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Author Chelsea Legay
Chelsea Legay Writer
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

10 Best Wine Delivery Services in Ohio 2024: Updated

It feels like there are almost too many wine delivery services in Ohio. With such a vast selection, pinpointing a service that aligns with your flavor palate and budget can be a chore.

I thoroughly reviewed dozens of wine delivery services. In my analysis, I factored in price, range of selection, customer service, and delivery customization options. After my evaluation, I've shortlisted the top 10 prime wine delivery subscriptions tailored to the needs of Ohioans.

Firstleaf is my top recommendation for Ohio residents. It shines due to its attractive price per bottle, state-of-the-art customization algorithm, and impressive lineup of globally-sourced award-winning wines. By exploring this list, you'll discover a wine delivery service perfectly attuned to your needs.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Wine Delivery Services in Ohio

  1. Firstleaf – Best overall variety and value

  2. Naked Wines – Best for supporting independent winemakers

  3. Vinesse – Best for exploring globally-sourced boutique wines

  4. Bright Cellars – Best flavor profile matching

  5. Wine Insiders – Best bottle value and variety

See 5 more best wine delivery services in Ohio

The Best Wine Delivery to Ohio Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Overall Variety and Value

bottle of Thistle & Quail Cabernet Sauvignon and list of its wine awards.

Key Features

  • Taste matching quiz tailors wine to your palate

  • Every bottle is handpicked by experts

  • 200+ varieties from multiple winemaking regions

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

Firstleaf distinguishes itself with unique personalized wine profile matches. It utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to ensure the selection of bottles you receive from its 200+ bottle collection satisfies your taste preferences.

Those who prioritize eco-friendliness will appreciate Firstleaf's carbon-neutral shipping. Firstleaf offsets carbon emissions from its shipping and delivery process by planting trees and supporting programs that absorb the same or more carbon emissions from the atmosphere that the company produces in its shipping process. 

When it comes to quality, Firstleaf doesn't cut corners. It offers award-winning wines, and many of these have garnered praise from esteemed platforms like the Santé International Wine Competition. For a detailed dive into its offerings, check out our full review of Firstleaf’s selection.

The variety of Firstleaf's selection is nothing short of impressive. You have the opportunity to taste the world without leaving Ohio. From the lush valleys of South Africa's Breedekloof to the renowned vineyards of France's Château Haut Pasquet and the historic landscapes of Italy's Tuscany, you can taste wines from regions to which you yearn to visit or return. a screenshot of firstleaf's 2017 Calchas blend

Another feature you'll appreciate is Firstleaf's "Wine Concierges." These experts are unofficial sommeliers who know Firstleaf’s selection and plans to the T and can easily make recommendations to best suit your flavor profile. What's even better? Consultations are 100% free whether you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing.

If you’d like to try a variety of wines, you can choose a Featured Bundle. Featured Bundles include a different number of wines in each box. The “90+ Point Picks Red Bundle” includes 12 bottles that have a 90+ points rating from Wine Spectator, while the “Best of Class” collection includes 3 bottles from Firstleaf’s Fine Wine Collection.

You can also browse by Specialty, which includes 12 categories like “Lower Alcohol”, “Eco-Friendly Wines”, “Dry Wines”, or even “Keto-Friendly” wines. This makes building your own box a bit easier if you already know what “specialty” category you prioritize.

Firstleaf is great for beginners or connoisseurs with its extensive Wine School blog. You’ll find articles to guide you through the beginning of building your profile to refining your palate. The Guide to Wine Bottle Shapes is an excellent starting point, while the How to Build a DIY Wine Cellar & More Storage Solutions is great for more seasoned winos. 

Starting at $7.49, Firstleaf offers a competitive price point. This, combined with custom quizzes and flexible ordering, ensures that Ohio residents, whether in bustling cities or serene smaller towns, get a tailored wine experience. Plus, there’s no bottle minimum since you can order a la carte. However, keep an eye on those shipping prices as they can be high!

