. Unfortunately, when you buy your friend a subscription, you have to pay the entire balance up front.

Prices start at $10.00 per bottle. Vinesse charges $16 for shipping and $5 for handling on each order, but fees are waived on orders of 12 bottles or more. Unlike many wine clubs, Vinesse has no minimum order, so you can buy 1 or 2 bottles that strike your fancy.

4. Bright Cellars – Best Wine Recommendation Algorithm

4 Bright Cellars cabernets

Key Features

  • Wine experts work with AI to recommend wines

  • Over 75 wines available

  • Red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines

Bright Cellars was founded by 2 MIT grads who designed its unique tasting algorithm. You take a simple signup quiz, and Bright Cellars uses your answers to recommend wines. All Bright Cellars wines are chosen by a certified sommelier and her team. They provide their tasting results for chosen bottles, and the computer chooses bottles suited to your tastes.

Every month, Bright Cellars offers 3 different subscription options. You can choose from a selection of 4, 6, or 12 bottles. This ensures that whether you’re an occasional wine drinker or a connoisseur, Bright Cellars has a subscription plan that suits your needs.

You also get assigned to a dedicated wine concierge when you subscribe. Your concierge will regularly check in to ensure that your subscription is meeting your expectations and is there to answer your questions and provide wine suggestions. Our expert reviewer was impressed with the customer service at Bright Cellars. a screenshot of bright cellars' Day & Night Variety Margarita Bundle

Each bottle comes with collectible, easy-to-read tasting cards that include essential information about your wine. These will come in handy for wine novices who want to expand their wine knowledge and better appreciate the nuances and characteristics of each bottle.

Bright Cellars incorporates your ratings into its future shipments. By rating your bottles, you help the Bright Cellars algorithm learn the wines you loved, the wines you didn’t care for, and the wines you thought were so-so.

You’ll also find a wide selection of boxes for various occasions, like the Cab Collection Bundle pictured above. In addition to its wines, Bright Cellars also has ready-to-drink margarita bundles that are great for an Oregon summer picnic.

Bright Cellars prices start at $10.00 per bottle, and if you choose a 6 or 12-bottle subscription, the shipping is free. If you don’t like any bottle you receive, Bright Cellars will send a replacement.

5. Wine Insiders – Great for Celebrity Recommendations

2 Wine Insiders reds curated by Martha Stewart

Key Features

  • Fantastic selection of budget and mid-priced wines

  • Over 200 wines available

  • Red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines

Wine Insiders has an excellent selection of sub-$20 wines, with over 40 varietals from 13 different global winemaking regions. Most wines fall within the $10-30 range, with over half priced between $10-15. It also offers a selection of vegan and organic wines, which isn’t something you see very often in wine clubs working at this price point.

Every bottle at Wine Insiders is chosen by a team of experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the wine industry. They ensure that each bottle meets a high standard of quality. Our reviewer had good things to say about the Wine Insiders selection in their detailed review.

You can order a la carte or sign up for a Wine Insiders subscription. Subscribers get a 20% discount on Wine Insiders’ already low prices. The Wine Insiders shop offers regular-sized and "Magnum" 1.5L bottles as well as cocktails, canned wines, and wine sets. Sadly, while it has a good selection of bundles, Wine Insiders doesn't offer gift subscriptions, vintage wines, or gift cards. a screenshot of wine insiders' 2020 El Portal Vineyard Petite Sirah

The user-friendly Wine Insiders website makes retail and wine club shopping easy.  Every bottle has information about the country, region, varietal, ABV (alcohol by volume) and winery. In each box, you also get a paper providing this information and offering tips on tasting notes, flavor profiles, serving tips, and pairings for each bottle.

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is no longer with us, but Martha continues to curate unique wine bundles at Wine Insiders. When you sign up, you can buy bundles like Martha’s Romantic Reds (pictured above). Other Wine Insiders celebrity curators include Iron Chef Gregory Zekarian and Michelin-starred chef and television personality Ludo Lefevbre.

