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Author Zoran Trifunovic
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Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

10 Best Red Wine Clubs Review 2024: Reviewed

The online market is teeming with wine clubs that specialize in red wines. And many of them offer a wide range of locally-sourced and international wines. Most wine delivery services have reds from popular wine regions on offer. But some go the extra mile to bring first-class wines from lesser-known regions and wineries to their connoisseurs.

But differences between wine deliveries can run deep. Some provide personalization options based on your taste, while others stick to a general menu. Many companies offer dozens of wines, while others have hundreds in stock. And some services seem to skip over certain acclaimed regions, while others send sommeliers on a global hunt for the best bottles.

After in-depth research, Firstleaf is my top red wine club. I find it the king of the best red wine clubs because it has many award-winning reds from all around the world. It also has a detailed wine personalization questionnaire. And you'll find that most bottles in its assortment provide a big bang for the buck. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Red Wine Clubs

  1. Firstleaf – Best overall red wine club

  2. Naked Wines – Best red wine club for budget hunters

  3. Vinesse – Best reds from award-winning wineries

  4. Bright Cellars – Best wine subscription service for bottle customization

  5. Wine Insiders – Best French red wines

See 5 more great red wine clubs

The Best Red Wine Clubs Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Overall Red Wine Club

Firstleaf's Maader 99

Key Features

  • Most of the company's red wines are award-winners

  • You can take a bottle personalization quiz for a tailored selection

  • The service also has white, rosé, and sparkling wines on offer

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

With Firstleaf, the real dilemma isn't whether you’ll buy wine or not. It's how to select a few or several bottles from many tempting alternatives. You're likely to stumble upon award-winners whatever category or subcategory you pick. And that's because the service's wine experts go to every corner of the world to try and bring outstanding wines to oenophiles. 

The service has bottles from every continent, except Asia, on its menu. And it's not just the famed wine regions like France's Aquitaine, Italy's Tuscany, or Argentine Mendoza that the sommeliers explore. They venture into lesser-known wine-producing areas as well. So, you can savor a glass of wine from a region that might be entirely new to you.

I found that Firstleaf offers red wines from many countries during my research. It didn't surprise me that the big 3 wine regions – Italy, Spain, and France – were represented. But you'll also find bottles from Chile, Argentina, and the USA, among other wine regions. And American wines – namely from California and Washington – dominated the lineup by far.

The Specialty filter lets you choose wines based on various preferences. If you're relatively new to wines and seek only proven options, go for Top Award Winning Wines or Fine Wine Collection. If you consider yourself an eco-conscious person, pick the Eco-friendly Wines box. Or if you're on the keto diet, go for Keto-friendly Wines. a screenshot of firstleaf's 2021 Firth & Vale Shiraz

Firstleaf offers a price filter, but it doesn't categorize by specific price ranges. Rather, it arranges the bottles from the least to the most expensive, or vice versa, depending on your choice. So, you might wish to check out Naked Wines if you're working with a set budget.

You can buy wines a la carte or become a member to unlock various perks. If you're curious about the membership details, I'd recommend checking out the dedicated review. But the biggest perk for members is considerable discounts. And you can consult with the company's wine concierge team as a member. 

Taking a wine personalization quiz is the first step toward club membership. The purpose of the quiz is to help Firstleaf's experts understand your taste preferences. After you fill out the questionnaire, you'll receive personalized wine recommendations. Of course, you're free to disagree with the suggested wines and swap out the bottles. 

The company delivers wines to every continental US state except Utah and Mississipi. You can buy its products if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, too.

You can sip top-quality wines without emptying your wallet with Firstleaf. The cheapest options begin at $7.49. And shipping is free if you order 12 or more wines. Otherwise, you'll pay a flat-rate shipping fee of $14.95.

2. Naked Wines – Best Red Wine Club for Budget Hunters

Naked Wines' Matt Parish Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Key Features

  • The company has an extensive filtering system

  • You can choose between hundreds of red wines

  • The service also has whites, sparklings, and rosés

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines will fit the bill if you're after affordable, high-quality reds. This wine delivery service works directly with independent winemakers, bypassing distributors and other intermediaries from the supply chain. Thus, you can find a range of highly-rated wines at a more affordable price than many other competitors offer. 

