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Wine Delivery
Wine Delivery
Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Updated on Apr 9th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

10 Best White Wine Delivery Services 2024: Reviewed

The luxury of shopping for exceptional white wines without leaving your home is a reality. Many top-notch wine delivery services operate in the USA. And my 10 Best White Wine Delivery Services review presents the creme de la creme of these providers, with selections from around the world.

Most wine subscription services featured in my list offer both domestic and international wines. While some specialize in American wines, all have consistently ranked highly across various categories by our in-house reviewers. The top services stand out by offering personalization tools, filtering options, and concierge services. These features enable you to tailor wines to your palate and select exceptional gifts.

Selecting the top white wine delivery service was tough, but I put Firstleaf in the top spot. Award-winners make the bulk of its assortment, and the company has a great on-site bottle customization quiz. It has a wine concierge service that works around the clock, too. But other services also stand out in some ways, so make sure to check them out, too. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best White Wine Delivery Services

  1. Firstleaf – Best white wine delivery service overall

  2. Naked Wines – Best budget white wine club

  3. Vinesse – Best boutique whites from award-winning wineries

  4. Bright Cellars – Best white wine customization service

  5. Wine Insiders – Best subscription service for French whites

See 5 more white wine delivery services

Best White Wine Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Firstleaf – Best White Wine Delivery Service Overall

Firstleaf's Le Temps des Recoltes

Key Features

  • The company has dozens of grape varieties on offer

  • Shop for international and locally sourced award winners

  • Learn more about wines from Wine School

  • Current deal: First box of 6 wines for only $45.00

Many factors place Firstleaf at the top of my list. These include competitive pricing, a selection of award-winning wines, outstanding concierge service, and an exceptional wine personalization quiz. No matter your grape variety preference, Firstleaf offers award-winning choices. And its wine experts source excellent wines globally, whether they’re award winners or hidden gems.

Firstleaf boasted a collection of around 100 white wines at the time of my review of the 10 best white wine delivery services. Famous grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio (Gris) accounted for about half of these wines. Eleven were blends, including Les Temps des Récoltes shown in the image, 1 of Firstleaf's Fine Wine Collection bottles.

While I reviewed the provider's white wines, I noticed that half of them were multi-award winners, featuring gold and silver medals and special awards. Some of those are Weelderige Velde from South Africa, boasting 13 awards, and FogBack from California with 8 awards. About a dozen others had at least 1 medal, including Trailstone from Washington.

Firstleaf's Weelderige Velde

But I found many other great wines that I'm sure will compete with those in the future. Valle de Viñedo from Chile, Chanmé Méchant from France, and Shanks' Mare from Australia were some of them.

You can filter your preferred wines on the Firstleaf site. Filter categories are Varietal (such as Muscat and Riesling), Region (like France and Spain), and Specialty (including Dry Wines and Eco-Friendly Wines). The United States was represented with 42 wines, followed by South Africa and Australia with 16 and 10 bottles, respectively.

You can check out Firstleaf's Fine Wine Selection. But aside from a few specially selected whites, I find that this selection is mostly red wines. Also, take a look at Featured Wine Bundles from time to time. It caters in particular to connoisseurs who mix and match reds, whites, and other wines, like rosés and sparklings.

Customize your wine selection by taking an on-site quiz. Select White at the beginning to state your wine preference and respond to questions about your sweetness preferences, willingness to try new wines, and more. I like the flexibility to change recommendations if some don't align with your tastes. Read our in-depth review to learn more about the survey.

The wine delivery service has 3 subscription tiers with progressive benefits. Each higher tier provides greater discounts and more attractive gifts. Regardless of the tier, you'll enjoy bigger savings as a subscriber than as a guest shopper.

Firstleaf offers premium wines at competitive prices, starting at $7.49. When you buy 12 or more wines, the provider waives the shipping fee. For orders less than that, a $14.95 delivery fee applies.