Wine Insiders prices start from $8.99 per bottle. You can order a minimum of 3 bottles or sign up for a subscription of 12 bottles every 12 weeks.

6. The California Wine Club – Great California Wines and More

2 California reds from The California Wine Club

Key Features

  • Artisan wines from California and beyond

  • Over 100 wines in stock

  • Red, rosé, white, and sparkling wines

The California Wine Club showcases wines from small, family-run vineyards every month. California is 1 of the world’s legendary wine regions, and The California Wine Club is a great way to experience the diverse range of flavors and aromas from the Golden State’s rich and varied terroir.

As the name suggests, The California Wine Club primarily focuses on wines from California. But it also has a selection of West Coast and international wines. If you subscribe to its Pacific Northwest Series, you’ll get regular deliveries of some of the best wines from Oregon and Washington.

The Signature Series bottles pictured above are artisan California wines with ratings of 90+ points. You can order 2-4 bottles at prices ranging from $138 to $275 per shipment. Learn more about the different subscription options in our detailed review. a screenshot of california wine club's 2021 Onesta Wines Rosé of Cinsault

The Case Club Series is designed for those who wish to build a robust wine cellar. Every 1-3 months, you receive 12 bottles. And at $168 per case, or $14 per bottle, you get great savings too.

The Aged Cabernet Series is The California Wine Club’s premium offering, featuring 2 top-shelf 7-12 year old Napa Cabernets for $269. California’s climate is perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and these bottles will only get better with further aging, so you can enjoy 1 and cellar the other for a special occasion in the future.

You’ll find a variety of gift options in the Wine Gift section. You can find individual wines, order a subscription for a friend, or purchase a gift card. The California Wine Club makes it easy to share the joy of wine with others.

Prices start from $10.99, and all bottles are covered by The California Wine Club’s “Love It” guarantee. If you liked a particular bottle in your box, you can get up to 50% off the winery price.

7. Wine Awesomeness – Best Selection of Wine Bundles

3 Reds from the Wine Awesomeness Red, Red, Wine bundle

Key Features

  • Great selection of gift bundles

  • 140+ wines in stock

  • Red, rosé, white, sparkling wines and wine cocktails

Wine Awesomeness provides options from renowned vineyards to local gems. Its wines are meticulously curated to offer a variety that appeals to both novice wine drinkers and seasoned connoisseurs in Oregon. Each bottle features a 5-point customer rating, so you can see at a glance how your fellow Wine Awesomeness subscribers felt about the quality and flavor profiles of the wines.

When you join the Discovery Wine Club, you can pick wines or let the Wine Awesomeness experts choose your bottles for you. If you want control over your wine boxes but enjoy wine surprises, Wine Awesomeness also offers Mystery Boxes and bottles at a significant discount. You get the thrill of discovery and a bargain too.

Wine Awesomeness offers over 60 bundles and gift boxes, including the Red, Red Wine 3-pack pictured above. Its boxes come in all sizes and are suitable for any special occasion or simply as a present to a fellow wine lover. And if you’re not sure what kind of wine your friend wants, you can order Wine Awesomeness gift cards in denominations ranging from $20 to $1,000. a screenshot of wine awesomeness's 2020 Santiago Moscato

You don’t have to be a club member to purchase wines from the Wine Awesomeness store, but subscribers get a 20% discount on all purchases. This is a great option if you get a bottle you love in your subscription box and want to stock up before it’s gone. You can learn more in our expert Wine Awesomeness review.

The Back Label, the Wine Awesomeness monthly blog, is a great read. It features fun articles about Wine Awesomeness wine along with recipes, pairing tips, and interviews with chefs and winemakers. It’s free to read, and I definitely recommend it.

Prices start at $13.25 per bottle, with a 20% subscriber discount. Subscription options are for 3, 6, or 12 bottles.

8. Macy’s Wine Shop – Great for Discount Wines

5 international wines from Macy's Wine Shop

Key Features

  • Subscribe or order a la carte

  • Over 250 wines available

  • Red, rosé, white, sparkling, and sweet wines

Macy's Wine Shop has been offering great wines at great prices since 1982. Their long-standing relationships with wineries worldwide allows them to offer access to some of the world’s finest wines, each with distinct flavors and aromas that represent their unique terroir.

