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Author Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik Writer
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

10 Best Wine Delivery Illinois in 2024: Singles + Boxes 

Finding the right wines in the Midwest to suit your preferences can be a challenge. Illinois isn’t exactly known for making world-famous wines. Plus, there are just so many good wines out there – so selecting the best wine delivery Illinois currently offers takes a bit of guidance. I'm here to help simplify things by highlighting top-notch options for you this year.

I've done the work to single out the best services that'll suit a variety of tastes and wallet sizes. If you're into punchy reds to keep you warm during harsh winters, crisp whites that’ll keep you refreshed in 100°F summer heat, fresh sparkling wines, or indulgent dessert wines, fret not! There’s something here for you, no matter what you’re into.

Overall, Firstleaf steals the show for me this year. It customizes your wine options through a unique 13-step quiz that zeros in on what you like. What you get is a mix of quality and value, thanks to an expansive collection of more than 300 wines from across the globe. Firstleaf is where I would begin my search for the perfect bottle.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Wine Deliveries in Illinois

  1. Firstleaf – Best selection of 300+ gourmet wines

  2. Naked Wines – Best wines from independent vineyards

  3. Vinesse – Best variety of wine

  4. Bright Cellars – Best wine personalization system

  5. Wine Insiders – Best 90+ rated wines <$20

See 5 more of the best wine deliveries in Illinois

The 10 Best Wine Delivery Illinois Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Selection of 300+ Gourmet Wines

a screenshot of firstleaf's 2021 Carménère from Chile

Key Features

  • Plenty of highly-regarded wines under $15

  • The “wine school” provides a wealth of wine knowledge and info

  • Red, white, rosé, sparkling, specialty, and fine wines available

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

Firstleaf has an impressive range of over 300 wines sourced from various parts of the world, even from lesser-known regions like Greece and Chile. You can explore high-quality wines without digging too deep into your pockets. While it was surprising not to see some classic options like Chianti, its diversity is quite impressive.

Firstleaf doesn’t like playing guessing games with your preferences. Instead, it has you fill out a short 13-question quiz to figure out what tickles your taste buds. Based on what you say, it crafts a lineup of 6 wines that you'll receive at your home at intervals of 1 to 3 months.

Your feedback is a big deal, too. Using an easy thumbs-up or thumbs-down approach, it fine-tunes your future wine deliveries to get closer to your ideal match each time. For a deep dive into how it operates, you can read my colleague’s full review.

I also found that quality is key for Firstleaf. Out of the 10,000 wines it samples from around the globe, only the cream of the crop makes its way to you, as assessed by its tasting experts. a screenshot of Firstleaf's 2020 Gilded Letter Cabernet Sauvignon

Got a budding interest in wines or want to polish your understanding? Check out Firstleaf's "Wine School." Think of this as a blog filled with easy-to-read articles that cover all things wine.

And, if you’re thinking of sending a gift, Firstleaf offers e-gift cards ranging from $25 to $200, which can be used to shop for anything on its website. Just be sure that the recipient is of legal drinking age and has valid identification at the time of delivery.

Shipping is free for your first order, but for any orders after that, a $9.95 fee applies. You can expect your wine package to land on your doorstep in 2 to 5 days after it's been shipped. The company is also committed to being environmentally responsible, assuring carbon-neutral deliveries.

Customer satisfaction is a big deal to Firstleaf. It offers both a satisfaction guarantee and a Wine Concierge service for any help or advice you might need. If any bottle isn't to your liking, you'll get a full refund, allowing you to use that money on a different wine in your next shipment.

As for pricing, it starts at $7.49 per bottle, providing a good mix of quality and value. If budget is a top concern, you might also want to consider looking elsewhere. For instance, Wine Insiders is more budget-friendly.

2. Naked Wines – Best Wines from Independent Vineyards

a screenshot of naked wines' All-American Buzzworthy Wines 11-Pack

Key Features

  • Crowdfund local winemakers to help support them

  • Special discounts are available to Angel members

  • Red, white, sweet, organic, sparkling, rosé, and more available

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

At Naked Wines, you're the captain of your wine voyage, so you pick your own wines. That way, the wines match your unique palate, as opposed to just getting a set monthly box. If you're interested in more details, you can check out my colleague’s detailed Naked Wines review.

The service employs a recommendation system that helps guide you toward wines that might tickle your fancy. The more you purchase and rate, the better the system becomes at narrowing down selections that are likely to hit the mark.

