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Wine Delivery
Wine Delivery
Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

9 Best Wine Club Gifts in 2024: The Top Gift Wines

Most wine clubs have some pretty attractive gifts for their members. These are typically gift cards and featured sets or bottles handpicked by wine experts. But some clubs even offer presents that aren't wine-related at all. 

If you opt for gift cards, you can typically choose a set amount. But some wine delivery services let you pick the amount that works for you. When it comes to individual bottles or curated boxes, these usually include award-winning wines. Note that the company may ship presents for free. 

After thorough research, I think that Firstleaf has the best wine club gifts. The company boasts an impressive wine selection of local and international wines. And it offers various gifts that cater to any wine aficionado's taste and budget. But other wine subscription services also have attractive gifts, so I recommend you check them out, too.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Wine Club Gifts

  1. Firstleaf – Best overall wine gifts

  2. Naked Wines – Best gifts for close friends

  3. Vinesse – Best wine gifts for indecisive presenters

  4. Bright Cellars – Best tailored wine bundles

  5. The California Wine Club – Best corporate gifts

See 4 more great wine club gifts

Best Wine Club Gifts Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Overall Wine Gifts

Firstleaf's Premium Pinot Noirs gift set

Key Features

  • The service has a large selection of multi-awarded wines

  • Choose between gift cards, individual bottles, and wine sets

  • The wine club offers reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

Firstleaf has 3 gift types for you to choose from, including gift cards, individual bottles, and wine bundle sets, so you can select something that suits your budget and/or the recipient's taste. 

You can go for gift cards if you work with a limited budget. The 3 prominently displayed options are $100, $200, and $300. But you can choose Another Amount next to those and pick up a gift card of $25. The highest available amount is $1,100. You can send a message with the card, as stressed in our review. Note that the satisfaction guarantee covers each chosen bottle. 

You can also go for a sommelier-curated box that features from 3 to 12 wines. These contain bottles from renowned wine regions. For instance, 1 bundle I came across had 2 USA-produced wines and 1 from Italy. Another offered a trio of Pinot Noirs. And yet another 1 had 12 bottles from wine-celebrated countries like Chile, Australia, Italy, and Portugal.

Or you can send a bottle of wine or 2 to the giftee. To do this, you can browse Firstleaf's extensive collection that brims with award-winning wines. Some options I fully recommend are Firth & Vale (red), Weelderige Velde (white), Wyethia Flame (rosé), and Prima Foglia (sparkling). Tick the This order is a gift in the shopping cart once you choose. a screenshot of Firstleaf's 90+ Point Picks Mixed

You can browse the wine club's collection by the type of wine or its region of origin. You'll find wines from France, Spain, and South Africa there, among others. Check out the Specialty section, too, which offers options like Dry Wines, Keto-friendly Wines, and Special Dinner Wines. Also, take a look at the Fine Wine Collection and Featured Wine Bundles.

Firstleaf has a price filter, too. You can view bottles from the least expensive to the most expensive or vice versa. But the winery club doesn't have a price range feature.

Consider taking a wine personalization quiz if you know the recipient well. Note that you'll have to answer a series of questions about wine preferences, favorite foods, and so on. Once you complete the quiz, the system will recommend bottles, which you can replace, if you wish.

The wine club ships wines to almost all of the continental US. Utah and Mississippi are the only exceptions. Thus, you're eligible for delivery even if you're in Hawaii or Alaska.

With Firstleaf, you can enjoy top-quality wines without breaking the bank. The most affordable options start at $7.49. And you get free shipping if you order 12 or more wines. For smaller orders, there's a flat-rate shipping fee of $14.95.

2. Naked Wines – Best Gifts for Close Friends

Naked Wines' Miriam California Chenin Blanc 2021

Key Features

  • The wine club has wine and non-wine gifts

  • The service has around 150 gold-medal winners

  • Choose between reds, whites, sparklings, and rosés

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines has bottles and other unrelated presents on offer. I find them attractive, but note that getting to the gift page may be tricky since the wine club doesn't display the Gift section prominently on its website. To get there, type Naked Wines Gifts in the search bar, et voila. 

