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Author Chelsea Legay
Chelsea Legay
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

10 Best Wine Delivery Services in Texas 2024: Ranked

Texas is vast, just like its overwhelmingly long list of wine delivery services. Sorting through countless options to find a service that fits your price range and taste preferences can be tricky.

I've examined and evaluated dozens of wine delivery services in detail. Taking into account a range of factors, including variety, price, delivery speed, user experience, and quality, I've narrowed down the list to the top 10 wine delivery services suitable for Texas residents.

Firstleaf tops my recommendation list for Texas-based wine enthusiasts. This service shines with its customization algorithm, appealing price per bottle, and an impressive assortment of globally-sourced award-winning wines. By going through this list, you'll discover a wine subscription service that matches your budget and suits your flavor profile.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Wine Delivery Services in Texas

  1. Firstleaf – Best overall selection

  2. Naked Wines – Best for wines from independent wineries

  3. Vinesse – Best for exploring new wines

  4. Bright Cellars – Best profile matching wine delivery service

  5. Wine Insiders – Best value and variety

See 5 more wine delivery services in Texas

The Best Wine Delivery to Texas Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best Overall Selection

an open Firstleaf wine delivery

Key Features

  • Personalized wine matches based on a palate profile quiz

  • Expert sommeliers involved in handpicking every bottle

  • 200+ varieties from 10 countries

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

Firstleaf distinguishes itself through its unique personalized wine profile matches, using a sophisticated algorithm to curate an experience that's uniquely yours. This feature takes into account your taste preferences and past selections to make recommendations. As a result, you get wine that's been selected to match your palate.

Firstleaf's entire shipping process is carbon-neutral – perfect for eco-minded individuals. This ensures that every bottle you receive comes with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. It's an added bonus for Texans who value sustainability, alongside the pleasure of savoring a fine wine at the end of a busy day.

Firstleaf assures quality in every sip with a huge selection of award-winning wines, including those recognized at the International Women's Wine Competition. You can check out our full review of Firstleaf’s selection and service for a deeper dive into its expansive selection. a screenshot of Firstleaf's 2020 La Douleur Exquise Pinot Noir

Firstleaf offers flexible ordering by letting you choose your weekly delivery day. This level of customization means you'll always have a fresh bottle ready for whatever your social calendar throws at you. It adds an element of control that those with busy schedules will certainly appreciate.

Providing a wide range of wines from global wineries is another strength of Firstleaf. You can taste the rich, fruity notes from South Africa's Breedekloof, the elegant, balanced flavors of France's Château Haut Pasquet, and the vibrant, aromatic profiles of Italy's Tuscany. This international array enables you to travel the world of wine from the comfort of your Texan home.

Firstleaf's “Wine Concierges” offer free consultations to help you explore your palate. These consultants are there to answer your queries, offer advice, and ensure you get the most from your Firstleaf experience. 

Finally, Firstleaf's prices start at an accessible $7.49 per bottle, with no bottle minimum required to order. The customizability quiz and flexible ordering offers a level of convenience that accommodates just about everyone. In the increasingly pricey and cosmopolitan big cities in Texas, finding approachably priced quality wine is easier with Firstleaf.

2. Naked Wines – Best for Wines from Independent Wineries

white wine in a bottle and glass

Key Features

  • Great selection of budget-friendly wines from independent wineries

  • Detailed wine cards offer full transparency on each bottle's origins

  • 500+ wines including Pinots, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Blanc

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines showcases a robust selection from independent wineries. You'll find bottles that have been lovingly crafted by passionate winemakers who work tirelessly to perfect their craft. This not only supports small businesses but ensures each bottle has a unique story.

An "Angel" membership benefits independent wineries and customers. This innovative program allows you to invest directly in independent wineries, which in return gives you substantial discounts on wines. This is a win-win situation where the winemakers get the resources they need to thrive, and you get exclusive, high-quality wine at lower prices.