The variety of wines on offer is both wide and regularly refreshed, focusing mainly on classic reds and whites. Just a heads-up, single-bottle purchases aren't on the table, and you'll have to order a minimum of 6. Firstleaf would suit you better if you're looking for just single bottles.

Wines come from all over, but a significant part of the collection hails from the US. Other countries that chip in include Italy, New Zealand, and Portugal. For those who like to narrow down their options, the filtering tool is a handy feature to have. Filters include price, style, type, and country.

The "Angel" program at Naked Wines is pretty interesting. For a $40 fee, you get to support indie winemakers. But that's not just charity; the fee converts to credits for buying more wine. a screenshot of Naked Wines' 2021 Scott Peterson ROX Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Being an Angel doesn't just make you feel good; it also comes with perks. You get access to members-only wines, discounted prices, a free bottle every month, and special invitations to wine-themed events. Plus, quitting the Angel program won't cost you anything extra, so there’s no risk involved.

Prices for the wines come in 2 forms: a cheaper Angels rate and a standard, non-Angel price. Being an Angel typically cuts about 20 to 30% off the regular price, making that $40 fee potentially worthwhile. It’s nice that the decision is ultimately up to you, depending on how many bottles of wine you drink or purchase on a regular basis.

If you're thinking of sending gifts, the packaging is basic, but you can personalize it with a note. Just make sure the person getting it can prove they're of legal drinking age with a valid ID.

Also, someone needs to be there to accept the delivery and confirm they're 21 or older. And you've got options; you can get the package delivered to your office or a specific pickup location if that's more convenient for you as well.

As for pricing, it kicks off at $7.99 for each bottle. A delivery charge of $9.99 applies, but if your total cart exceeds $100, the shipping cost is waived. Most wine packages reach their destinations within 1 to 4 days.

3. Vinesse – Best Variety of Wine

a screenshot of vinesse's Summer Celebration White Trio

Key Features

Vinesse specializes in delivering hard-to-find wines from lesser-known vineyards right to your table. These aren't the wines you'd typically encounter at your local wine store. I was surprised to find that even well-known publications like Self and Conde Nast Traveler have highlighted its selections as noteworthy.

Becoming a Vinesse member is a breeze. Choose the wine style that appeals to you, indicate if it's a gift, and provide your shipping and billing details. Soon enough, you'll find yourself in a selective circle that relishes unique wines from various corners of the world. For an in-depth look, check out my colleague’s review.

Vinesse caters to a wide range of wine preferences with 14 unique wine clubs. If you have a taste for lighter, sweeter wines, the "Light & Sweet" club is your go-to. Curious about global wines? The "World of Wine" club has got you covered. If you're all about homegrown American wines, consider the "American Cellars" club. a screenshot of Vinesse's 2021 Belli Mondi Italy Primitivo

Being a member means having options – and lots of them. Whether you're partial to reds, strictly into whites, or love a good mix of both, the choice is yours. There's no either-or situation here.

Vinesse kicks things off with a starter pack of 8 wines for $49.99, so you can sample its curated selections. After that, look forward to a new array of wines arriving every 5 to 7 weeks.

When it comes to shipping, Vinesse makes sure each bottle is securely packed to survive the journey. You have the freedom to choose the delivery location – either your home or your office. Should a delivery go astray for some reason, collecting it from a nearby FedEx station is always available to you as well.

How much you'll pay for each delivery depends on which club you belong to. Prices typically start at $10.00 per set. Best of all, there are no hidden membership charges; rather, you only pay for the wine you get.

4. Bright Cellars – Best Wine Personalization System

a screenshot of bright cellars' Red Wine Pleasure Principle Old Vine Zinfandel Bundle

Key Features

  • Personalized wine recommendations via a quiz

  • Taste and rate the wines you’ve ordered

  • Red, white, sparkling, and rosé available

Bright Cellars offers a helpful quiz to fine-tune your options. For a deeper look into how this quiz customizes your wine choices, you can read a review from one of my colleagues.

Other than that, the company specializes in delivering unique wines from less-visited vineyards, introducing you to a variety of distinct flavors. You can find everything from classic grape varieties to those with more unusual notes like apple, watermelon, or even a hint of chocolate.

There’s an appropriate wine ready for you no matter the occasion, be it a big celebration or a relaxed evening in your own backyard. And, whether you're a fan of fruity and sweet wines or prefer something deeper and richer, you're sure to find a wine that tickles your fancy.