The wine club's gift section consists of 4 categories. These are Everything, Gift Cases, Giftcards, and Non Wine. When you first land on the page, you'll be in the Everything section, which gives you an overview of the available gift types. Our expert review has a few quick facts about sending a gift, so I suggest checking it out.

Only individual wines were on offer during my latest research. What set these apart was that each was in a 1.5 liters bottle. Three options were available – Miriam California Chenin Blanc, Carment Birmingham California Rose of Pinot Noir, and Patrice Grasset Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. If you prefer sending a bundle of first-class wines, check out Firstleaf

Giftcards and Non Wine are the same. Both categories featured bouquets for some popular occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Chocolates, teas, and gift towers were other presents among others on offer. Various plants suitable for desks, gardens, and wreaths were also available. 

Naked Wines offers members significant discounts on its wine selection. The wine delivery service can do this because it works directly with independent winemakers, bypassing distributors and other intermediaries. As a result, you can get your hands on highly-rated wines at prices that are often more affordable than what many competitors and retail stores offer. a screenshot of naked wines' Customer Happiness Favorites 12-Pack

You can browse bottles via an extensive filtering system. Some options are Price, Country, and Grape Variety. The Price filter’s sub-filters are price ranges, while some available wine regions are France, Spain, USA, and Chile. Grape Variety is especially comprehensive, boasting dozens of red and white grape variants. 

When I last researched, Naked Wines had 2 curated cases available, each with 11 bottles. One pack was tailored for red wine lovers, while the other featured a mix of reds and whites.

Consider becoming a member if you have wines regularly. All wine club members enjoy discounts up to 60%, monthly gifts, and online tastings, among other perks. 

Naked Wines ships wines anywhere in the contiguous US, Alaska, and Hawaii. In most cases, delivery times fall between 1 and 4 days. Depending on your location, you can expect to get your order from Monday to Friday or from Tuesday to Saturday.

The service has bottles fitting any budget on offer. Its most affordable wines cost from $7.99. Shipping fees vary based on your location and order size, but most mainland wine enthusiasts enjoy free shipping or pay $9.99 for delivery. But, the delivery cost for oenophiles in Michigan and Indiana is $29.99.

3. Vinesse – Best Wine Gifts for Indecisive Presenters

Vinesse's American Cellars Wine Club gift set

Key Features

  • The company has gifts introducing local and international wines

  • The wine club has options for any budget

  • You can choose between whites, reds, sparklings, and rosés

  • Current deal: Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94

Vinesse has a gift selection that includes wines from celebrated wine regions. Wine experts curate these packages, and you’ll even get a $25 gift card you can use toward any future purchase of $100+. Take a quick look at our insightful review to learn a few useful facts about sending a gift. 

The wine club's gift supplies are limited. So, check its offerings as often as possible and act quickly to secure your favorite picks when they're available. Whenever I checked out Vinesse gifts, the lion's share was out of stock. To give you an idea, during my research for the Best Wine Club Gifts review, only 3 out of 7 gift packages were available. 

The wine delivery service has diverse offerings. When I researched, it had them organized into 4 categories – Most Popular Gifts, International Favorites, All-Time Favorites, and Mystery Case Special. 

Most Popular Gifts contain 2 box sets. And, these are American Classics Wine Club and Élevant Society Wine Club. American Classics Wine Club contains 2 fine wines that could originate anywhere around the world. Élevant Society Wine Club boasts 2 bottles of the wine club's elite-tier program. 