2. Naked Wines – Best for Supporting Independent Winemakers

independent winemaker Jacqueline Bahne's wines

Key Features

  • Support independent wineries

  • Each bottle comes with detailed information card

  • 500+ wines available across all varietals and regions

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines offers a huge selection from international independent wineries. This means you'll be sipping on unique and diverse flavors that aren't readily available in local Ohio stores. Think of it as a global wine tour without ever leaving the comfort of your Ohioan home.

You can even get an Angel Membership, which directly supports independent vintners. For Ohio residents who value small businesses and artisan craftsmanship, this is a chance to make a positive impact. Plus, it sweetens the deal with member discounts on wines, so you benefit while supporting these hard-working winemakers.

In addition to the Angel program, you can choose from 3 subscriptions: 

  1. Never Miss Out – special occasion and seasonal cases of 15 bottles plus gift bottles

  2. Wine Genie – customized case of wines 

  3. Fine Wine Club – 6 top-shelf wines delivered every 3 months

Naked Wines keeps things fresh by frequently rotating its selection of 500+ wines. You’ll find new wines from boutique vineyards along with a selection from your favorite mainstream winemakers. Read more about its wines in our detailed review. a screenshot of Naked Wines' 2021 Matt Parish Petaluma Gap Chardonnay

You can try new brands risk-free with the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a bottle doesn't resonate with your palate, you can easily get a replacement. I value a company that stands by its product, and Naked Wines does exactly that by offering this guarantee.

Managing your wine delivery and accessing customer service is hassle-free. Whether you're adjusting your subscription or seeking assistance, you can call Naked Wines customer service. Agents double as plan experts and unofficial sommeliers to help you decide which plan and which wines are best for you.

You’ll also find an assortment of excellent gift boxes. Whether the gift is for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, Naked Wines has got you covered. You can even order a gift box on subscription for that special someone.

Naked Wines has a minimum order of 6 bottles. You receive a gift bottle on orders of 12 bottles or more, giving you more ways to broaden your wine-tasting horizons. With prices starting at $7.99 per bottle, you’ll find wines for all budgets in this collection. 

3. Vinesse – Best for Exploring Globally-Sourced Boutique Wines 

2 glasses of white wine and 3 closed bottles of wine

Key Features

Vinesse stands out for its offering of high-quality, limited-edition selections. Often, these wines are exclusive to its collection, giving you an opportunity to experience rare and unique tastes. For the residents of Ohio who always aim to have a distinct bottle on their wine racks, Vinesse offers something a little different from the mainstream.

Ohio wine enthusiasts will revel in Vinesse's 29 wine varieties. You won’t find as extensive a selection as you will with Naked Wines’ collection, but you’ll find a greater variety of boutique wines.

Vinesse offers 14 different Club options – the most of any service on this list. You can check out further details about each Vinesse Club and which is right for you in my colleague’s complete review of Vinesse’s collection and service features. 

Elevant Society Wine Club showcases ultra-premium selections. These wines, sourced from world-class vineyards, guarantee a top-notch quality. Imagine sipping a fine wine while overlooking the shores of Lake Erie, knowing that you're enjoying a bottle that’s globally recognized for its excellence. a screenshot of Vinesse's 2019 Chalkstone Sonoma Coast, California Pinot Noir

Alternatively, budget-conscious winos might try the American Cellars Wine Club. It combines affordability with quality. You’ll receive 6 bottles of reds, whites, or both, depending on what you choose, mostly from California wine country.

You can customize your deliveries to be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. This flexibility ensures that whether you're in Toledo, Columbus, or any corner of Ohio, you'll have a steady flow of exquisite wines according to your chosen frequency.

With Vinesse, purchasing flexibility is at the forefront. It allows you to subscribe, buy à la carte bottles, or even order sampler boxes. So, if you’re planning a weekend getaway in the Hocking Hills or a picnic by the Scioto River, you can select just the right amount and variety of wines for the occasion, without any subscription commitments.