Another standout feature of this service is its extensive on-site filtering system. You can browse red wines, and others for that matter, using over 10 filters, including Price, Country, Grape, and Alcohol (by content). And you can also choose by your favorite winemaker or region, some of which are Sonoma Valley, Veneto, and Bordeaux.

Naked Wines has over 250 reds on offer. This is an impressively large number, with most bottles produced in the USA. France, Spain, Italy, and Australia were some other represented wine regions. 

The Grape filter included dozens of sub-filters. Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Malbec are some of them. If you're after bottles combining more grape varieties, tick the Red Blend box. 

The Price filter is another useful feature of Naked Wines. Use it to browse bottles by the price range, such as Under $10, $15 to $20, and Over $25. Consult our comprehensive review of this wine delivery service to learn more about the service’s pricing policy. a screenshot of naked wines' 2021 Chris Baker Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

You can choose from curated wine cases aside from individual bottles. I've found some quite tempting red wine packs. And these are Top Rated Red Wines 11-Pack, Essential Reds 6-Pack, and the Sensational Syrah/Shiraz 6-Pack.

You'll have to rely on your instincts to pick Naked Wines’ wines that cater to your palate. But if you're uncertain and could use help, consider opening a Firstleaf account. This wine subscription service has a wine personalization quiz you can complete in a few minutes.

You don't have to be a member to buy wines from this service. But you should think about the Angel membership to enjoy various benefits. And privileged prices down to 60%, monthly gift bottles, and online tastings with winemakers are some of them. 

Naked Wines delivers wines across the continental US and to Hawaii and Alaska. Delivery times usually range from 1 to 4 days. You'll get your box from Monday through Friday or from Tuesday to Saturday, depending on your location. 

This service boasts some of the most budget-friendly bottles on the market. The most affordable wines cost $7.99, for example. Shipping fees depend on your location and the size of your order. Still, most mainland oenophiles enjoy free shipping or pay a $9.99 fee. But, the delivery charge for wine aficionados in Michigan and Indiana is $29.99.

3. Vinesse – Best Reds from Award-Winning Wineries

Vinesse's Aurelia Cellars Zinfandel

Key Features

  • You'll get your wine sooner if you have a business address

  • The company has dozens of American and international reds

  • You can also buy sparkling, rosé, and white wines from this service

  • Current deal: Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94

Vinesse is a well-known wine subscription service that's been in business for 3 decades. And its sommeliers bring wines from award-winning vineyards in the USA and abroad. With this company, you'll have the opportunity to taste wines from various iconic wine-producing regions such as Italy, France, Australia, and Argentina.

This service has something for every budget. You'll find bottles for under $20 and some premium wines well over $100. But you don't have to splurge to enjoy award-winning wines because you'll find top-notch options in the lower price range, too.

You can browse red wines on this service via 2 categories, which are Vinesse Exclusive and Shop Wines by Type. You'll find a few sub-categories within each category. But as a red wine enthusiast, you'll want to research Red Wines and, optionally, Wine Samplers. White Wines, Sparkling Wines, and All Vinesse Exclusives are other options. 

I found that exclusive red bottles cost under $35. And some wines I believe you should try are Les Charmes du Marquis from Bordeaux, France, Scoperta from Tuscany, Italy, and Crown Peak from Lodi, California. If you go for the Shop Wines by Type filter, check out Delectus from Napa Valley, California, and Penman Family Cellars from South Africa. a screenshot of vinesse's 2020 CROWN PEAK WINERY LODI, CALIFORNIA ZINFANDEL

Check out Wine Samplers if you want to go big. Various expert-curated boxes are there, many of which contain reds. And some I found particularly attractive are A Passport to Our Most Loved International Reds and And the Award Goes To Trio, both of which contain 12 bottles. You can buy these packs a la carte, as stressed in our review. 

You can also pick wines according to your favorite grape variety. Some available red wine options within the Shop Wines by Varietal category are Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Zinfandel, and Pinotage. If you prefer blends over a particular grape type, select Red Blend. When I researched for the Best Red Wine Clubs review, there were 10 red blend options available. 

But there isn't a filter for browsing wines by region. If you have a preference for wines from a specific region or even a particular winemaker, check out Naked Wines

Consider becoming a Vinesse member to enjoy cool perks. As such, you get privileged pricing and personalized wine recommendations based on your ratings. The company also throws in a satisfaction guarantee, among other benefits. 