International Favorites introduce 3 imported high-quality bottles. And this gift set strikes me as quite popular since it was out of stock. I can say the same for All-Time Favorites, which may include a wine accompanied by flutes. a screenshot of vinesse's The Élevant Society Wine Club

You can also send a Mystery Case Special box to your lucky recipient. You'll have to choose the type of wine and the quantity and leave the rest to the sommeliers. Wine experts will handpick a selection of wines that will likely delight any connoisseur. Just make sure to check the Yes box under the Is this a gift? question, as the default option is No

It seems that Vinesse doesn't have gift cards on offer. So, consider giving Firstleaf a try if you prefer to send a gift but don't want to second-guess whether the recipient will like the bottles. If you're after something that isn't related to wine, I recommend Naked Wines.

But note that most customers rate the wine club's bottles highly. As stressed by the wine delivery service, wine aficionados rate an impressive 95% of bought wines as would buy again.

You can have Vinesse's bottles delivered virtually anywhere. The wine club serves fans throughout the mainland USA, Hawaii, Alaska, and elsewhere. In most cases, the delivery takes between 1 and 4 days. 

The company provides pricing options that accommodate every budget. Its most affordable bottles cost $10.00 while the priciest will have a price tag well over $100. Shipping and handling charges depend on your location and the size of your box.

4. Bright Cellars – Best Tailored Wine Bundles

Bright Cellars' selection of red and white wines

Key Features

  • The wine club has gift cards in various amounts

  • You can buy white, red, rosé, and sparkling wines

  • Cocktails are in the assortment, too

Bright Cellars is less flexible with its gift policy than some other wine delivery services. It only offers gift cards and sells wine bundles, not individual bottles. So, if you prefer to gift actual bottles, you have 2 choices. Either pick a different service or buy a bundle from Bright Cellars and have it sent to your recipient.

The wine club has $100, $200, $300, and $400 gift cards. You cannot personalize the amount, so you can only choose 1 of these. If you work with some other amount, better check Firstleaf, which lets you opt for gift cards from $25 to $1,100.

I have a quick update on Bright Cellars' gift card offerings. It looks like the wine club occasionally switches up the gift card amounts. A few months back, when I was writing a review on this business, these amounts were $75, $150, $250, $500, and $1,000.

Check out this service if you're a fan of personalized wine experiences. Take its dedicated questionnaire to get an expert-designed bundle tailored to your palate. It's 1 of the most thorough wine customization quizzes I've ever taken.

A few questions seemed off-topic to me at first, but they were far from it. Some questions were about my preferred type of chocolate, go-to drinks, and favorite juices. And I was pretty satisfied with the recommended options after completing the questionnaire. But if you disagree with some recommended wines, you can replace them with others. And you tailor the size of your wine box, which can include 4, 6, or 12 bottles. a screenshot of Bright Cellars' The Bridal Box

Bright Cellars has red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines in its assortment. And it features bottles from the top 3 wine-producing nations (Italy, Spain, and France), and some others, like Chile. The company also includes carefully curated bottles from regions such as California and Washington for fans of American wines. 

Besides wines, you can buy Margaritas on this wine club's website. These cocktail bottles feature flavors you'd likely get from your bar's bartender. So, Margs from this wine club may prove a great substitute if you don't feel like going to the bar.

Note that you can only choose from the pre-selected bundles. And these may include bottles from various regions, made of different grape varieties, and more. But, if you're particularly interested in wines from specific regions or have other preferences, reach out to customer support. The representatives are very accommodating, in my experience.

Bright Cellars ships wines to most of the continental US. Utah, Mississippi, and Delaware are the only exceptions. 

The price tag of each bundle depends on its type and the number of bottles included. The least you can expect to pay for a package is $10.00. Order at least 6 bottles to avoid shipping expenses. Otherwise, the wine club will charge you $10.

5. The California Wine Club – Best Corporate Gifts

The California Wine Club's 12-bottle gift pack

Key Features

  • The company has 6 wine clubs

  • You can buy reds and whites

  • The service has gifts for individuals, too

The wine delivery service has a range of suitable gifts for your business partners. It can customize the present with your company's name and include a personalized message or an advance announcement that reaches the recipient before the gift does. And you can send an electronic gift card, an advanced gift, such as a corkscrew, and (or) bottles in a wooden crate. 