2. Naked Wines – Best Budget White Wine Club

Naked Wines' Patrice Grasset Loire Valley Chenin Blanc 2022

Key Features

  • The wine club has an extensive filtering system

  • The service personalizes wines based on your feedback

  • You can browse bottles by region and winemaker

  • Current deal: Get 50% Off!

Naked Wines has high-quality wines at affordable prices on offer. It operates on a crowdfunding model that supports independent winemakers. Check out our in-depth review to learn more about how this works.

This unique approach provides the club with wines at special prices, with some even priced under $10. By eliminating intermediaries and their associated markups, the provider offers exclusive wines, many of which aren't available in stores, directly to its customers.

The wine subscription service consistently has over 100 white wines in its assortment. The last time I checked, it had 116 bottles sourced from the USA and around the world. And it has dozens of grape varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Muscato.

Naked Wines' Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Pinot Grigio 2022

The service features US whites for the most part, with 77 bottles available at the time of my review. French and South African wines were the next most represented, with 11 and 7 bottles, respectively. Italy, a major global wine exporter alongside France and Spain, had 4 bottles in the selection. To my dismay, there were no white wines from Spain offered. But its neighbor, Portugal had 2 options.

Besides individual bottles, you can buy white wine cases from this provider. These typically come in packs of at least 6 wines. Some favorites of mine are Essential Whites and Everyday Sippers.

Naked Wines has the most extensive filtering system among the wine delivery services I reviewed. You can browse favorite wines, wine producers, and more via 11 filters. Besides wine types and regions, you can also check bottles by alcohol content, price, and dietary preference, for example. To pair wines with restaurant-quality prepared meals, check out Factor, 1 of the top meal delivery services.

The wine club boasts an effective system where wine enthusiasts rate each wine by its vintage, which is especially helpful for future buyers. My findings show that the majority of wines have excellent ratings. Specifically, more than 90% of reviewers would buy their rated bottles again. For detailed ratings by vintage, hover your cursor over the rating provided.

With Naked Wines, you're not solely dependent on other connoisseurs' ratings to customize your collection. It has a retrospective personalization system. Rate each wine post-tasting to help the company refine future recommendations for you. The more wines you rate, the better suggestions you'll get. If you prefer immediate recommendations suited to your taste, take Firstleaf's survey.

If you're a big fan of wine, think about becoming an Angel member. This subscription provides significant discounts and attractive perks. With a monthly fee of $40, you could enjoy wine price reductions of up to 60%.

Naked Wines' prices cater to budget hunters, as its most affordable wines cost $7.99. You won't pay for shipping if your order is at least $100. Most customers who fall below this amount pay $9.99 for delivery.

3. Vinesse – Best Boutique Whites from Award-Winning Wineries

Vinesse's 2021 Alvaro Cristobal Portugal Albariño

Key Features

  • Provide a business address to get wines earlier

  • The company has a satisfaction guarantee on every wine

  • You can buy white wine samplers containing 12 bottles

  • Current deal: Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94

Vinesse has been a prominent figure in wine delivery for more than 3 decades. Its expert sommeliers travel globally, providing wine enthusiasts with remarkable selections. This red and white wine delivery service lets you savor wines from famed regions such as France, Italy, and Australia. Also, its experts explore lesser-known wine-producing areas to introduce new flavors.

Vinesse has dozens of white wines, besides reds, rosés, and sparklings, on offer. It had about 50 whites when I reviewed the company. These wines hail from the USA, France, Italy, and Portugal, among other wine-producing nations.

Note that Vinesse's website lacks a filtering system for narrowing choices by country. If you prefer white wines from specific regions, Naked Wines has 1 of the most comprehensive filtering systems among wine clubs.

Vinesse's Canopy Grove white wine

This wine delivery service caters to aficionados with refined palates. A notable example is the 2018 Qupé Santa Barbara County Roussanne, priced around $50. In general, the provider's high-end white wines tend to cost less than that. The most expensive option I've come across on the company's website was around $80.