Vinesse offers delivery to customers in the continental US. But it ships bottles to Alaska, Hawaii, and other destinations, too. Depending on where you live, your order should travel between 1 and 4 days.

The wine delivery service has red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines for every budget. The cost of its wines begins at $10.00. The shipping and handling fees depend on the size of your order and your location.

4. Bright Cellars – Best Wine Subscription Service for Bottle Customization

Bright Cellars' Red Wine Variety Bundle

Key Features

  • You can only buy sommelier-curated packages

  • The company has over a dozen red wine bundles

  • The wine delivery service has a forthcoming customer support

Bright Cellars is a standout in the world of personalized wine delivery. It customizes boxes based on the wine enthusiast's feedback. The service primarily caters to people inexperienced in wines and those overwhelmed by options. But it also suits oenophiles who prefer getting the biggest bang for their buck over being adventurous.

Bright Cellars has a wide selection of red and other wines. You'll find bottles from Chile, Italy, Spain, and France in its assortment. If you prefer American wines, the wine subscription service primarily has bottles from wine-renowned regions such as California and Washington. Columbia Valley, Rattlesnake Hills, and South Coast are some participating West Coast wine regions. 

Select Shop and then Wine Bundles to browse curated red wine boxes. You'll notice cocktails (Margaritas) at the top of the page, while wines are further below. First come sommelier-curated boxes, featuring reds, whites, rosés, and various combinations. You should get to the Red Wine section at the end of the page.

Bright Cellars has bundles that feature one or more red wine types. Take the Red Wine Variety Bundle, which contains Californian and Chilean wines, as an example. You can also check boxes featuring a popular grape variety like Cabernet Sauvignon or opt for bundles that combine blends and single grape varieties.

You can buy as a guest on the company website, but membership yields various rewards. As a member, you'll enjoy attractive discounts, wine personalization services, and access to specially-selected bundles. And taking a wine customization quiz is the first step toward membership. Check out our expert review to learn more about the questionnaire. a screenshot of bright cellars' Apostate Zinfandel Bundle

You'll get wines tailored to your tastes when you complete the quiz. If the suggested wines don't quite match your preferences, you can swap them out for others. And, you can usually choose between 4, 6, or 12 bottles to tailor the size of your order. If you're confident in your selections, I suggest buying a larger package for greater savings.

You won't be able to buy individual bottles or combine wines from different bundles. If you prefer buying just a bottle or 2 instead of the entire package, consider creating an account with Firstleaf. Or ask the customer service team for help. In my experience, agents are willing to go the extra mile to meet your wishes, if possible.

The wine club delivers to most of the contiguous United States, except Utah, Delaware, and Mississippi. If it suits you better, you can have your order delivered to a specified pickup location instead of your home.

The cost of each bundle varies based on its type and the number of bottles. The most affordable ones cost $10.00. Shipping is free for 6-bottle or larger boxes or $10 for smaller orders.

5. Wine Insiders – Best French Red Wines

Wine Insiders' Cala De' Poeti Maremma

Key Features

  • The company has dozens of red Italian and USA wines

  • The red wine assortment teems with dry wines

  • You can choose between vintages from 2015 onward

You'll love Wine Insiders if you're after reasonably-priced French reds. When I did my research for the Best Red Wine Clubs review, I found a total of 29 French reds, most priced under $20. Of course, the selection may change over time, but it's likely to remain fairly consistent when it comes to numbers, in my experience. 

The wine delivery service doesn't stop with French wines. You can buy bottles from vineyards around the globe, including American, Italian, and South African. I even found a couple of bottles from lesser-known wine regions, such as Morocco and Hungary. 

If you're into dry wines, you're in luck with Wine Insiders. The last time I checked, its selection contained over 100 dry wines, with just a few semi-sweet options and no sweet variants at all. So, if you have a penchant for sweet reds, I suggest snagging these rare finds if they appear on the menu.

You can search for reds via the Varietal filter. You'll find various renowned and lesser-known grape varieties. Some of the most famous are Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir, which counted 11, 9, and 7 bottles respectively when I checked. Some I learned about by checking the menu are Tannat, Nero di Troia, and Frappato. 