The California Wine Club has 3 other gift sections for you to choose from. And these are Wine Club Gifts, Wine Gift Sets, and Electronic Gift Certificates. You don’t have to be a member to send a gift. But subscribers enjoy certain benefits, of which you can learn more from our complete review. 

The Wine Club Gifts section has 6 sub-categories. Most feature 2-bottle packages of West Coast wines from California, Oregon, and Washington. But you can also choose a 2-bottle set of international wines. 

Opt for Gift Giving Promotion to customize your gift. Pick between 3 and 12 shipments, decide whether to include the same or different reds or whites or 1 of each, and set the shipment frequency. Note that each delivery features different bottles.

The Wine Gift Sets section boasts sommelier-selected packages. These usually range from 2 to 12 bottles. There are wines from different regions, like Napa Valley, or made of a certain grape variety, like Cabernet Sauvignon. During my research for the Best Wine Club Gifts review, I came across different 12-bottle sets, featuring just reds or a mix of red and white wines. alt: a screenshot of California Wine Club's 2019 Hawk & Horse Vineyards Cabernet Franc

Electronic Gift Cards can be your way out if you're unsure what your giftee likes. The available gift card amounts range from $65 to $1,000. If your budget is lower than $65, Firstleaf has gift cards starting at $25. And you can find award-winning wines for under $20 on its website.

If you have some other gift in mind, I recommend checking out Naked Wines. This wine delivery service has bouquets, chocolates, and even gift towers, among other presents, on offer. 

The California Wine Club has 6 wine clubs catering to different tastes and preferences:

  • Premier Series, showcasing wines from small, family-owned wineries

  • Pacific Northwest Series, containing bottles from lesser-known regional producers

  • International Series, including wines sourced from artisanal wine producers worldwide

  • Signature Series, consisting of wines featuring various accolades, such as gold medals and 90+ points ratings

  • Case Club Series, boasting handcrafted and hand-selected bottles

  • Aged Cabernet Series, specializing in Cabernet wines aged between 7 and 12 years

The California Wine Club ships gifts and wines throughout the USA. Orders typically arrive within 2 business days. 

The wine subscription service has competitive pricing. Bottle prices begin at $10.99. The ground shipping fee is $16, but also factor in applicable handling and tax expenses.

6. Wine Awesomeness – Great Gifts for White Wine Lovers

Wine Awesomeness's Crisp White Wine 6-pack gift set

Key Features

  • The wine club has gift cards and gift subscriptions

  • You can buy a Mystery Box curated by wine experts

  • The menu comprises reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

Wine Awesomeness is the right service if you wish to make a gift to a white wine aficionado. Most of the wine deliveries I've looked into focus on reds for gifts. And when they include whites in the offer, they're usually mixed in with reds. But this particular wine subscription service has a range of gift sets that include white wines only. 

The service has wine sets in packs of 3, 4, 6, and 12 bottles. And each has a catchy, self-explanatory name like White Wine World Tour Split 12-Pack, European White Wine Adventure 6-Pack, or Day or Night All Whites 3-Pack. But it seems that sets tend to run out of stock quickly, or the wine club doesn't restock them often. So, secure a gift set while you can.

You can also send an e-gift card to your lucky recipient. The denominations range from 20 to 1,000 bucks. You'll also have to choose between 18 suitable images to go along with your card. 

Think about gifting a wine subscription to your favorite oenophile. Choose from membership options of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. And for the gift itself, you can go for either 3 or 6 bottles. But, the company doesn't provide any special gift packaging for these sets as highlighted in our in-depth review. Just a little detail to keep in mind. a screenshot of the All-Star 3-Pack from Wine Awesomeness

The By budget and Corporate gifts options are also available. The available budget ranges are under $50, $50 to $100, $100 to $200, and $200+, including bottle and can sets. You have to contact customer support to arrange a present for your business partner. 