Naked Wines offers a range of budget-friendly wines. These options cater to those who appreciate quality and access to small-batch wines from family-run vineyards but are also conscious of their spending. Check out our review of Naked Wines’ selection, pricing, and service features for more about whether this service is right for you.

In addition to 500+ wines, another notable feature is the rotating selection of wines. This keeps things fresh and exciting, as you not only get access to a huge wine delivery selection, you get the opportunity to discover new tastes and flavors regularly. a screenshot of Naked Wines' 2021 Michaud Columbia Valley Riesling

You can order once or subscribe risk-free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you subscribe, you'll receive a selection of wines delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis, and if for any reason you're not fully satisfied, Naked Wines will replace your wine. 

In addition to the Angel program, you can choose from 3 subscriptions: 

  1. Never Miss Out – special occasion and seasonal cases of 15 bottles plus gift bottles

  2. Wine Genie – customized case of wines 

  3. Fine Wine Club – 6 top-shelf wines delivered every 3 months

Naked Wines also provides an assortment of excellent gift boxes. These beautifully presented boxes are perfect for any occasion and contain a range of carefully selected wines. So, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, Naked Wines has got you covered.

The sign-up and cancelation process is straightforward and user-friendly. Once you join, managing your account is simple, and if you ever decide to cancel, it's just as easy. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of the service without any stress or hassle.

Naked Wines has a minimum order policy of 6 bottles per order. For orders of 12 bottles or more, you receive a gift bottle. This allows you to try a variety of wines with each order, broadening your wine-tasting horizons. With prices starting at $7.99, you’ll find wines for all budgets in this collection. 

3. Vinesse – Best for Exploring New Wines

3 bottles of red wine and a wine corkscrew on a picnic table

Key Features

  • Curated collections introduce customers to global boutique wines

  • Interactive quizzes ensure tailored recommendations

  • 100+ options including Syrah, Viognier, and Grenache

  • Current deal: Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94

Vinesse stands out for its selection of boutique, high-quality, limited-edition wines. As a Texas resident, you may find these wines unique, as they're often exclusive to Vinesse. Each bottle represents a carefully curated masterpiece from renowned vineyards, offering you a chance to indulge in wines that are not readily available elsewhere.

When it comes to variety, Vinesse boasts a staggering 29 different wine varieties. This allows you to explore new tastes and regions without leaving your home in Texas. Whether your palate leans toward a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, or anything in between, Vinesse caters to your preferences.

Vinesse offers you the freedom to choose from 14 different wine clubs, according to your taste and budget. This feature allows for a highly personalized wine experience. You can opt for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries, giving you the control to determine the frequency and quantity of your wine exploration.

The Elevant Society Wine Club offers an ultra-premium selection. This is the perfect option if you're seeking a luxury wine experience. The club procures bottles from world-class vineyards, ensuring that you, as a member, have access to wines of exceptional caliber. 

American Cellars Wine Club offers budget-friendly yet high-quality wines. This means that you can still enjoy a rich wine tasting experience without putting a strain on your wallet. As a resident of Texas, where the climate can enhance the taste of a glass of wine, this club may particularly appeal to you. a screenshot of Vinesse's 2020 Cosentino Lodi, California Zinfandel

You have the flexibility to subscribe to a club, order à la carte bottles, or order sampler boxes. With Vinesse, wine exploration isn't confined to a subscription. If you're uncertain about committing to a full bottle of a new variety, the sampler boxes provide a low-risk way to experiment. For more about each club, check out our full review of Vinesse’s selection and service.

One minor downside to consider is that Vinesse has expensive shipping. Despite the high shipping costs, it's important to remember that you're paying for the safe and careful delivery of unique wines to your doorstep in Texas. 

Vinesse's customer service system is somewhat dated, offering only phone or email support. However, the staff are knowledgeable about the wines on offer and can assist with your wine selection or any issues that may arise. Despite the lack of modern communication options, the personal touch can enhance your overall experience.