Try Vinesse risk-free with its 45-day satisfaction guarantee. If a wine doesn’t resonate with your palate, it’s committed to replacing that bottle. This policy underscores the importance Vinesse places on making sure every glass you pour adds to the rich tapestry of your Ohio wine journey.

Prices vary for each club, with the lowest bottle price starting at $10.00. You’ll find bottles in the range of $10 – $60 each.

4. Bright Cellars – Best Flavor Profile Matching

4 closed bottles of red wine

Key Features

  • Rate wines as you go to narrow down your preferences

  • Learn more about each bottle with accompanying info cards

  • 90+ bottles available with an evolving selection

Bright Cellars sources wines from boutique wineries and major renowned vineyards, ensuring that you have access to familiar favorites and fresh options. With each box, you’ll receive a pamphlet with information about each bottle and its vintner, so you can further inform your palate.

The company utilizes a unique algorithm to match wines to your taste profile. You’ll answer questions about flavors you prefer in foods and beverages to better inform the recommendations and can swap any bottle in the recommendations list for 1 you know you’ll prefer. You can also rate the wines you've tasted to teach the algorithm how to better recommend bottles for you. 

It offers 3 distinct membership levels to suit different tastes and budgets. Whether you're a casual wine drinker or a true connoisseur, there's a membership level for you. The Taste Tester, Bright Sider, and Big Sipper tiers cater to varying levels of wine consumption and offer different benefits like points on purchases, exclusive access to rare wines, and virtual in-house tastings with Bright Cellars sommeliers. a screenshot of bright cellars' dinnery party bundle

The service doesn't just offer wine – you can try bottles of unique agave wine margarita. These mixes are made from the same agave nectar that produces tequila. However, it’s fermented instead of distilled, producing a gluten-free, 15.0% ABV agave wine margarita.

There’s an engaging rewards program that can benefit regular customers. By doing simple activities like reviewing wines or referring friends, you can accrue points. Once accumulated, these points can be exchanged for wine credits, making it a more cost-effective way to explore new wines without breaking the bank. 

Bright Cellars focuses on accessibility, variety, and its unique agave wine margarita collection. While its international wine selection might be limited, and Ohioans may not get every global flavor, you still have access to a unique wine experience.

Customer service takes a little time to respond, but agents are helpful. Bright Cellars offers live online chat and email support, and when you finally connect with the wine concierge team, they’re friendly and willing to help. You can read more about Bright Cellars’ collection and service features in my colleague’s complete review.

There's no satisfaction guarantee, but Bright Cellars’ dedication to personalizing your wine experience is evident with its algorithm and swapping system. 

The minimum purchase is 4 bottles, but buying 6 gets you free shipping – a great way to stock up for those Ohio gatherings or personal indulgences. Bottle prices start around $10.00.

5. Wine Insiders – Best Bottle Value and Variety

2 bottles of red wine on a wood table with a charcuterie board

Key Features

  • Globally-sourced exclusive wines

  • Follow the tasting guides to learn more about each bottle

  • 300+ different bottles available across all price ranges

Wine Insiders boasts a diverse offering with over 40 varietals sourced from more than 50 regions worldwide. Of all the services on this list, Wine Insiders sources from the most regions. For those of you who appreciate the touch of stardom, Wine Insiders also features exclusive wines curated by renowned culinary personalities like Martha Stewart and Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Martha Stewart even has her own collection under the Wine Insiders’ brand.

You can order a la carte, expertly curated sets, or dive deep with a 12-bottle package delivered every 12 weeks. Whether you're organizing a lakeside gathering by Lake Erie or just cozying up for a quiet evening in Toledo, you have complete control over your wine experience. Check out more about Wine Insiders’plan structures in my colleague’s full review of its selection and service.

Wine Insiders offers sets designed for every pocket, including the Magnum set. This particular set presents mid to top-shelf wines with prices starting at an approachable $35 per bottle. I lived in NYC for almost 10 years, and $35 is a steal for the quality wines you’ll receive in this set. a screenshot of wine insiders' 2020 Rotondo Friulano D.O.C.