But Vinesse also has less expensive options. At the time of my review, there were about 20 bottles under $20. And a fair share of them were Vinesse Exclusive bottles. As stated in our complete review, half the bottles that cost under $40 are exclusives.

Vinesse has a large collection of wine samplers. I've consistently found dozens of these 12-bottle sets, many of which include white wines. Its California Crushed Chardonnays are among the top 3 best-selling samplers. Other sets I recommend are Bold & Beautiful Whites and A Journey Beyond Chardonnay, featuring Chenin Blanc, Riesling, and Albariño varietals.

You can browse the wine club's wines via 4 main filters – Vinesse Exclusive and Shop Wines by Price, Type, and Varietal. The Shop Wines by Price filter has sub-categories like Under $20, $20 - $40, and so on. To browse grape varietals, choose between Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and White Zinfandel, among other alternatives.

Vinesse doesn't have a wine personalization tool. If you prefer to get a selection tailored to your tastes rather than being adventurous, consider Firstleaf. It has 1 of the best on-site wine personalization tools, ideal for those seeking a more tailored wine experience.

You can buy wines from Vinesse as a guest. But subscribing presents great benefits, such as flexible membership plans and a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like the wine you get, the provider will offer a replacement.

The price for your Vinesse order will vary depending on factors like your location and the size of your order. Handling and shipping fees fluctuate based on these aspects. Still, the starting price per bottle is $10.00.

4. Bright Cellars – Best White Wine Customization Service

Bright Cellar's Riesling Bundle

Key Features

  • The service sells wine bundles only

  • You can take an in-depth bottle customization quiz

  • The company has cocktails besides wines on offer

Bright Cellars stands out for wine novices and connoisseurs who enjoy exploring new tastes. With its customer feedback-driven selection process, it's an excellent choice if you're uncertain about your preferences. The system tailors bottle choices to align with your tastes, significantly reducing the chance of getting a wine you won't enjoy.

This Milwaukee-based wine club offers wines in bundles of 6 and 12 bottles. You can’t shop for individual wines. But the wine club uses expert sommelier knowledge and your personal preferences to tailor its offerings. Thus, the likelihood of receiving wines that don't match your taste is pretty slim.

I like the service's very detailed wine customization quiz. It contains a series of questions with plentiful options to assess your palate. It also touches on your wine preference, so make sure to highlight that you're passionate about whites. Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll get a tailored bottle selection. Refer to our full review to learn how this works. Bright Cellars' tailored white wine selection

As you can see in the image above, the tailored selection includes the match percentage for your palate. The wines the company recommended to me had a palate match between 97% and 92%. Besides, you can switch options by clicking on Replace if you find that the suggested wine isn't the right fit for you.

You can choose from bundles curated by Bright Cellars' sommeliers. When I last checked for the 10 Best White Wine Delivery Services review, some of the options available were the Jumble Sale Riesling Bundle, Silverscape Chenin Blanc Bundle, and Humdrum California White Blend. You can select either 4 or 6 bottles in each bundle.

Besides vino, you can buy cocktail bundles, specifically Margaritas, from this provider. Its Margs typically feature strawberry and lime flavors. Some of the sets available during my research included Day & Night Classic Lime, Day & Night Fresh Strawberry, and Sugar, Spice & Everything Margs Bundles.

As a Bright Cellars member, you enjoy 20% discounts on prices offered to guests. Also, you can get early access to curated wine bundles and rewards with each wine. If you’re looking for wines from award-winning estates, Vinesse may be a better fit for you.

Customer support is another standout feature of the wine club. If you have requests that are different from what the service currently offers, agents may help you with them if possible.

The price of each bundle varies based on its type and the number of bottles included. The starting price for the most affordable bundle is $10.00. Opt for a box containing 6 or more bottles to qualify for free shipping. The delivery fee for smaller orders is $10.