A standout feature is the 45-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with a selection, Vinesse is committed to replacing your bottle, adding an extra layer of confidence to your purchase. As a wine lover in Texas, you'll appreciate the security of knowing that your satisfaction is a priority.

Lastly, Vinesse does not require a minimum purchase. You can order as much or as little as you like, allowing for a truly customized wine journey. Whether you're stocking up for a party or just treating yourself to a bottle or 2, Vinesse supports your wine experience at any scale.

4. Bright Cellars – Best Profile Matching Wine Delivery Service

bottles of red, white, and rose wine on a table with an open delivery box

Key Features

  • Proprietary algorithm refines wine matches over time

  • Educational wine cards enhance the tasting experience

  • Over 90 selections including Tempranillo, Riesling, and Malbec

Bright Cellars offers a selection from both small and large wineries. This extensive selection ensures that you have access to a broad array of wines, each bringing its unique charm to your table in Texas. Whether you favor boutique wineries or renowned vineyards, Bright Cellars caters to all your preferences.

One of its standout features is the algorithm that refines your wine recommendations. After each delivery, you rate the wines you've tasted. These ratings feed into the algorithm, enhancing the accuracy of future selections steadily fine-tuning your wine experience. Check out our full review for more about Bright Cellars’s unique service features.

It offers 3 levels of membership: Taste Tester, Bright Sider, and Big Sipper. Each level offers a different level of involvement, allowing you to choose whatever best suits your wine consumption and budget. Regardless of your selection, each membership promises an adventurous journey through the world of wine.

In addition to single bottles, Bright Cellars offers bundles of wines and margarita mixes. Perfect for any Texan looking to bring some variety to their drinks selection, these bundles can enhance your gatherings or simply add a bit of zest to your regular drink routine. And for those hot Texas afternoons, a cool, refreshing margarita can be just what you need. a screenshot of Bright Cellar's Celebration Bundle

This service also has a rewards program, which can help you save money on purchases. By referring friends, reviewing wines, or even just being a member, you accrue points that can be redeemed for wine credits. 

I’m less happy about Bright Cellars’s limited selection of international wines. Although it doesn't offer a wide range of wines from around the globe, its selection still promises a variety of tastes and styles that you'll enjoy exploring. Even with this limitation, Bright Cellars can provide a delightful journey through the wine world.

Regarding customer service, Bright Cellars provides live online chat and email support, but they often have long wait times. Despite these waits, the wine concierge team is knowledgeable and ready to assist with your wine queries. Though you might need a bit of patience, the quality of support provided is worth the wait.

Bright Cellars, unlike many other wine clubs, doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee. However, this does not detract from the overall quality of service it provides. Its robust selection process and personalization algorithm work toward ensuring that you'll be satisfied with the wines you receive.

A minimum purchase of 4 bottles is required or 6 for free shipping. Bottle prices start at $10.00. Even though there's a minimum purchase, you can stock up your cellar and always have a bottle or 2 on-hand for that last-minute get-together.

5. Wine Insiders – Best Value and Variety

a pair of white wine bottles and a group of red wine bottles on a table

Key Features

  • Access to exclusive, award-winning wines globally
  • Taste guides accompany each order for enriching knowledge
  • Over 300 choices including Merlot, Chianti, and Pinot Grigio

Wine Insiders offers a great affordable selection, with 40+ varietals from 50+ regions. As a Texas resident, you can explore wines from all over the world without leaving your home. 

If you're a fan of celebrity wines, Wine Insiders features selections from Martha Stewart and Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. These handpicked wines are unique and high-quality, reflecting the personal tastes and styles of these well-known personalities. It's like having a celebrity guide your wine tasting experience.