Some might find the lack of gift subscriptions or vintage wines disappointing, but Wine Insiders redeems itself with its vast selection from 50 regions. You can also order a la carte or subscribe at a frequency you choose in monthly increments and easily contact customer service via live online chat to ensure you’re making the best flavor choices.

Recommending Wine Insiders is easy since it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, the starting price point per bottle is around $8.99. Whether you choose that Magnum set, or opt for more affordable bottles, Wine Insiders has you covered.

6. Martha Stewart Wine Collection – Budget-Friendly Wine Selection

Martha Stewart sitting at a table with Martha Stewart Club  wine bottle selections

Key Features

  • Martha Stewart’s hand-picked favorites

  • Info cards include storage and pairing info

  • 40+ wines, all approved by Martha herself

The Martha Stewart Wine Club includes over 40 wines handpicked by Martha. Martha Stewart’s been in the food and beverage business for decades, so for those of you in Ohio who value expertise in wine selection, this is a fantastic feature that allows you to enjoy bottles that have been given the Martha Stewart seal of approval. 

This Club is a subsidiary of Wine Insiders, so you’ll find many of the same features. It handles the Collection's customer service, and offers similar pricing structures. For more on Martha Stewart’s unique Wine Club, you can check out my colleague’s full review of this service’s collection and features.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs both the Collection and Wine Insiders. If a bottle doesn't meet your Ohio palate's standards, you can exchange it. It's this commitment to ensuring your wine experience is perfect that makes Wine Insiders stand out.

You have the flexibility to order as you please, whether you want to choose à la carte, in specially crafted sets, or even go for a subscription that delivers 12 bottles to your Ohio doorstep every 12 weeks. a screenshot of Martha Stewart Wine Collection's Fall Harvest bundle

What’s different is the Collection usually focuses mainly on white wines, sprinkling in just a handful of reds and rosés. This is great for those who want more summery, cooler wines that are better for a hot climate or with seafood pairings.

The Collection provides an option for mixed boxes, but here's the caveat: customization is a tad limited. There’s no algorithm to help determine the best tasting notes for the bottles you order and you won't find an option to swap bottles in collection boxes. 

Ohio residents can make the most of the budget-friendly deals offered, as the Collection requires a mere minimum order of 3 bottles. And if you're planning a get-together or just stocking up, ordering 6 or more bottles means free shipping.

The Club offers 2 subscription plans with prices starting at $7.49. You can have 6 bottles delivered every 6 weeks or 12 bottles delivered every 8 weeks. The Club recommends the 6 bottles for couples and 12 bottles for people who love hosting parties. 

7. The California Wine Club – Hand-Selected California and West Coast Wines

1 bottle of red wine and 1 bottle of white wine with Uncorked magazine

Key Features

  • Wines from the Pacific coast of the United States

  • “Love It Guarantee” ensures customer satisfaction

  • 6 wine club options for different tastes and price points

For Ohioans seeking wines from small family-run vineyards, the Club is a top contender. Every month, it presents a selection of boutique wines sourced directly from the sun-soaked valleys of California and the west coast. 

The Club boasts 6 unique wine club options, each tailored to specific wine preferences. One of the standout options is the International Wine Club, which includes 2 featured wines of the month with tasting notes about the region of origin. Typically, you’ll receive 1 red and 1 white, depending on the featured vineyard.

The Club's versatility fits diverse wine-drinking communities, whether you wish to order à la carte, opt for select sets, or choose to subscribe, This flexibility ensures that whether you're hosting a big Ohio State game gathering or a quiet evening, you have the perfect bottle at hand.

If you have a penchant for robust reds, you're in for a treat. The Club primarily offers full-bodied reds, a delightful majority of which hail from California and the Pacific Northwest. This offers a warm contrast to Ohio's chilly winters, giving you a sip of the West Coast sun right in the comfort of your home.