The selection at Macy’s Wine Shop is curated by an expert tasting panel of sommeliers. They sample thousands of wines before choosing bottles that stand out for flavor and body. They also select wines that stand out without breaking the bank. Macy’s Department Store is famous for offering luxury goods at reasonable prices, and they have continued that tradition with their wine shop.

You can purchase bottles from Macy’s Wine Shop or join the Macy’s Wine Club. When you join the Macy’s Wine Club, you get a constant supply of top-tier sommelier-selected wines delivered directly to your door. After an introductory offer of 6 bottles for $49.99, Macy's Wine Club members receive 12 bottles of carefully chosen wine every 12 weeks. It sends an extra box in the winter for the holiday season and another in the summer, so you get 6 bottles a year. a screenshot of macy's wine shop's 2021 Tre Barili de Vino Toscana Bianco

If you’re looking for a wine gift, Macy’s Wine Shop provides handpicked wine sets. These gift sets comprise 3, 6, or 12 bottles and are great for weddings and birthdays. (You’ll even find selections from Martha Stewart, who moonlights at Macy’s Wine Shop in addition to Wine Insiders). Macy’s Wine Shop is on our list of the best birthday wine delivery services.

Macy's Wine Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can trust their experts to send you the wines you love, but if you’re not satisfied with any bottle in your box, you’ll get a refund or replacement. Find out more in our in-depth review.

Prices start at $10.99 per bottle, with a 3 bottle minimum order. Shipping is free for orders of 6 or more bottles and $14.95 for smaller orders.

9. Monthly Clubs Wine – Delivering Wine Since 1972

2 bottles from a Monthly Clubs Wine gift box

Key Features

  • You can also order cheese, cigars, and other luxuries

  • 400+ bottles available

  • Reds, rosés, and whites

Monthly Clubs Wine is the original wine delivery service and still has many subscribers who swear by its selection of high-quality traditional wines. It delivers a wide array of both domestic and international wines that cater to the discerning tastes of wine enthusiasts. Our expert reviewer goes into more detail about what Monthly Clubs Wine has to offer.

The Monthly Clubs Wine Shop offers wine at all price points, including several options that cost over $5,000 a bottle. If you’re looking to splurge, Monthly Clubs Wine has wines available for you. For those of us on tighter budgets, its Case Club sends you 12 bottles of hand-selected wines every 3 months, with prices per bottle in the $15 to $25 range.

The most popular Monthly Clubs Wine selection is the Classic Series. You get 2 reds, 2 whites, or 1 of each. You can also order a number of specialty subscriptions, like the Pacific Wine Series, Rosé Series, Bordeaux Series, or Pinot Noir Private Club. If you have strong preferences for a specific type of wine, Monthly Clubs Wine will deliver it to your door. a screenshot of monthly clubs' 2021 Black Pearl Coastal Region The Mischief Maker

You can also order one-time gifts at Monthly Clubs Wine. With curated boxes ranging from 2 to 6 bottles, you can find a box for every occasion. And Monthly Clubs has more to offer than just wine. Since it began as the Wine of the Month Club, Monthly Clubs has increased its offerings to also include beer, cheese, chocolate, cigars, and flowers. 

Monthly Clubs Wine prices start at $20.98 per bottle, with a minimum 2-bottle order and a $15 shipping fee. Club owner Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr., son of the founder, promises “you’ll never pay for a wine you do not like,” so you can order with confidence.

10. Plonk – Best for Organic and Biodynamic Wines

6 bottles of organic wine from Plonk

Key Features

  • The first wine service to specialize in organic and biodynamic wines

  • 45+ bottles available

  • Reds, rosés, and whites

Plonk focuses on wines from vineyards with organic, biodynamic, and sustainable practices. If organic living is important to you, Plonk can provide a steady supply of clean wines grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. And Plonk wines will pair marvelously with meals from 1 of the best organic meal delivery services.