You can order à la carte, select sets, or subscribe to 12 bottles every 12 weeks. This variety of options allows you to customize your wine experience according to your needs. Whether you're looking to sample a new variety or stock up for a Texas-sized gathering, Wine Insiders has you covered.

Wine Insiders also offers sets that cater to all budgets. For example, the Magnum set offers mid to top-shelf wines with bottle prices starting at $35. These curated sets provide an excellent way to explore multiple high-quality wines at a fair price. You can discover high-quality wines that fit within your budget, without sacrificing on taste or variety. a screenshot of Wine Insiders' 2020 Terra Sara Verdejo

On the negative side, Wine Insiders doesn't offer gift subscriptions or vintage wines. Although this limitation may narrow your choices, it doesn't compromise the quality of the wines it provides. You can still find an excellent range of wines to suit your palate. Read our full review for a more detailed look at Wine Insiders subscription options.

Regarding customer service, Wine Insiders offers live online chat and email support with a wine concierge team. Despite the lack of a phone support option, these methods provide efficient and expert assistance. This ensures that you can get help when you need it and enhance your overall wine experience.

I love to see a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with a selection, Wine Insiders is dedicated to making it right. As a Texas resident, this guarantee gives you peace of mind when ordering from Wine Insiders, knowing that your satisfaction is a top priority.

Wine Insiders requires a minimum order of 3 bottles, with free shipping on orders of 6 bottles or more. Bottle prices start at about $8.99. 

6. Martha Stewart Wine Collection - Budget-Friendly Wine Selection

Martha Stewart holding a glass of red wine at a table with various wines

Key Features

  • Handpicked selections by Martha Stewart herself
  • Inclusion of serving, pairing, and storing tips with each order
  • 40+ wines on Martha’s curated list

The Martha Stewart Wine Collection is part of Wine Insiders. It’s essentially a curated list of 40+ wines within Wine Insiders’s selection. You’re essentially choosing to join the Wine Insiders club while picking from a list curated by Martha. 

You can order à la carte, select sets, or subscribe to 12 bottles every 12 weeks. This versatility ensures that you can always have your favorite wines on hand, no matter how frequently or infrequently you want to replenish your wine supply. 

The Collection's selections lean towards whites, with 4 or 5 reds and rosés. This bias towards white wines allows you to explore a wider range of flavors and styles within this varietal. You can check out our full review of the Martha Stewart Wine Collection for a more in-depth look at how Martha curates her list. a screenshot of martha stewart wine collection's Martha's Best of the Brunch

Unfortunately, there are limited customization options for mixed boxes, including no bottle swapping. This means you'll get a varied selection in each box, but you won't get to choose which wines are included. Even with this limitation, the quality of the wines in each box remains exceptional.

When you contact customer service, you’re contacting Wine Insiders’s customer service. There’s live chat, phone, and email. Live chat or phone is best to discuss tasting notes and the bottles you’ll be receiving in your order. 

It also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, just as with Wine Insiders. This is great since there aren’t as many box customization options as there are with the complete Wine Insiders list or with other services. If you don’t like your bottles, you can swap them for something better.

The Collection requires a minimum order of 3 bottles, with free shipping on 6+ bottles. Bottle prices start at about $7.49. Even with the minimum order, this collection is among the more budget-friendly ways to discover and enjoy high-quality wines in Texas.

7. The California Wine Club – Hand-Selected California and West Coast Wines

a red and white wine next to Uncorked magazine

Key Features

  • Specialized in red wines from California and the Pacific Northwest
  • The “Love It Guarantee” replaces any wine you don’t love
  • 6 wine club options with great variety

The California Wine Club features different wines from small, family-run vineyards each month. You'll appreciate the boutique nature of these wines, each hand-selected to represent the unique flavor profiles of the west coast. As a Texan, you'll get to experience the diversity of California's wine country without leaving home.

With The California Wine Club, you have six wine club options to choose from, including an International Wine Club. Each club provides a variety of high-quality wines that cater to different taste preferences. Whether you're an experienced wine enthusiast or a newbie, you'll find a club that suits your palate.