When it comes to details, Bright Cellars stands out by providing useful information. You’ll find info such as optimal serving temperature and alcohol content, which is more insightful than many competitors. a screenshot of Bright Cellars' White Wine Variety Bundle

However, it might not be the best fit if you prefer choosing each bottle individually or mixing different sets. If you like the idea of selecting your own wines, Wine Awesomeness could be a better fit.

Membership comes with perks like accumulating reward points and earning bonuses for friend referrals. To begin, take the Bright Cellars quiz to steer the wine selections in your favor.

Once you’ve filled out the quiz, proceed to the checkout to complete your wine set order. Your wine is delivered in a durable cardboard box, with each bottle securely separated to ensure it arrives in top condition. Information cards about each wine are also included in the package.

To keep your selections fresh, new wine sets are frequently introduced. Take, for example, the featured "Pleasure Principle Old Vine Zinfandel Bundle" (pictured), which includes 4 2019 California Zinfandels from Pleasure Principle. This particular variety contains an ABV of 14.7%, giving the wine quite a punch!

Shipping usually takes between 2 to 4 business days after you've placed an order, and tracking information is provided. Do note that you’ll need an individual who is at least 21 years old with a valid ID to sign for the delivery when it arrives. Pricing starts at $10.00 per bottle.

5. Wine Insiders – Best 90+ Rated Wines <$20

a screenshot of wine insiders' Abbazia Asti Spumante D.O.C.G. from Italy

Key Features

  • Lots of affordable wine options (most under $30)

  • Plenty of exclusive wines that are still budget-friendly

  • Red, white, sparkling, sweet, rosé, dessert, and more available

Wine Insiders excels in offering budget-friendly yet taste-packed wines. High-profile figures like Martha Stewart and Geoffrey Zakarian have had a hand in curating some of the selections. If you're interested in knowing more, my review of Wine Insiders delves into how it caters to those who don't want to break the bank for good wine.

You'll find a very respectable number of offerings – from reds to whites, bubbly sparklings to rosés, and even sumptuous dessert wines. These bottles come from diverse corners of the globe, including but not limited to Argentina, Austria, Chile, and the United States.

The catalog is extensive, featuring more than 100 unique bottles. Occasionally, a renowned winemaker will have a special wine in the mix. While it may not always feature the most prestigious labels, the range of options, from organic and vegan to canned wines and cocktails, caught my eye.

Many of the wines available have ratings above 90 and are priced below $20, which I’m also a big fan of. However, that said, for those seeking exclusive or vintage wines, this might not be the go-to wine store. But do note that wines like the 2020 Marquis de Bacalon Bordeaux Blanc have received perfect 5-star reviews from multiple critics. a screenshot of Wine Insiders' 2021 Cala De' Poeti Sangiovese I.G.T.

Wine details are easily accessible on the site, including variety, vintage, alcohol content, and place of origin. It offers 6 categories of wine sets, differing in price and volume, and some even feature large Magnum bottles.

If you're someone who enjoys regular wine deliveries, a subscription service is available. You'll get 12 bottles every quarter, and the choice between reds, whites, or a combination of both is yours. The first shipment comes with 3 extra bottles, and some orders might contain a wine-related treat.

When it comes to pricing, it starts at $8.99, and the most you're likely to spend on a regular bottle is around $25. The Magnum wine sets vary in price, ranging from $35 for a single bottle to about $47 each when bought in a case of 6. Even the Magnums are more budget-friendly compared to standard bottles from some competitors.

6. The California Wine Club – Best Cali and US West Coast Wines

a screenshot of the california wine club's 2019 Lobo Wines Wulff Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot

Key Features

  • Premium collection of California and US West Coast wines

  • Limited selection of aged-to-perfection wines

  • Red and white wines available

The California Wine Club originally focused on showcasing wines only from the Golden State. However, it soon expanded to feature vintages from the Pacific Northwest and even more far-flung locales.

When you become a member, you're backing modest, family-owned wineries. My colleague has put together an exhaustive review if you're keen on digging deeper into what The California Wine Club offers.

I found the variety on offer to be both broad and impressive. On the side of reds, it showcases robust flavors through classics such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel.