You’ll find a variety of eco-friendly categories at Plonk. Among the offerings are grown organic, grown biodynamic, certified organic, certified biodynamic, and sustainable. Find out more about what you can expect to find in our full review.

You can choose between a White Organic Club, a Red Organic Club, or a Mixed Organic Club. Whether you’re a white wine enthusiast, a lover of bold reds, or someone who enjoys a mix, Plonk offers a tailored experience of high-quality organic and biodynamic wines.

Monthly selections are handled by Plonk owner and sommelier Etty Klein. Klein even provides personal support to customers who call with questions or complaints. Her expertise and passion for wine are evident in every bottle. a screenshot of plonk's 2021 Longavi Glup Carignan

Plonk also offers gift cards and subscriptions, so you can share the joys of biodynamic and organic wines with friends. It’s a thoughtful way to introduce someone to the world of sustainably produced wines and the craftsmanship and environmental mindfulness that go into every bottle.

For those who prefer not to subscribe, the Plonk Wine Shop offers a la carte purchasing. It’s an alternative that gives you the flexibility to explore and purchase wines individually or in addition to your curated subscription.

You can choose between a variety of Plonk subscriptions. Have 4 wines delivered monthly, 6 wines delivered monthly or bimonthly, or opt to receive a shipment of 12 bottles every 1, 2, or 3 months. No matter what subscription you choose, shipping is always free.

Prices start at $9.50 per bottle. Plonk offers very good prices on organic and biodynamic wines that are generally sold at a premium.

Quick Comparison Table

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals



6 bottles

Beginning to intermediate wine lovers

Rosé, France, Italy, South Africa

First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈 Naked Wines


6 bottles

Supporters of independent wineries

Reds, whites

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines



1 bottle

Wide variety of wines

Reds, whites, sparkling, rosés

Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars


4 bottles

Wine beginners

Reds, whites, sparkling, rosés, bottled cocktails

Get your first 6 bottles for $55! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders


3 bottles

Excellent inexpensive wines

Reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, dessert

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The California Wine Club


2 bottles

California wine lovers

Californian, international

Save 50% on the wine in your first shipment with promo code SAVE50! from The California Wine Club

Wine Awesomeness


3 bottles

People who love wine surprises

Changes every month

Get 50% Off! from Wine Awesomeness

Macy’s Wine Shop


3 bottles

People looking for $15-20 bottles of good wine

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet

40% Off Sitewide. Code: WINE40 from Macy’s Wine Shop

Monthly Clubs


2 bottles

People who enjoy wine with extras

Red, white

Winter Sale 2024! - Save up to $30 from Monthly Clubs



6 bottles

Organic and biodynamic wines

Red, white

Free shipping on all orders! from Plonk

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Clubs in Oregon

With so many choices, finding the right wine club for you can be challenging. Here are some of the things I considered when choosing the best wine clubs in Oregon.


What’s the best wine club in Oregon? 

Firstleaf is my pick for Oregon’s best wine club. It wins our top spot thanks to its stellar customer service, excellent selection of domestic and international wines, and very reasonable prices. If you’re looking for excellent bottles in the $10 to $30 range, Firstleaf is an excellent choice.

Are wine clubs worth it?

Wine clubs are definitely worth it. When you sign up for a wine club, you’re dealing directly with the winery without going through the middlemen who handle your wine between the vineyard and your retail store. That’s why Naked Wines can offer Angel members discounts of 40% to 60% on wines.

What’s a good wine club for wine novices?

I recommend Bright Cellars to wine newcomers. When you start exploring the world of wine, you have little idea of what wines you’ll like or dislike. Bright Cellars uses an algorithm based on the results of your tasting quiz to determine which of its sommelier-chosen wines will best suit your palate. This takes the guesswork out of choosing wines and helps ensure you’ll find new wines you love.

Best Wine Clubs in Oregon in 2024 — Final Score

Our Score
Meal price starting at
Active Deal
Visit Website

Our Top Pick for 2024
First box of 6 wines for only $45.00
Enjoy Best Wines+ Free Shipping
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