But Red Blend outnumbers individual variants by a long shot. When I research, Wine Insiders had 46 bottles. And wines from the USA, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, and South Africa are among them. 2020 Château Le Redon Bordeaux Rouge

You can also search by Vintage and More Filters. You'll find various vintages depending on your choice. Most bottles were produced from 2018 onward, but I also spotted some produced in 2015. The More Filters filter contains Award Winner, Customer Favorite, and Organic among a few other sub-filters. 

Besides individual wines, you can buy Wine Insiders sets. They usually include 3, 6, or 12 bottles. Check out our full review for more details about sets. 

You have to trust your gut when looking for the right bottles with Wine Insiders. But, if you prefer a little professional nudge in the right direction, I'd recommend checking out Bright Cellars. It has an in-depth wine personalization quiz designed to tailor offerings to your taste.

The wine delivery service ships wines to most continental US states. It doesn't deliver to Rhode Island, Delaware, Arkansas, Alabama, Utah, Mississippi, Kentucky, and South Dakota. Note that you can buy at least 3 bottles from this wine club.

Wine Insiders boasts award-winning wines for reasonable prices. You can get some of its wines for as little as $8.99. Buy 6 or more bottles to have delivery on the house. Otherwise, a flat-rate shipping fee of $14.95 applies, plus a $2.95 processing fee. 

6. The California Wine Club – Great for Fans of West Coast Wines

Label of The California Wine Club's Pinot Noir Paso Robles

Key Features

  • The service has 6 clubs

  • You can buy imported wines, too

  • Some red grape variants are Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Merlot

The California Wine Club should make a great choice if you crave West Coast wines. It has various wine sections, and I think that Red Wines, Highly Rated Wines, and Rare and Coveted should be most interesting to you. Bottles from these originate in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, and other wine regions and contain curated and limited-edition wines. 

You can also find reds from Oregon and Washington on the company website. But these were far fewer compared to California-originated wines. While the assortment likely varies from time to time, there were 4 of these wines among dozens of options during my research. 

Last I checked, the wine delivery service had over 60 red wines on offer. And some of them were quite affordable, with prices below $20. Bottles priced up to $160 were on the other end of the price range, so there's something for everyone. Take a look at our insightful review to learn what’s the minimum order amount from The California Wine Club.

You can also buy imported wines from this wine delivery service. I counted around a dozen reds, including those from France, Spain, and Italy. I also noticed bottles from globally lesser-known wine regions, such as New Zealand, Canada, Austria, and Germany. a screenshot of california wine clubs' DELTA WINES 2022 CALIFORNIA CABERNET FRANC

What took me a bit aback was the lack of wines from celebrated wine-producing nations, such as Chile, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa. To try award-winning and affordable wines from these countries, I’d recommend checking out Firstleaf

The California Wine Club has 6 wine clubs for you to choose from. And these are: 

  • Premier Series, bringing wines from small family-owned wineries

  • Pacific Northwest Series, comprising bottles from lesser-known producers

  • International Series, containing wines from artisanal wine producers

  • Signature Series, boasting wines featuring a gold medal and 90+ points

  • Case Club Series, featuring handcrafted and hand-selected bottles

  • Aged Cabernet Series, priding itself on Cabernet wines aged between 7 and 12 years

You'll have to trust your judgment when choosing red wines from The California Wine Club. That's because the service doesn't have a wine personalization questionnaire. But, if you prefer having expert sommeliers curate boxes tailored to your tastes, Bright Cellars might be a better fit.

The wine club ships its products across the United States. And most boxes arrive within 2 business days of placing an order. If you're in a rush, opt for air delivery to get your shipment in just 1 day.

The California Wine Club has competitive pricing. The price tag of its bottles starts from $10.99. If you're a member of Premier Series, the most budget-friendly membership option, you'll pay a shipping fee of $16, plus any applicable handling fees and taxes.

7. Wine Awesomeness – Random Wines for Adventurous Oenophiles

Wine Awesomeness's San Cisalto Puglia Sangiovese

Key Features

  • You can test your luck by buying mystery bottles and packs

  • The service has bottles from various renowned wine regions

  • Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec are some red grape varieties on offer

This wine club has an offer I haven't come across in any other wine delivery service. It lets you make a mystery purchase in which you won't know what you get until the order arrives. So, it's a great way to inject a little excitement and surprise into your wine experience, in my opinion.