You have the flexibility to order à la carte, select sets, or subscribe to a Club. This allows you to customize your wine experience based on your personal wine consumption. It's an effortless way to keep your wine cellar stocked with excellent wines. Check out a more detailed account of The California Wine Club’s complete service and series options.

The club's selections lean toward reds from California and the Pacific Northwest, offering a broad spectrum of full-bodied, flavorful options. If you're a fan of red wine, you'll appreciate the rich array of choices. There are also plenty of international wine options, but the bulk of the menu is designed to support small family vineyards on the west coast of the US. a screenshot of California Wine Club's 2015 Volker Eisele Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

An enticing benefit of membership with any Series is the inclusion of a VIP tour, as well as tasting at any of the Club’s featured vineyards. This offers you a chance to explore the art of winemaking in person. It's a unique, behind-the-scenes experience that complements your wine club subscription.

Each order comes with a copy of Uncorked magazine. This informative publication offers food pairing tips, vineyard stories, and tasting notes. The magazine enriches your wine tasting experience, providing insights that deepen your understanding and appreciation of each bottle. This is great for casual or experienced sippers.

The California Wine Club provides great customer service options with live online chat and the ability to call the team easily. I was quickly connected to an agent each time I reached out. This makes selecting wines easier for a beginning connoisseur like myself.

The club offers a “Love It Guarantee” that replaces any wine you don’t love. This assures you of the quality and satisfaction with every bottle you order. As a Texas resident, you can order with confidence, knowing your satisfaction is a top priority.

Lastly, it requires a minimum order of 6 mix-and-match bottles, with lower shipping costs for members on all orders. Bottle prices start at about $10.99.

8. Wine Awesomeness - Themed Monthly Selections

3 red wines on a table from Wine Awesomeness

Key Features

  • Monthly themed bundles
  • 12 new bottles rotated into the menu each month
  • 100 wines on the à la carte menu

Wine Awesomeness offers thoughtfully selected wines with monthly themes and in-depth information. This stands out as an appealing factor, especially if you are interested in learning about the story behind each bottle. It enriches the wine-drinking experience and lets you appreciate the art of winemaking in a broader sense.

Every month, Wine Awesomeness adds 12 new bottles to its catalog. This ensures a continuous introduction of varied tastes and styles to its members. As a resident of Texas, you can explore a world of wines without leaving your home.

Its 2 distribution centers effectively keep shipping times down. This means you will receive your ordered wines promptly, reducing the waiting time. Whether you live in Austin, Houston, or Dallas, fast delivery can be a key deciding factor for choosing a wine delivery service.

It offers membership tiers of 3, 6, or 12 bottles per box. You can also purchase à la carte, ensuring there is something for every budget and drinking preference. This flexibility allows you to try various wines without committing to a large order. a screenshot of Wine Awesomeness's 2022 Andaravio Garnacha

However, note that there’s no customization quiz to personalize boxes. This means that all subscribers receive the same wines each month when you join the club. You can read our full review to discover more about Wine Awesomeness’ club and service details.

It provides great customer service options, including live online chat. This is an invaluable resource if you need immediate assistance or have any queries about your order. The focus on customer satisfaction extends to the entire operation, making the experience smooth and enjoyable.

Should you be dissatisfied with your wine, Wine Awesomeness will issue store credit. This policy ensures you get value for your money, providing some reassurance that your investment will not go to waste.

Lastly, while there is no order minimum, free shipping only applies to orders of $150 or more. This encourages larger orders, but it also means you have the flexibility to order fewer bottles if you wish. Per bottle prices start at about $13.25.