For white wine aficionados, the options are equally robust, including favorites like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling. Every bottle in the lineup is carefully chosen to offer nothing but authentic taste and superb quality. a screenshot of the 2018 Clif Family Winery Cabernet Sauvignon from california wine club

Membership with The California Wine Club offers a series of specialized monthly clubs, each tailored to cater to distinct wine tastes. If you have a knack for unique, limited-edition wines, the Signature Series club might pique your interest. Meanwhile, the Premier Series club gives you a panoramic view of California's award-winning vintages.

There's also a treasure trove for fans of artisanal, aged wines. The Aged Cabernet Series club offers a curated collection of Cabernet Sauvignon that has matured gracefully for a period of 8-12 years. For those with a penchant for global flavors, the International Selections Club takes you on a wine-tasting voyage around the world.

Finally, the Pacific Northwest Series Club offers a nod to Oregon and Washington State. These regions are known for balanced, cool-climate wines that pack a bit of a different flavor profile than wines from other regions.

Being part of this club means more than just enjoying fine wines; it's a comprehensive experience. Members get insightful tasting notes, a members-only magazine, tempting discounts on future orders, and even the freedom to customize their wine deliveries. With The California Wine Club, each delivery feels like a curated wine expedition.

As for pricing, it starts at $10.99 for each bottle. The gifting options are abundant and are divided into 4 main categories: Wine Club Gifts, Curated Wine Gift Sets, Corporate Wine Gifts, and, for those who like to keep it modern, Digital Gift Certificates.

7. Wine Awesomeness – Best Curated and Thematic Wines

a screenshot of wine awesomeness's 2022 Binya Station Pinot Grigio from Australia

Key Features

  • Wine themes change regularly for subscribers

  • “The Black Label” digital publication offers wine education

  • Red, white, sparkling, rosé, organic, cans available

Wine Awesomeness invites you into a diverse universe of wine experiences every month. Consider it a break from the mundane, offering you a carefully selected assortment of lesser-known but exceptional wines. For those interested in digging deeper, a colleague of mine has compiled an exhaustive review detailing what you can expect.

The company also offers an online digital magazine called "The Back Label" to help you broaden your knowledge of wine. It's a trove of wisdom about wines, making it beneficial for both newcomers and connoisseurs alike.

As for subscriptions, Wine Awesomeness has 2 options. There's a package that delivers 3 bottles for $49 and a more abundant offering of 6 bottles for $79. What sweetens the deal is that shipping is included in both options.

Themes play a central role in the monthly wine choices. The company has focused on everything from French varietals to rosés perfect for any occasion and even barbecue-friendly selections. It's worth keeping an eye on the website, as the themes rotate frequently. a screenshot of the Regnan's Grove White Blend wine from wine awesomeness

The variety of wines is extensive. You can grab everything from reds to whites, sparkling wines, rosés, and even organic options. It also offers trendy canned wine for those who want something different. Special collections from internet celebrities like Opopop, Shannon St. Clair, Nail Betch, and Emily Post add extra flair to the lineup.

If subscriptions aren't your thing, don't worry – you’re free to purchase individual bottles, which not all competitors allow. This gives you the liberty to explore beyond what comes in your monthly delivery.

I also found the "mystery" wine option to be a really cool and unique feature. For a set price, you receive an unexpected bottle, which could be any type of wine. It adds an extra layer of excitement and spontaneity to an otherwise boring and trite wine-purchasing experience.

Every bottle of wine is subject to a rating system, topping at a score of 5. These ratings come from both staff and fellow wine lovers, giving you an idea of which wines are community favorites.

Gifting options? That’s covered, too! Themed gift boxes offer an assortment of wine choices tailored to various occasions. It makes the act of giving effortless and thoughtful. Prices for these gifts start at $13.25.

8. Macy’s Wine Shop – Best International Selection

a screenshot of macy's wine shop's 2020 Cloche de Chambre Cabernet Sauvignon from France

Key Features

  • Limited-production, small-batch wines

  • In-depth wine tasting notes and profiles

  • Red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines available

In the world of Macy's Wine Club, a cornucopia of wine options awaits you. Whether you're picking up just 1 bottle or diving into a club membership, you're in for a real treat. As a club member, you'll find a lovingly curated selection of 6 international wines at your doorstep every 3 months.

Stick with the club for a full 365 days, and you'll enjoy 2 bonus shipments. One bottle arrives in the winter and another in the summer. These are perfect for warming you up during frosty winter evenings or cooling you down on those sun-drenched summer days.