5. Wine Insiders – Best Subscription Service for French Whites

Wine Insiders' 2020 Sous L'Ocean Muscadet

Key Features

  • You can buy celebrity-curated bundles

  • Browse bottles by vintage

  • The company has white wine sets

Most of Wine Insiders’ white and other wines come from renowned French and American wine regions. When I researched the company for this white wine delivery services review, nearly half of its white offerings came from these countries. Still, it has many wines coming from Italy and Spain, the world's first and second largest wine exporters, respectively. 

You can also find Australian, Chilean, South African, and Argentinian bottles on the provider's website. It even includes offerings from lesser-known wine nations, such as Germany and Mexico. Occasionally, I even spotted bottles from Hungary and Morocco.

During my evaluation, Wine Insiders had 7 award-winning white wines available. This is a commendable selection for a wine delivery service, for sure. But Firstleaf reigns supreme in this regard. In comparison, the majority of its collection consists of multiple award-winning wines from various countries, including France and the United States.

Wine Insiders' El Bochorno Blanco

At Wine Insiders, you can shop for wine sets in addition to individual bottles. I have noticed bundles that contain only white wines, as well as mixed sets featuring a combination of whites, reds, rosés, and sparkling wines. Some bundles that caught my eye were Wintry Whites, containing 6 white wines, and Crisp Whites & Sparkles, featuring 5 whites and 1 rosé.

To understand what each bundle contains, you'll need to check them individually. That's because the Sets category, unlike the Wine section, doesn't provide a filtering system.

Wine Insiders has a convenient filtering system for its wine selection with several categories. Some of them are Sweetness (Dry, Semi-dry, Semi-sweet, and Sweet), Varietal (i.e., Chardonnay and Muscato), and Vintage (2018-2023, at the time of my review). The last 1 was a pleasant surprise for me, as most wine clubs don't allow browsing wines by vintage.

Wine Insiders offers celebrity-curated wine sets by Martha Stewart, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Ludo Lefebvre. Martha's Best of the Brunch selection features 4 white and 2 rosé wines. Geoffrey Zakarian's Sauvignon Blanc Standouts Trio includes 2 whites from Spain and 1 from California. Chef Ludo’s French Countryside Whites Trio combines 2 whites and a rosé.

I find the lack of a wine personalization tool 1 of the rare cons of this white wine provider. For a top-notch bottle customization service, especially for bundles, I recommend subscribing to Bright Cellars.

Membership with Wine Insiders unlocks exclusive access to wines not available to non-members. This includes artisanal wines and the added benefit of getting 3 gold medal-winning wines for free. Subscribers also enjoy gifts with selected shipments and other perks. Read our complete review to learn more.

Wine Insiders' bottles start at $8.99. For orders of 6 bottles or more, the company offers free shipping. If you purchase fewer than 6 bottles, there’s a delivery fee of $14.95 plus an additional processing charge of $2.95.

6. The  California Wine Club – Top Choice for Fans of American Wines

Label of The California Wine Club's Chenin Blanc Clarksburg 2022

Key Features

  • The company has 6 wine clubs

  • Shop for handcrafted, limited-series wines 

  • Choose from dozens of white wines

The California Wine Club specializes in wines from the West US coast. It has offerings from California all the way up to the Pacific Northwest. You'll find dozens of artisanal, award-winning white wines in its assortment. The company has several international offerings, too.

You can find wines for every budget on the wine subscription service's website. Its selection of affordable Californian wines under $20 ranks it among the cheapest wine clubs reviewed by our experts. If you don't mind paying a little more for bottles from Washington and Oregon vineyards, check out the Pacific Northwest selection.

The selection of international white wines from this provider is pretty limited. If you lean towards a mix of high-quality American, French, Italian, and Spanish wines, Wine Insiders may be a better choice.