9. Macy’s Wine Shop – Affordable Classic Cases

Key Features

  • Flexible buying options including subscriptions and single purchases
  • Themed collections like “Cabs for Grabs” and “Lazy Sunday Trio”
  • 100+ wines, including reds, rosés, and whites

Opt for a subscription or individual bottles at Macy’s Wine Shop. You can start a regular wine journey or order a specific bottle when the mood strikes. 

A selection of over 100 bottles awaits, spanning reds, rosés, whites, and 18 varietals. The expansive menu promises a wine to fit every palate. 

Explore themed collections like “Thrill of the Grill” or “Global Tasting Case”. You’ll even find plenty of Martha Stewart-curated sets up for ordering. If you're planning an event or looking for wines that align with your lifestyle, these collections are great, easy grabs to fill the fridge. These are 1-time order sets that you can order in 6 or 12 bottle cases.

You get an international selection from Argentina, France, South Africa, Italy, and beyond, so your wine tour transcends borders. It sources wines from the top wine-producing regions of the world. This way, you get to taste the diverse terroirs without leaving Texas.

a screenshot of macy's wine club's Mediterranean Wines Case

Choose from membership tiers of 3, 6, or 12 bottles per box, or buy à la carte. You can decide between the Essential, Easy-drinking, and Award-Winners sets, according to your preference. As noted in our full review, all wines are subject to availability, making every selection a unique experience.

It offers gift sets categorized by price, occasion, or luxury tier. For a thoughtful gift, there are sets under $50, under $100, tailored for weddings, and even "Luxe" selections. Whether you're gifting for a special event or simply to show appreciation, there's a set that'll match your intention.

A Club subscription sends you a box of 6 reds, whites, or a mix every 12 weeks. You’ll always know exactly what you’ll receive in your box since the website lists each selection. This approach combines a sense of adventure with the comfort of predictability.

There is no customization quiz for the boxes or any other order. You simply choose wines based on your knowledge and label reading. This format encourages a self-guided exploration of the wine world.

The minimum order is 4 bottles, with free shipping on 6+ bottles. Bottle prices start at about $10.99. This rule helps maintain the variety and exploration that wine lovers crave. Rest assured, every bottle will add something distinct to your collection, enriching your wine experience.

10. Monthly Clubs – 2 Boutique Vineyards Featured Each Month

a dozen mixed wines on a table

Key Features

  • Wine Club Subscription pairing with a Cheese, Chocolate, or Cigar Club Subscription

  • Wine from 2 boutique and award-winning vineyards each month

  • 40+ varieties from a dozen or more countries

Monthly Clubs is 25 years in the running. It features wine from 2 boutique, award-winning vineyards each month. You can order by the bottle or join 1 of the 4 clubs it offers: 

  1. The Premier Series WIne Club – 2 international wines, most popular and affordable

  2. The Bold Red Wines Wine Club – 2 robust reds 

  3. The Masters Series Wine Club – 1 from Collectors Series and 1 from Premier Series

  4. The Collectors Series Wine Club – 2 extremely limited production, rare wines

If you love wine, you can even order it again if Monthly Clubs has bottles available. This is great if you found a new favorite. Selections are limited, so I recommend contacting the service as soon as possible to reorder.

You’ll receive a copy of Cellar Notes in each delivery with tasting and vineyard notes. Details include profiles of the winemakers and the estate, pairing recommendations, and complementary recipes.

This is a great service for beginners who want a more limited selection to choose from. You’ll only receive 2 bottles for each series, which is a low commitment and a great way to try out new international wines that might pique your interest. a screenshot of Monthly Club's Carpineto Dogajolo Toscano Bianco IGT

You can also pair your wine subscription with a beer, chocolate, cheese, cigar, or flower club. As explained in our detailed review, you can even design your own club. I think that makes this a great service if you love hosting parties and want a little extra support with refined party favors and drinks.

If you aren’t ready to subscribe but want to test the Monthly Clubs' curation – you can order à la carte. There are about 65+ single-order wines available each month that range from $15 to $225 and up. So, there’s a bottle for everyone in this rotating collection whether you’re a beginner or connoisseur.