Membership includes a unique, exclusive perk: a VIP tour and tasting at any of the Club’s vineyards. Imagine escaping Ohio's gray winter for a sunny California vineyard tour. This perk is pretty rare for a wine subscription service. The Club includes this to give you the complete wino experience from sipping at home to strolling its boutique vineyards. a screenshot of california wine club's 2022 Delta Wines Cabernet Franc

Every order is accompanied by the Uncorked magazine, which provides a detailed look at the wines in your box. Tailored for both novices and seasoned wine lovers in Ohio, this magazine offers insights into food pairing, vineyard anecdotes, and comprehensive tasting notes. 

Outstanding customer service is a hallmark of the Club. Live online chat and direct phone access ensure that Ohio residents receive prompt assistance. Whether you're navigating your first order or seeking recommendations, the Club's support team is just a call away. You can read more about The California Wine Club in my complete review of its collection and service features.

The Club upholds a "Love It Guarantee" with any order. If a wine doesn't resonate with your taste, it is readily replaced, emphasizing the Club's commitment to excellence. I think this is the most important feature a wine subscription can offer since you can’t virtually taste wines and shows the company’s confidence in its collection quality.

The minimum order requirement stands at 6 bottles, which can be mix-and-matched as per your preference. For Ohio members, shipping costs are reduced, making it easier for you to enjoy West Coast wines without the hefty delivery charges.

8. Wine Awesomeness – Themed Monthly Selections

3 bottles of red wine

Key Features

  • Themed bundles each month

  • New bottles are regularly added to the menu 

  • 100+ wines are on the à la carte menu

Wine Awesomeness offers monthly themed selections – a unique feature on this list. Each delivery includes comprehensive details, teaching you the story of its wine origins, taste profiles, and production methods. 

Every month, it introduces 12 new bottles from different regions. This means that while Wine Awesomeness has one of the smaller collections on this list, you’ll still have a fresh selection of wines each month. You can discover more details about Wine Awesomeness’ collection in this detailed review by my colleague.

It has 2 distribution centers, which is excellent news for Ohio residents. This structure guarantees reduced shipping times and an expedited delivery service. So, if you’re planning a last-minute get-together in Akron or simply can't wait to uncork a bottle in Cleveland, you can trust this service to get your wine to you swiftly.

One minor downside is that there's no customization quiz for subscribers. This means you’ll need to make bottle selections based on your own research and experience. If you’re happy doing some tasting note research and are comfortable trying new wines or sticking to familiar favorites, this shouldn’t be a big hang up. Check out Bright Cellars for a great flavor profile matching quiz. a screenshot of wine awesomeness's 2019 Overt Chardonnay

One standout feature is the live online chat. Whether you're looking for pairing recommendations for a BBQ in Springfield or need clarity about a wine's origin, real-time assistance is at your disposal. This is super helpful if you have tasting note or subscription questions when choosing your wines.

While there’s no money-back satisfaction guarantee, you can still receive store credit. If you took a chance and tried a new wine that didn’t satisfy your taste buds, you can return and receive store credit for a different bottle.

Free shipping kicks in for orders over $150, giving you an incentive to perhaps explore more bottles or share an order with a friend. There’s no order minimum, and even though there are 2 distribution centers, you’ll want to keep an eye on shipping prices for a la carte and small orders.

There are 3 membership tiers that let you choose 3, 6, or 12 bottles per box, and the more bottles you order per box, the more the per bottle price decreases. Plus – the 12 bottle box subscription includes free shipping.

The lowest per bottle price is around $13.25. This is one of the more affordable price points on this list. But again – keep an eye on those shipping prices for orders under $150 or 12 bottles.

9. Macy’s Wine Shop – Affordable Classic Cases

3 bottles of wine

Key Features

  • Can purchase à la carte or save with bundles

  • Themed collections for specific regions or varietals

  • 100+ wine options, including reds, rosés, and whites

At Macy’s Wine Shop, you can purchase a la carte or subscribe. This is a great service for beginner wine drinkers since you'll have plenty of major wine labels in the collection. You can choose from a selection of over 100 bottles, encompassing reds, rosés, whites, and 18 unique varietals. 