The California Wine Club's La Spinosa 2022 Toscana Italy Marugale IGT white wine

The wine subscription service offers a variety of white wines, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Gris. When I browsed the selection, some available bottles were BekJorden 2022 Lake County Dry Muscat Canelli, Odonata Wines 2021 Chiara Vineyard Monterey Estate Viognier, and La Spinosa 2022 Toscana Italy Marugale IGT.

Use a filtering system to narrow down your selection of whites. Some applicable filters are Categories, White Wine, Region, and Wine Club Levels. Some Categories' options are Best Values and Collectibles, while Region contains California, Pacific Northwest, and International options. When you select a sub-filter, you can also filter options by price and price range.

The California Wine Club has 6 wine clubs: Premier Series, Signature Series, International Series, Aged Cabernet Series, Pacific Northwest Series, and Case Club Series. Our expert reviewer highlights that each club has a unique customization tool. As a member of any of these clubs, you can enjoy tasting tours of West Coast vineyards. Deliveries run monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on your preference.

The company has a Love it Guarantee policy in place. If you don't like the wine it sent to you, you'll get a replacement as soon as possible. To cut the chance of a mismatch, I recommend checking out Bright Cellars. It has 1 of the most thorough bottle personalization tools I’ve used and lets you swap options if you disagree with its suggestions.

You can choose from various gifting options for a loved one or a business partner. Consider sets, crates, or electronic gift certificates, especially if you're unsure of the recipient's wine preferences.

The pricing structure of The California Wine Club is subject to change. The starting price for wines is $10.99. Additionally, a typical shipping fee of $16 applies alongside any relevant handling charges.

7. Wine Awesomeness – Top Choice for Adventurous Oenophiles

Wine Awesomeness's Placer Andaluz

Key Features

  • Opt for mystery packs or bottles

  • Options are available for every budget

  • The company has locally sourced and international wines

Wine Awesomeness provides a broad selection of white wines. You can buy individual bottles or large sets. If you like surprises, consider mystery bottles or packs, which offer specially selected wines at exclusive prices. Also, if you have a preference for wines from specific producers, you can browse their collections.

Wine Awesomeness offers a diverse range of wines made from various grapes. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeo, Torrontes, and Pinot Grigio are some options. The wine club also features blends that combine 2 or even 3 different grape varieties. Spanish Lacrima Purpura White, which is a blend of Airen, Viura, and Merseguera grapes, is 1 such.

The wine delivery service sources wines from American and international wine producers. Of the latter, you can find bottles from French, Spanish, Chilean, and South African wineries, among others. If you don't mind exploring lesser-known locations, you can also check wines from Uruguay, Slovenia, and Austria, for example.

Wine Awesomeness's South African Cape White blend

You're bound to find dozens of white wines on Wine Awesomeness's site. The company had 74 offerings when I checked. It also had 30 curated sets combining whites, reds, sparklings, and rosés.

But if you drink whites and nothing but whites, you can usually choose from several sets. Some I found on the website were Premium West Coast Whites, The Spanish Fiesta White, and White Wine Lovers Wonderland.

Mystery packs let you experiment with wines selected by the wine club's sommeliers. These typically come in 12-bottle bundles, with some adding 3 wines for free. Note that most sets mix and match reds, whites, and other wines. When I checked the Mystery Packs selection, I found only 1 white wine bundle.

If you want to avoid the risk of receiving multiple wines that may not suit your taste, Wine Awesomeness offers a mystery bottle option. But, during my review of the best white wine delivery services, there was only 1 mystery bottle available among the selection of over 70 white wines.

Or, consider a service that has a wine personalization quiz to tailor your selection. Firstleaf boasts a first-class bottle personalization questionnaire and multi-awarded wines.

Wine Awesomeness has a comprehensive filtering system for selecting wines. A limitation I noticed is that you can only use 1 filter at a time. Some available categories are by type, by grape, and by country. For a more flexible filtering experience, Naked Wines stands out by offering around a dozen categories that you can have active simultaneously.