As for the wine selection, let me just say it's beyond varied. You can explore an ocean of red wines, from the velvety notes of Cabernet Franc and Montepulciano to the unique flavors of Petite Sirah and Sangiovese. Whether you're pairing it with dinner or enjoying a glass on your own, I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

If you're more of a white wine person, Macy's Wine Club has you covered. You can savor everything from Chardonnay's smooth undertones to Muscadet's crisp edge and even journey from Portugal's sunny coastlines to Chile's dramatic landscapes with each sip. a screenshot of macy's wine shop's 2019 Tripantu Carménère Reserve

If you fancy something special, check out the club's curated collections. The Sommelier's Choice offers picks that’ll delight any wine aficionado. And for those who are mindful of their choices, a selection of vegan and organic wines is up for grabs. Learn more about the company in my colleague’s detailed review.

Being a member of Macy's Wine Club isn't just about the drinks. It's a full-bodied experience (pun totally intended!). Revel in the opportunity to try limited-edition vintages and gain deeper insights with the detailed tasting notes that accompany each bottle.

Gifting is a breeze with this club, too. Various sets are available in groups of 3, 6, or 12 bottles. From high-end Luxe Gifts to budget-friendly choices and even something special for weddings, there’s a set for every occasion.

There's always something new to explore as well. You can venture into Essential Wines, keep it casual with Easy-Drinking Reds, or toast to Award Winners. Cheers to that – figuratively, of course…(and as long as you’re over 21!). Prices start at $10.99.

9. Monthly Clubs – Best High-End Wine Clubs

a screenshot of monthly club's 2021 Emile Beyer Les Traditions Pinot Blanc from France

Key Features

  • Collector and rare wines on offer

  • Comprehensive food pairing info and tasting notes

  • Red and white wines available

Every month is a new opportunity to take a globe-trotting wine journey without leaving home, courtesy of Monthly Wine Clubs. Here, you'll find a respectable number of wine styles from iconic reds and crisp whites to the occasional sparkling selection.

While the wine list isn't all-encompassing, it's far from limited. You can explore an array of wines such as Sangiovese, Pinot Bianco, and Riesling, as well as full-bodied options like Merlot, versatile Pinot Noir, and robust Shiraz, to name just a handful.

Your wine choices aren't picked willy-nilly. Expert sommeliers at the club meticulously select the best of the best for you. Exclusive selections like S. Sebastião Vinho Regional Lisboa Syrah/Touriga Nacional Reserva 2020 and Herdade Aldeia de Cima Serra do Mendro Alentejo Reserva Tinto 2019 are among the crème de la crème offerings.

The club provides you with 4 unique monthly subscriptions: Premier Series Bold Reds, Masters Series, and Collectors Series. Each month, you'll receive 2 hand-picked bottles from your chosen club, featuring either elusive reds or whites sourced from prestigious vineyards. Our official review offers more details on these club options. a screenshot of monthly clubs' Domaine de la Racauderie Vouvray Sec

Every bottle comes with an informative card, offering different insights into its origin, taste profile, and suitable food pairings. It's as if each bottle was personally selected for you by your own private sommelier.

Membership is more than just satisfying your wine cravings; it's a learning adventure. With each bottle, you'll delve deeper into the diverse world of wine, gaining a richer understanding of the unique tastes each region has to offer. It's like taking a gastronomic journey around the world, right from your living room.

If you're not keen on lengthy commitments, no worries! You get to set the duration of your membership, whether it's just for a couple of months or lasts for a full year. You can also customize your wine lineup according to your own preferences, be it a particular affinity for reds or an interest in wines from specific regions.

10. Wine Library – Best Overall Wine and Liquor Variety

Key Features

  • Extensive wine information and ratings for each bottle

  • Large selection of wine and other liquors

  • Red, white, sparkling, rosé, dessert, sweet, and lots more

Wine Library isn't just another wine club; consider it more like a liquor superstore accessible from anywhere. It offers you the luxury of browsing a wide array of wines without locking you into any monthly subscriptions. Whether you're into bold reds, refreshing whites, or sparkling varieties, you'll find a vast selection to explore.

If you’re feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed, I feel you. You can navigate through specially organized sections like "Top wines under $30" or "Wines with a 90+ rating." This ensures you'll find quality wines that won't break the bank. But if you're in the mood to splurge, some higher-end options are available as well.