If you're a bit of an adventurer, go for a mystery bottle or 2. But if you consider yourself a daredevil, order a Red Mystery Pack containing 12 bottles. But you won't get just any bottles. Wine experts curate these packages, so you'll likely get great wines originating from France, Chile, Spain, and/or other acclaimed wine regions.

Wine Awesomeness has a collection of bottles from various esteemed wine regions. You can buy wines from Italy, Australia, Portugal, and South Africa, among other countries. If you don't just stick to the world's most famous wine regions, I recommend trying wines from Slovenia and Austria, too. Check our complete review for a more in-depth look at the company's offerings.

You can sift through your favorite wines via an extensive filtering system. But there's a catch – you can only use one filter at a time. If you pick another category, it cancels out the previous one. Turn your attention to Naked Wines for a more efficient way to browse by selecting multiple filtering options containing around a dozen categories. a screenshot of wine awesomeness's 2022 Tuesday Night Cabernet

You should, naturally, choose red if you go for the by type filter. You can also search by grape to view varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz / Syrah, Merlot, and Malbec. You can browse by country as well. In that case, you'll have a choice between French, American, Spanish, and Australian bottles, among others.

You should keep an eye on a few other categories, too, including Curated Packs, Last Call 40% Off, and Spring Faves. These tend to run out quickly, especially Last Call 40% Off. So make sure to check them out frequently. And it seems to me that red packs are also popular, so don't hesitate to buy them if you come across the right match. For a more consistent curated boxes offer, check out Bright Cellars.

You can buy Wine Awesomeness' wines as a guest. But consider becoming a member to unlock various perks unavailable to connoisseurs buying a la carte. As a member, you can subscribe to receive 3 or 6 bottles of wine every month. And you'll get access to wines unlisted for non-members, attractive discounts, and special rewards.

The wine club delivers throughout the mainland US except Utah, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Arkansas.

Wine Awesomeness has options for various budgets, with wine prices starting at $13.25. If you buy for more than $150, you'll enjoy free shipping. For orders below this amount, the shipping cost varies depending on your location and the size of the box.

8. Macy’s Wine Shop – Top Wedding Wines Selection

Macy's Wine Shop's Cali Reds Trio

Key Features

  • You can shop vintages stretching back to 2015

  • The company has around 70 red wines on offer

  • The wine club also has whites, sparklings, and rosés in stock

Macy's Wine Shop stands out for its dedicated wedding wine collection, something rarely found in other wine clubs. And red wine aficionados have a lot to look forward to since the service's Wedding Wine Shop teems with reds. In fact, it heavily outnumbers other wine types. 

You can opt for individual bottles if you're planning a smaller wedding. Otherwise, I suggest going for expert-curated sets. And these are available in Gift Sets Under $50, Gift Sets Under $100, and Luxe Gifts categories.

At the time of my research, there were 3 red sets under $50. And these included specially-selected bottles from some of the foremost wine-producing nations, such as Italy and Chile. Sets under $100 contained wines from France, Australia, and Italy. These and Lux Gifts sets also included wines from USA vineyards. 

Note that sets under $50 feature 3-bottle packages. Those under 100 bucks have 3- and 6-bottle bundles. But if you go big, Lux Gifts boast 12-wine sets. 

The lack of famous Argentine reds, Malbecs, to be precise, surprised me. During my research for the Best Red Wine Clubs review, I found a single Argentine Malbec in its entire collection. So, if you're keen on Argentine wines, I'd suggest researching Firstleaf. It offers a good range of reasonably priced Argentine bottles, many of which have won awards. a screenshot of macy's wine shop's 2021 Casa De La Luna Selección de Enólogo Red Blend

Check out Sommelier's Choice and Customer Favorites for some top-notch red wines. There should be single-varietal options and red blends. You can find out more in our full review but expect to see some Italian, French, and American wines in the mix. 

You can browse reds via several filters. Sift through Country, Price, and Vintage options. A few Price alternatives are Under $10, $10-$15, and $15-$20. Some available vintages when I researched were 2018, 2020, and 2022. If older vintages interest you, taking a look at Wine Insiders should prove worthwhile

You can check out organic and vegan wines in Macy's Wine Shop's Collections. The selection of organic wines delighted me since it contained bottles from the top-3 wine-producing nations (Italy, Spain, and France). 