Consider joining the Wine Awesomeness Discovery Wine Club. As a member, you can select your own bottles or let the company's expert sommeliers make the selection for you. Read our review to learn more.

The service suits both budget and discerning oenophiles. The price of its bottles starts at $13.25.

8. Macy’s Wine Shop – Best for Sauvignon Blanc Fans

Macy Wine Shop's 2022 Flores Sauvignon Blanc

Key Features

  • Shop for dozens of Sauvignon Blanc wines

  • The company has many white blend bottles

  • The service has specially selected wines for weddings

Macy's Wine Shop boasts a vast selection for white wine enthusiasts. At any given time, its offering includes several dozen white wines, sometimes more than 100 choices. You can explore a range of celebrated and lesser-known varieties. Notably, connoisseurs preferring Sauvignon Blanc will find an especially rich selection to choose from.

Most of the Sauvignon Blancs were from France and the USA, 11 and 8, respectively, when I checked. Couronne De Petáles, Roche Mazet, Redland Ranch Reserve, and Quadrate were some of the offerings. The wine shop also has products from Chile, Australia, Italy, and Spain, among other countries. Flores from Chile (in the image) and Hakea Sauvignon Blanc Limestone Coast from Australia are some. 

At Macy's Wine Shop, you'll find a wide array of grape varietals beyond Sauvignon Blanc. Options include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Vermentino. For those interested in white blends, the online shop had 21 different options at the time of my review. White wines come from various countries, including Argentina, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, and Mexico.

The provider has a wide range of whites, among reds, sparklings, and rosés. It also has wine sets on offer. For example, I found Summer Sets and Award Winners on its website. Here I must point out that most of the award winners are reds, 14 compared to 3 whites. For this and other reasons, Macy's Wine Shop is 1 of the best red wine clubs in 2024. 

The service offers a variety of white wine sets, alongside a predominantly red selection. Still, I found a large number of white wine bundles, well over a dozen. White Wine Excellence, Award-Winning Whites, Sommelier's White Symphony, and California's Whites Unveiled were some of them. These sets are available in 3-, 6-, and 12-bottle packages.

As our expert reviewer mentioned in their dedicated review, this particular wine delivery service better caters to experienced connoisseurs who know what they're after instead of novices and adventurers. Thus, if you count yourself among wine daredevils and would like to include an element of surprise in your orders, you should subscribe to Wine Awesomeness

Macy's Wine Shop features several useful filters like Color, Sweetness, and Country. Notably, the Vintage filter stands out, particularly useful for wine enthusiasts knowledgeable about exceptional years in specific wine regions. Vintage filters range from 2018 to 2023, although some older vintages tend to appear occasionally, too. 

Joining Macy's Wine Shop as a member brings welcoming perks. As a subscriber, you'll enjoy benefits like replacing bottles that don't meet your expectations and privileged prices. 

Order 6 or more wines to avoid a delivery fee of $14.95. The starting price for the most affordable wines at Macy's Wine Shop is $10.99.

9. Monthly Clubs – Great Wine Club for Wine and Cheese Lovers

Monthly Clubs' Coca i Fitó Aloja Blanc DO Terra Alta Montsant 2021

Key Features

  • Monthly Clubs has wine, cheese, beer, and chocolate clubs

  • Besides white wines, you can buy reds

  • Choose 1 of 4 wine clubs

Monthly Clubs stands out among other services on my 10 Best White Wine Delivery Services list by offering some wine-compatible products besides white and other bottles. It has Cheese, Chocolate, Flower, Beer, and Cigar clubs. Moreover, it ranks among the companies providing the best wine club gifts, and you can accompany bottles with flowers or chocolates, for example.

You'll find both whites and reds in the Monthly Clubs' wine store. The white wine selection is relatively modest, with 17 bottles available when I last reviewed the assortment. In comparison, there were 51 red wines. If looking for a broader range of white wines, many of which have won up to a dozen or so awards, I recommend exploring Firstleaf.