You’ll find fun themed collections, like "Thrill of the Grill" and "Global Tasting Case", with some even curated by the iconic Martha Stewart – she’s everywhere! 

These collections can be ordered as 1-time sets in 6 or 12 bottle cases. This feature is perfect for Ohioans hosting larger gatherings or those wanting to try a new variety without a longer-term commitment. Opting for a 12 bottle case might be ideal for a big family dinner or friendly backyard get-together.

Macy’s Wine Shop is best for covering wine basics, but you’ll also find a great international wine selection, showcasing bottles from countries like Argentina, France, South Africa, and Italy. If you can’t find the wine region you’re looking for, you can check out Wine Insiders’ 500+ bottle collection.

You can buy wines à la carte, with standout options like the Essential, Easy-drinking, and Award-Winners sets. As an Ohio resident, I know how different events or moods call for different wines. Whether you're relaxing by Lake Erie or hosting a sophisticated dinner in Dayton, there's a set tailored for your occasion. a screenshot of macy's wine club's 2021 Pavillon La Tourelle Bordeaux Rouge Médoc

Gift sets at Macy’s Wine Shop are categorized by price, occasion, or luxury. This means whether you're gifting for an Ohio State graduation, a Cleveland wedding, or just because, there's a set that matches your intention and budget. Check out my colleague’s in-depth review of Macy’s Wine Shops’ wine collection and service features.

A Club subscription delivers a box of 6 wines every 12 weeks, and the exact wines are always listed on its website. The appeal here lies in balancing the thrill of new wines with the comfort of knowing what you'll receive, fitting for Ohio's mix of tradition and innovation.

While some wine services offer customization quizzes, Macy’s Wine Club doesn’t. As explained in our full review, it encourages you to choose based on your knowledge and palate. This allows for a self-guided exploration, catering to the independent spirit of many Ohioans.

Free shipping kicks in with orders of 6 or more bottles, but the minimum order is just 4 bottles. In a state as budget-conscious and savvy as Ohio, such a policy ensures you get value for your money while adding variety to your wine collection.

10. Monthly Clubs – 2 Boutique Vineyards Featured Each Month

2 glasses and 2 bottles of wine with Wine Cellars pamphlet

Key Features

  • Multiple subscriptions available including cigars and chocolate

  • New vineyards in the spotlight each month

  • 40+ varieties from around the globe

For 25 years, it has showcased wines from 2 award-winning boutique vineyards monthly. You can choose from 4 subscription plans that each feature different wines:

  • The Premier Series introduces popular and affordable international wines. 

  • The Bold Red Wines Club, as the name suggests, offers hearty reds. 

  • The Collectors Series features limited-production, rare wines. 

  • The Masters Series is a blend of the Collectors Series and Premier Series 

For a deeper dive into each series, check out my colleague’s complete review of Monthly Club’s collection and service.

Reordering a favorite bottle is possible if the company still has that bottle in stock. I suggest you reorder a bottle you love as soon as you know you love it since each bottle is from small-batch vineyards.

Every delivery is accompanied by a comprehensive guide called Wine Cellars, which includes tasting notes, winemaker backgrounds, and food pairing suggestions. You can also find complementary recipes for each bottle, with additional pairing notes for each recipe. a screenshot of monthly clubs' Ca’ di Prata Brut Prosecco DOC NV

The club extends its service beyond just wine. You’ll find subscriptions for cheese, chocolate, and cigars that are curated to pair with the featured wines each month. You can even order flowers by subscription to round out the sensory experience of your wine sipping. Or – create your own club by combining products from each club.