The Premier Series starts at about $42 per month, plus $15 shipping. The shipping fee for this service is pretty hefty, so you’ll want to calculate that into your final bottle price, especially if you plan on maintaining your subscription each month. Bottle prices start at around $20.98.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals



No order minimum

Customizing your order based on a taste profile quiz






First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines


6 bottles

Curating a personalized selection over time





Dessert & Fortified

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines



No order minimum

Curated club variety – 14 clubs available





Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars


4 bottles

Sampler wine bundles and margarita mixes





Drink mix kits

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders


3 bottles

Celebrity curated wine collections






Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The Martha Stewart Wine Collection


3 bottles

Approachably-priced, high-quality wines






Enjoy $50 Off Orders $150+ with Code FIRST50 from the Martha Stewart Wine Collection

The California Wine Club


6 bottles

California and Pacific Northwest reds






Save 50% on the wine in your first shipment with promo code SAVE50! from The California Wine Club

Wine Awesomeness


No order minimum

Themed wines selected for you






Get 50% Off! from Wine Awesomeness

Macy’s Wine Shop


4 bottles

Pre-curated boxes from large production vineyards






40% Off Sitewide. Code: WINE40 from Macy’s Wine Shop

Monthly Clubs


No order minimum

Boutique, small-production wines






Winter Sale 2024! - Save up to $30 from Monthly Clubs

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Delivery Services in Texas

To help you make an informed choice about wine delivery services in Texas, I’ve analyzed various options based on 4 crucial factors.

  • Consider your price point: It’s vital to align your spending with the value you're getting. After reviewing various services, I found that Wine Insiders offers an impressive range of price points without sacrificing the quality of the wines.

  • Consider your variety preference: A diverse wine portfolio can cater to your evolving tastes. In this respect, Naked Wines stood out, offering 500+ wines from various regions, suitable for the varied palates of Texas residents.

  • Consider shipping prices: Wine delivery shipping can be high when you don’t meet the minimum bottle order and can undermine the value of your wine delivery service. Keep an eye out for services like the California Wine Club, which offers significantly discounted shipping to its subscribers.

  • Consider customizability: A wine delivery service should cater to your specific preferences. I found that Firstleaf excels in this aspect, with its excellent customization quiz that offers recommendations based on your palate profile.


What is the most affordable wine subscription in Texas?

Firstleaf offers the most affordable wine subscription in Texas. Prices start at around $90 for six bottles, with free shipping on 6 bottles or more – except to Alaska and Hawaii. The subscription provides an excellent price-quality ratio, with Firstleaf offering a great selection of both international and local wines, tailored to your preferences.

What’s the best red wine subscription in Texas?

For red wine lovers, The California WIne Club is a top pick in Texas. This subscription is unique for its wide range of red wines from independent winemakers in California, the Pacific Northwest, and international regions.

What wine delivery service offers small-batch wines?

Vinesse specializes in delivering small-batch wines to your doorstep. If you appreciate uniqueness and exclusivity, this subscription is ideal for you. It takes pride in handpicking rare and limited-production wines from around the world. You can join as an “Angel”, which allows you to choose from boutique, small-batch wines from around the world.

Can wine be delivered to Texas?

Yes, wine can be delivered to Texas since there is no state alcohol delivery restriction. However, as with all services on this list, someone aged 21 years or older must be available to sign for your wine delivery. Companies like Bright Cellars operate with a direct-to-consumer license, allowing them to ship directly to Texan consumers.  

How much does a monthly wine subscription cost?

A monthly wine subscription typically costs between $60 and $150. For instance, Wine Insiders offer a subscription starting at $89 for 6 bottles. Prices vary depending on the type and quality of the wine and the delivery frequency.

Best Wine Delivery Services in Texas in 2024 — Final Score

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First box of 6 wines for only $45.00
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