Macy's Wine Shop delivers to 40 states within the contiguous US. You can buy its wines unless you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, Kentucky, South Dakota, Rhode Island, or Delaware.

This wine club offers reasonably priced bottles. The most affordable options won't set you back over $10.99. If you order at least 6 bottles, shipping is free, although a small processing fee may apply. If you order fewer wines, you'll pay a fixed delivery fee of $14.95.

9. Monthly Clubs – Best for Enjoying Wine with Cheese

Monthly Clubs' Bold Reds World Tour Half Case

Key Features

  • The business has Wine and Cheese clubs

  • Some other available clubs are Chocolate, Beer, and Cigar

  • Besides reds, the company offers white wines

Pay attention to Monthly Clubs if you like to pair wines with cheeses. The company has 4 wine-focused and 2 cheese-centric clubs. The wine-related options are:

  • The Premier Series

  • The Bold Reds

  • The Masters Series

  • The Collectors Series

Every club at Monthly Clubs caters to red wine enthusiasts. Each delivers 2 specially selected bottles a month, and you can choose both of them to be reds. Premier Series is the most popular, hands down, but all the clubs have excellent ratings from members. The monthly fee ranges from $41.95 for the Premier to $77.95 for the Collectors series. 

Each wine club has featured wines every month. When I researched for this review, 2 Premier Series wines subscribers got were 2019 Tait from Barossa Valley in Australia and 2020 Tikal from Mendoza in Argentina. Other clubs featured different wines. Read more about Monthly Clubs' offer in this detailed review

Go to Wine Store once you select Wine club to shop a la carte. Various convenient search options will be there, including Grape Varietals, Country, and Price. Make sure to select red within the Color filter first. 

The Country filter contains around a dozen sub-filters taking you to wines from various renowned and lesser-known wine regions. Especially large, compared to others, at least, was the French selection, boasting 14 bottles at the time of my research. Portuguese and Australian options were 6, while 3 bottles represented Italy. 

The Grape Varietals filter is quite comprehensive. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and Grenache were the most represented grape varieties. Primitivo, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Malbec were fewer. But many other variants were present, including Sangiovese, Aragonez, and Tannat. a screenshot of monthly clubs' Schwarz The Butcher Blaufränkisch Burgenland 2020

I found the filtering system handy but not extensive. If you prefer going into details, such as alcohol by volume, customer rating, and dietary preference, I think Naked Wines would make a better fit for you

If you pick individual wines from Monthly Clubs, you'll have to rely on your instincts. But if you prefer having some professional guidance to select wines that match your palate, consider signing up for Firstleaf. This wine delivery service has a great questionnaire that helps to tailor wine selections to your unique taste preferences.

This wine subscription service offers delivery to the majority of the continental US. Alabama, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Michigan, and Utah are the only states it skips. FedEx handles the company's shipments.

Monthly Clubs caters to wine enthusiasts of all budget ranges. It has even found its way to our list of Cheapest Wine Clubs, boasting dozens of wines priced under $20. You can snag some of its most budget-friendly wines for as low as $20.98.

The shipping cost depends on the number of bottles in your order. You can pay anywhere between $15 for 1 or 2 bottles and $36 for boxes with 11 or 12 wines. Remember that if you order more than a dozen wines, the wine delivery service will begin a new box for the additional bottles.

10. Winc – Eco-Friendly Wine Delivery Service

Winc's 2021 Broletto Lambrusco

Key Features

  • The company has gluten-free wines

  • You can find around 2 dozen reds in the assortment

  • The service also has white wines on offer

Winc works with wineries that focus on sustainable wine production and embrace eco-friendly practices. If you're eco-conscious, you'll also be glad to know that the company is a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, which donates 1% of its sales to support environmental causes.

This wine club works differently from others I reviewed in this article. To get its wines, you have to become a member, so you can't shop a la carte. And you subscribe by completing a several-question wine personalization quiz. Because of this feature, Winc made it to our best wine clubs for beginners list.

I took Winc's wine questionnaire, and I found it quite useful. I had to state my preferences toward reds and whites, the flavors I enjoy, and even the countries I prefer my wines to come from. But I haven't found this questionnaire as detailed as Firstleaf's wine customization quiz.