If you're hesitant to subscribe, you can order a la carte from 65+ wines each month. And for those budget-conscious, prices range from $15 to $225, with the Premier Series starting at $42 monthly, plus a $15 shipping charge. The lowest bottle price starts around $20.98.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals



No order minimum

Huge selection of different varietals






First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines


6 bottles

Supporting independent wineries





Dessert & Fortified

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines



No order minimum

Premium curated selections





Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars


4 bottles

Learning about new wine





Drink mix kits

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders


3 bottles

Celebrity recommended bottles






Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The Martha Stewart Wine Collection


3 bottles

Martha Stewart picks 






Enjoy $50 Off Orders $150+ with Code FIRST50 from the Martha Stewart Wine Collection

The California Wine Club


6 bottles

West coast wine






Save 50% on the wine in your first shipment with promo code SAVE50! from The California Wine Club

Wine Awesomeness


No order minimum

Themed bundles each month






Get 50% Off! from Wine Awesomeness

Macy’s Wine Shop


4 bottles

Department store-approved wines






40% Off Sitewide. Code: WINE40 from Macy’s Wine Shop

Monthly Clubs


No order minimum

Boutique international wines






Winter Sale 2024! - Save up to $30 from the International Wine of the Month Club

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Delivery Services in Ohio

After extensive research, I've determined the best wine delivery services for people living in Ohio based on the following tips:

  • Consider your price point: Budget varies for everyone as do the price points on this list. Macy’s Wine Club, The Martha Stewart Collection, and Monthly Clubs offer the most affordable starting bottle prices on this list. While Firstleaf and Naked Wines are slightly pricier, you can use our discount codes to decrease the price on your first order.

  • Consider your customization options: If you want curated recommendations you might want to choose a service with a good personalization algorithm. Bright Cellars excels in this, offering tailored selections based on a detailed taste profiling quiz.

  • Consider shipping fees: Additional shipping costs can be a deal-breaker, as some companies charge $40+ shipping per order. However, keep an eye out for companies like Monthly Clubs that offer free shipping on minimum orders. About half the services on this list offer free shipping on minimum orders, which typically starts at an order minimum of 6 bottles.

  • Consider trying new wines: Venturing into new wine territory can be a thrill. Wine Insiders stands out as the best platform encouraging exploration with a diverse range of global selections from its 500+ bottle collection. 


What is the most affordable wine delivery service in Ohio?

Macy’s WIne Club offers the most competitive prices with a starting bottle price of $10.99. Known for its budget-friendly yet quality selections, Macy’s Wine Club includes your favorite big-name brands plus premium selections.  

What’s the best diet wine delivery service in Ohio?

Firstleaf offers the best overall wine delivery to Ohio with its diet-friendly options. You can browse by categories like “Lower Alcohol”, “Low Sugar Added”, and “Keto-friendly”. With a refined taste profile matching quiz, swappable recommendations, and flexible ordering structure, Firstleaf offers the best value and variety for its subscription prices.  

Is there an organic wine delivery service in Ohio?

Vinesse has the best range of organic wine you can order a la carte or on subscription. Prioritizing natural and sustainable farming practices, Vinesse offers wines that are both eco-friendly and delicious. For those seeking organic options, this is a top choice in Ohio.

What’s the best red wine subscription in Ohio?

The California Wine Club shines in red wine offerings. The service is known for its sourcing of small-batch, family-run vineyards that produce red wines right in the heart of California wine country. You can also find some of the best Pinot Noirs sourced from around the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest region.

What’s the best white wine subscription in Ohio?

Wine Insiders is a leader in white wine selections. Their vast collection, sourced from top vineyards worldwide, ensures you receive white wines that are both exquisite and diverse. You can also check out The Martha Stewart Wine Club, a subsidiary of Wine Insiders, which mostly offers whites.

How much does a monthly wine subscription cost?

Prices vary, but Monthly Clubs starts at around $40/month. This gets you a curated selection of 2 high-quality, boutique wines each month. While costs differ depending on the provider and the package you choose, I suggest starting with Monthly Clubs to get a feel for typical pricing.

Best Wine Delivery Services in Ohio in 2024 — Final Score

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First box of 6 wines for only $45.00
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