The winery club has bottles from various prestigious wine regions around the globe. For example, you can buy wines from France, Italy, Spain, and Australia from Wine Awesomeness. Besides, the company offers bottles from Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, and Slovenia, among other nations.

What keeps surprising me about this service is its scant offering of American wines. When I conducted my research, only 8 bottles were available. Two weeks prior to this, there were 6 bottles. In contrast, there were 23 French and 22 Italian wines available at the same time So, if you're after USA-produced wines, I suggest looking into Vinesse.

You can buy a mystery bottle or box. If you do so, you won't know what's inside until it arrives at your door. But, rest assured that the company's sommeliers curate these packages, so you won't get just any bottles. The 12-pack mystery sets contain whites, reds, rosés, and mixes of these wines.

The wine club delivers everywhere in the mainland US except Utah, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Arkansas. And the cost of its wines begins at $13.25. For orders over $150, you don't pay for shipping. If your package costs less, the delivery fee depends on your location and the size of the package. 

7. Macy’s Wine Shop – Lux Gifts for Special Recipients

Macy's Wine Shop's Global Tasting Case

Key Features

  • The service has various gift sets

  • You can buy wines tailored for weddings

  • The wine club has reds, whites, sparklings, and rosés on offer

Macy's Wine Club's gifts come down to wine sets. And these fall into 2 main categories, each containing a couple of sub-categories. The Gifts & Sets categories we're talking about are Wine Sets and Gifts.

Macy's Wine Club offers a range of Wine Sets in 3-, 6-, and 12-bottle options. You can choose cases of all reds, whites, or sparklings, or opt for mixed sets. Some packs focus on wines made of a specific grape variety or from a single wine region. Others offer a selection of bottles from various countries, including the USA, Italy, France, and Chile.

Gifts contain Lux Gifts, Sets Under $50, Sets Under $100, and Wedding Wines. So, go for these if you work with a limited budget. Lux Gifts feature cases over $200, so you'll have to check Wine Sets if you plan to spend between $100 and $200 for a present. 

The wine club features a considerable selection of wedding wines. And while the best wine delivery services recommended by our experts have great wines for various celebrations, our list doesn't have a dedicated section for weddings. a screenshot of Macy's Wine Shop's Golden State Essentials Case

Macy's Wine Shop doesn't provide gift cards or any other gifting options. So, if you wish to send a gift card your recipient could use to shop for a bundle of highly-rated wines, consider Bright Cellars. But if your giftee is a business partner, then The California Wine Club may be a better choice

Check out Sommelier's Choice and Customer Favorites in Collections for some outstanding wines. You'll find both single-varietal selections and blends, and French, Italian, and American wines will be among them. But the lack of Argentine wines puzzled me, and not just in these categories, but in the wine club's assortment. There was only 1 option available.

Macy's Wine Shop's Collections also feature organic and vegan wines. I was particularly impressed by the range of organic wines, which included bottles from the world's top 3 wine-producing countries – Italy, Spain, and France. If you're an organic food enthusiast, take a look at our expert-curated list of the best organic meal delivery services that deliver nationwide.

The wine subscription service delivers wines to most states in the continental US. But, the list of states it doesn't serve is longer from other competitors in the Best Wine Club Gifts review. As explained in our full review, you won't be able to order its wines if you live in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Delaware, Utah, or Mississippi.

This winery club sells bottles at reasonable prices. The most affordable options will cost you $10.99. If you order at least 6 bottles, shipping is complimentary, although the company may charge a minor processing fee. The standard delivery fee of $14.95 applies for orders with fewer bottles.

8. Monthly Clubs – Top Monthly Subscription Gifts

Monthly Clubs' Domaine Lanye-Barrac La Rabidote Saint-Chinian 2018

Key Features

  • The company has other clubs besides wine clubs

  • You can choose between 4 wine clubs

  • Red and white wines are available

Check out Monthly Clubs if looking to gift a wine subscription. The company has some of the most versatile subscription plans for giftees of all the services I reviewed for this article. For this reason, it earned a spot on the best wine clubs for beginners list. You can select from 4 wine clubs to give your lucky recipient a gift.