Wine Library's offerings have a global touch, featuring bottles from around the world – from Spain and the U.S. to Italy, France, Argentina, and beyond. So if you've got an itch for a French Pinot Noir or an Italian Merlot, you're likely to find your perfect match here. a screenshot of wine library's 2021 Cantine Truentum Sud Vino Rosso D'italia

But it's not just about buying a bottle; Wine Library aims to educate you as well. The online space is filled with details ranging from the intricate flavor notes to the unique characteristics of each wine. It's like delving into the rich backstory of each bottle you consider.

For those interested in taking a deeper dive into wine, Wine Library TV is the place to be. This online hub offers a collection of engaging video reviews, tastings, and discussions, all designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the featured wines.

Signing up for the email list also comes with its own perks. Curated wine selections, other beverage recommendations, and special deals will land directly in your inbox. Of all the wine subscription lists I’ve encountered, Wine Library’s is probably my favorite.

And for true wine enthusiasts, Wine Library also doubles as a marketplace for wine accessories. Looking for stylish wine glasses, functional bottle openers, or gadgets to keep your wine tasting fresh longer? You'll find them all on the virtual shelves of Wine Library.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals



1 bottle

Award-winning wines

Red, white, rosé, sparkling

First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines


6-bottle case

Independent wines

Red, white

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines



1 bottle

Those looking for variety

Red, white, sparkling

Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars 


4 bottles

New wine drinkers

Red, white, sparkling, margarita cocktail

Get your first 6 bottles for $55! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders 


3 bottles

Affordable 90+ rated wines

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, dessert/sweet

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The California Wine Club


1 bottle

US west coast/pacific northwest + international wines

Red, white

Save 50% on the wine in your first shipment with promo code SAVE50! from The California Wine Club

Wine Awesomeness


1 bottle

Ease-of-use subscription model

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, organic, cans

Get 50% Off! from Wine Awesomeness

Macy’s Wine Shop


3 bottles

Detailed tasting notes

Red, white, rosé, sparkling

40% Off Sitewide. Code: WINE40 from Macys Wine Shop

Monthly Clubs Wine


1 bottle

Hand-picked wines

Red, white

Winter Sale 2024! - Save up to $30 from Monthly Clubs

Wine Library

$9.99 per bottle

1 bottle

Access to wines + other types of liquor

White, red, sparkling, rosé, dessert/sweet, beer, spirits


Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Delivery to Illinois

There are several things I took into consideration while compiling this list today. I highly recommend considering these factors when choosing a wine delivery service in Illinois:

  • Variety: Go for a service that caters to your wine preferences, featuring bottles from your most-loved regions. Whether it's local gems or exotic finds, make sure it provides what you're looking for. At the very least, the service should offer your go-to types like Cabernet, Pinot, or Chardonnay. Firstleaf has a great selection to choose from.

  • Quality: Having numerous options is good, but the wines should also align with your taste. Choose a service that collaborates with well-regarded vineyards and winemakers. And avoid gravitating solely toward the most budget-friendly options. Wine Insiders offers both affordability and quality.

  • Shipping and delivery: Punctual delivery is crucial, especially if you're planning to enjoy the wine on a particular occasion or at a gathering. Feedback from previous users can give you useful insights in this regard.

  • Cost: Compare the bottle prices with delivery fees and any other additional costs. Extra credit goes to services that feature subscription plans or special deals on bulk orders. Many services such as Naked Wines offer free shipping if the minimum order is met.


Can wine be delivered to Illinois?

Yes. However, just because wine delivery is possible doesn’t mean that you should just order wine from anywhere. Each wine delivery service offers unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, one of my favorites for this year is Firstleaf. It offers a large selection of wines from all over the world that cater to a wide variety of preferences.

What are the best wine delivery clubs in Illinois?

Another one of my favorite wine deliveries in Illinois is Naked Wines. You get a good selection of wines from small, independent wineries. You get various reds, whites, sparkling, and rosé options to suit many different seasons, preferences, and occasions.

How does a wine club work?

Generally, a wine club works by sending you a fresh case of wine on a recurring basis. These recurring shipments can occur at various intervals, including monthly, bi-monthly, and many other combinations. One of my favorite wine clubs this year is Vinesse. The wines you get here are ones you likely wouldn’t find at your local liquor store.

Best Wine Delivery Illinois in 2024 — Final Score

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First box of 6 wines for only $45.00
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