The wine subscription service had over 2 dozen red wines on offer when I checked. Many were from countries like France, Spain, and Portugal. I also found several bottles from the USA. You can learn more about the wine club’s wine selection from our complete Winc review. a screenshot of winc's 2021 Keep It Chill Gamay Beaujolais

Winc makes a great match for oenophiles with a modest budget. It typically doesn't have premium wines in stock. If you're more into classy wines, I'd recommend checking out Vinesse.

Narrow down your wine choices using filters like Varietal, Values, and Palate. Under the Varietal filter, you'll find Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, and Pinot Noir red wine options. The Palate filter offers choices such as Dry and Semi Sweet. If you're into wines with specific values, pick Certified Vegan, Organic Grapes, and Organic Wines, among other alternatives.

Check out the wine star ratings from other members for guidance. Most bottles fall in the 3.5 to 4 out of 5 stars range, with an occasional bottle falling below or rising above. Some top-rated bottles I've come across were 2019 Lost Poet Red Blend, 2021 Inkarri Red Blend, and 2020 Folly of the Beast® Pinot Noir. Their average rating from hundreds, even thousands, of fans was above 4 stars.

Winc delivers wine to most of the continental US states. You are eligible for delivery unless you live in Utah, Mississippi, South Dakota, Kentucky, Delaware, Rhode Island, Arkansas, or Alabama. Usually, shipment takes between 3 to 7 business days to arrive.

The wine subscription service has competitive pricing. You can buy some of its bottles for as little as $12.00. The company waives the delivery fee for orders of at least 4 bottles. If you order fewer than that, you'll pay a $9 shipping fee. 

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals


$7.49 per bottle

1 bottle

Anyone who loves wine

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines

$7.99 per bottle

6 bottles

Small business supporters

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines


$10.00 per bottle

1 bottle

Premium wine lovers

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars

$10.00 per package

A 3-bottle bundle

New wine drinkers and cocktail lovers

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines as well as cocktails

Get your first 6 bottles for $55! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders

$8.99 per bottle

3 bottles

Fans of high-end wine

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The California Wine Club

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

Anyone who loves west coast wines

Red and white wine

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Wine Awesomeness

$13.25 per bottle

1 bottle

People who want to try global wines

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

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Macy’s Wine Shop

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

People who like Macy’s

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

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Monthly Clubs

$20.98 per bottle

1 bottle

People who like gifting clubs

Red and white wine

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$12.00 per package

1 bottle

Eco-conscious wine drinkers

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

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Tips for Choosing the Best Red Wine Club

Now you know what the finest wine clubs offering red wines are. But, stick to these extra tips to fine-tune your selection:

  • Think about your favorite grape variants. Wine flavor depends not only on grape variety but also on the region it's originally from. Meaning, wines made of the same grape will taste differently, depending on the wine region. In this regard, I think that Naked Wines boast the finest filtering system, letting you choose from a dozen options. 

  • Establish a budget. For me, pricing is a close second parameter in terms of importance. If you look for budget-friendly options, check Wine Insiders. But if you're willing to spend extra for premium quality, Vinesse is the wine club for you. If you're looking for award-winners fitting any budget, subscribe to Firstleaf.

  • Verify the delivery area. Many wine clubs deliver to most US states if not all. But certain services avoid some states, such as Utah, Mississippi, and South Dakota, due to strict regulations that make delivery challenging, at best. Thus, confirm whether the service ships to your state before proceeding to purchase.

  • Check shipping costs. Delivery fees can add up, but some wine clubs provide free shipping if you buy a set amount of wines. So, consider ordering big for free deliveries. Bright Cellars waives delivery costs on orders of 6 bottles, while some services charge delivery fees for orders under 12 bottles.


Who has the best wine club?

Firstleaf is the best wine club, in my opinion. It has a wide assortment of award-winning local and imported wines and great bottle personalization options. And it has quite a competitive pricing.

Are winery memberships worth it?

Wine clubs are a worthwhile option for regular connoisseurs. Wine delivery services sell wines more affordably than local retailers and deliver bottles to your home. Naked Wines provides some of the most attractive discounts for members on the market.  

What is the wine capital of the Americas?

Many connoisseurs consider Napa Valley in California the wine capital of North America. And various experienced wine lovers point out Mendoza in Argentina as South America's wine capital.

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