You can tailor your gift subscription with this service as you see fit. For starters, choose to send anywhere from 2 to 12 shipments. And decide whether to schedule them every month, every other month, or quarterly, for example. Or pick specific months to deliver your gift if you have some other schedule in mind, be it regular or irregular.

The wine clubs you can opt for are:

  • The Premier Series

  • The Bold Reds

  • The Masters Series

  • The Collectors Series

Note that besides reds, Monthly Clubs has only whites on offer. If you like white wines, go for The Premier Series because this club lets you choose 2 whites besides 2 reds or 1 of each. Other clubs provide either reds or 1 red and the other white wine. If you prefer combining these wines with sparklings and rosés, I recommend checking out Firstleaf

Unlike most other wine clubs, this 1 doesn't offer gift cards. So, if you prefer sending 1, or some other type of present, check out Naked Wines. a screenshot of the The Collectors Series Wine Club from Monthly Clubs

Research the on-site Wine Store to buy individual bottles. Use the search bar to find wines by name. Or browse through the bottles using the menu options to sort by type (red or white), grape variety, or country of origin. Find out more about what’s available in our expert review.

The Country filter features around a dozen sub-filters. And these contain renowned and lesser-known wine regions. French selection was the largest, having 18 bottles when I researched. In contrast, the Portuguese options were 7, while Italian and Chilean alternatives were 5 and 4, respectively.

The Grape Varietals category is pretty extensive. It has dozens of sub-categories brimming with red and white grape variants. A few grape types used by wineries in red wine production are Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Sangiovese. Some white wine grapes on offer are Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc.

Monthly Clubs delivers wines to all mainland US states but 5. And these are Utah, Mississippi, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Alabama. The shipping cost typically ranges from $15 to $36, depending on the number of wines you order. 

The wine subscription service has options for wine lovers with any budget. Some of its most affordable wines are available for as little as $20.98.

9. Winc – Gift Cards for Eco-Conscious Oenophiles

Winc's 2018 Baby G Grenache

Key Features

  • The wine club has wines free of gluten

  • You can choose between dozens of bottles

  • The service has white, red, and rosé wines on offer

You can send a Winc gift card to your lucky recipient. Choose a $60 card for 1 month, a $100 card for 2 months, or a $150 card for 3 months. Or customize the gift card as long as it's at least $50 if you have a different amount in mind. But if your budget is limited, consider sending a Firstleaf gift card, which could be 25 bucks worth. And your giftee can buy an award-winner with it.

Winc doesn't have other gift options. So, check out other wine delivery services in my Best Wine Club Gifts review if you think that a bottle set, a wine subscription, or some other present would be better for your recipient. If you wish to surprise someone with a wine bundle, Bright Cellars should make 1 of the best options.

This service had a selection of 50+ wines last time I checked. And about a third of them hailed from the USA, California. Some standout options from the Golden State are 2022 Lost Poet Rosé and 2022 Debts & Lessons Riesling. Learn more about Winc’s wine collection by reading our in-depth review. 

The company's offerings include imported wines, too. So, you can buy bottles from France, Italy, South Africa, and many other wine regions. Some intriguing options I noticed were 2021 Inkarri Estate Red Blend from Argentina, 2022 Koyle Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, and 2020 Endgame® GSM Red Blend from France. a screenshot of winc's 2022 Reign Of Terroir Chenin Blanc South Africa

Use filters to shortlist options conveniently. Find options like Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noire under the Varietal category. Palate has sub-filters such as Dry, Semi Sweet, and Light - Medium Body. Some Values options are Certified Vegan and Organic Wines. Check our Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services review to mix and match vegan wines with meatless food. 

Take a look at the star ratings provided by members as these may help you pick bottles. Many feature ratings ranging from 3.5 and 4 out of 5 stars, with an occasional bottle rated lower or higher. Some highly-rated wines I noticed were 2019 Lost Poet Red Blend, 2020 Folly of the Beast® Pinot Noir, and 2022 Summer Water® Rosé. 

Winc provides wine delivery to the majority of states within the continental US. You can order its bottles if you don't live in Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Delaware, Kentucky, or South Dakota. Expect your shipment to arrive in 3 to 7 business days. 

This wine club is among the best options for budget-conscious wine enthusiasts. It focuses on providing bottles that won't break the bank. And for this reason, Winc is 1 of the cheapest wine clubs ranked by our experts. The cost of the wine club's wines starts from $12.00. 

The company offers free shipping for orders of 4 bottles or more. If you order fewer than that, a shipping fee of $9 applies.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals


$7.49 per bottle

1 bottle

Domestic and international wine connoisseurs

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings 

First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines

$7.99 per bottle

6 bottles

Budget hunters

Reds, whites, rosés, sparklings, and dessert & fortified

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines


$10.00 per bottle

1 bottle

Oenophiles seeking wines from award-winning vineyards

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars

$10.00 per package

A 3-bottle bundle

For wine beginners and those after bottles for special occasions

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings (and Margaritas)

Get your first 6 bottles for $55! from Bright Cellars

The California Wine Club

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

Fans of California wine

Reds and whites

Save 50% on the wine in your first shipment with promo code SAVE50! from The California Wine Club

Wine Awesomeness

$13.25 per bottle

1 bottle

Connoisseurs of international wines

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings 

Get 50% Off! from Wine Awesomeness

Macy’s Wine Shop

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

People looking for wedding wines

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

40% Off Sitewide. Code: WINE40 from Macy’s Wine Shop 

Monthly Clubs

$20.98 per bottle

1 bottle

For wine and cheese aficionados

Reds and whites

Winter Sale 2024! - Save up to $30 from Monthly Clubs 


$12.00 per package

1 bottle

For eco-conscious oenophiles

Reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings

Get 4 Bottles for $29.95 at Winc.com! from Winc

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Club Gifts

Wine Clubs have various gifts, as you know by now. Most revolve around individual bottles and wine cases, but some focus on subscriptions and non-wine-related items. Consider the following points to choose the best present for your giftee: 

  • What is your budget? You don't have to spend a fortune to secure a wine club gift. You can spend no more than $20 for a gift card with some services. Or you can go over $1,000 if you wish and can. I'd recommend Firstleaf as the most versatile wine delivery service, which also offers award-winning wines that fit any budget, regarding wine-centric gifts.

  • Is your giftee a friend or a business partner? A gift card or a subscription is perfectly fine for a casual present. But when it comes to business partners, it's a different story. Make an impression by choosing a formal gift that comes in appropriate packaging. The California Wine Club has great corporate gifts, in my opinion.

  • How well do you know your giftee? If your giftee is a wine aficionado, but you don't know which wines they like, I'd consider a subscription. Or think about sending them a gift card from Bright Cellars, for instance. But if you know your giftee's palate, go for 1 (or more) of Vinesse's wine cases

  • Do you want to give a present to someone truly special? If so, accompanying a bottle or a case of wine with something else would be great. And you can send wine with a bouquet, chocolate, or a gift tower through Naked Wines.


Are any wine subscriptions worth it?

Joining a wine club may come with great benefits. Some of them could be access to membership perks, expertly curated wine selections, and introductory offers. And they may offer bottles from around the world you're unlikely to find in your local stores.

Are winery clubs worth it?

Winery clubs are a great option if you're a regular wine connoisseur. They typically offer wines at more competitive prices than local stores and deliver bottles to your doorstep. And wine delivery services typically have wines from celebrated and off-the-beaten-path wine regions and wineries.

What is the best wine delivery service?

Many wine experts consider Firstleaf the best wine delivery service out there. Its sommeliers don't mind going to various corners of the world to find great wines. The company has many award-winning wines in its assortment. And many of them are affordable, offering a big bang for the buck.  

Best Wine Club Gifts in 2024 — Final Score

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