Bottles from France dominated Monthly Clubs' white wine selection with 8 options. Chile and Austria shared second and third place with 2 offerings each. Australia, South Africa, Italy, Spain, and the USA were represented by 1 wine each.

Monthly Clubs' Muscadet Sèvre & Maine 2022

You can choose from a few dozen grape varieties. Some of the most famous are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Riesling. But fans of lesser-known varietals like Viognier, Macabeo, and Glera should have options, too. Some bottles are blends of 2 or 3 grape varieties, such as Château La Gabarre Bordeaux Blanc 2022.

You can browse your favorite wines through several on-site filters. Some of them are Country, Grape Varietals, Price, and Club Featured In. I wish to point out here that the service doesn't have a wine club dedicated solely to whites. But you can opt to get only whites from 1 of them. You can check in its Wine Store which bottle falls into which club.

The wine subscription service has 4 distinct wine clubs, each with its own pricing structure as pointed out in our full review. The clubs are:

  • The Premier Series, which focuses on boutique premium wines

  • The Collectors Series, features wines aged to perfection

  • The Masters Series, a combination of The Premier Series and The Collectors Series selections

  • The Bold Reds, dedicated to red wines

If you don't mix and match reds and whites and drink only white wines, choose The Premier Series. It lets you get 2 whites or reds or 1 of each every month. From other wine clubs, you can get 1 of each at best.

The Premier Series is the company's most popular and most affordable club. At the time of my Best White Wine Delivery Services review, it had a 5-star rating from 113 oenophiles and a monthly membership fee of $43.95.

Monthly Clubs accommodates wine enthusiasts with a variety of budgets. Its most affordable bottle costs $20.98. Depending on the size of your order, shipping costs usually range between $15 and $36

10. Plonk – Top Wine Delivery for Organic Wine Lovers

Plonk's Heiligenblut Silvaner wine

Key Features

  • The company has White Organic Wine Club

  • Besides wines, you can buy food from this service

  • Go for individual wines or packs

Plonk specializes in organic wines produced on every continent except Asia. For this sole reason, it ranks among the best wine delivery services, as rated by our wine experts. Besides whites, it has rosé, red, and sparkling wines on offer. And you can buy individual bottles or wine sets, whichever you prefer, from this reputable company.

When I last reviewed this organic wine delivery service, it had 16 white wine bottles available. The majority of these were from Europe, but there were also options from the USA. At that time, there were no offerings from Australia, South Africa, or South America.

Italian wines dominated the white wine selection with 7 bottles. French offerings were 4, while German, Austrian, and bottles from some other countries were a handful. What disappointed me was the lack of Spanish wines. If you crave wines from this country on the Iberian Peninsula, check out Wine Insiders.

Plonk's Cobelli Nosiol white wine

You can opt for Plonk's white wine packs, too. Sets are available in 6- and 12-bottle packages, as confirmed in our in-depth review. My personal favorites are Best Sellers 6-Pack – All Whites and Dinner Party 6-Pack – All Whites. If you feel adventurous and prefer to have the service's sommeliers select bottles for you, go for Mystery Case 12-Pack – All Whites.

Plonk has 3 main categories for filtering your wine selection. These are Wine Type (like White, Red, etc.), Region (including the USA, Europe, and lower level filters such as California, Oregon, France, and Italy), and Winemaking Method. The Winemaking Method options are Certified Organic, Grown Organic, Certified Biodynamic, Grown Biodynamic, and Sustainable.

The wine subscription service has 3 wine clubs for you to choose from. As a white wine connoisseur, the 1 you should clearly opt for is White Organic Wine Club. If you mix and match whites with reds, rosés, or sparklings, consider subscribing to Mixed Organic Wine Club. 

Wines made of rare and undiscovered grapes are the common feature of these wine clubs. In line with this, note that this bottle delivery service introduces lesser-known wineries, indigenous grapes, and appellations you may not have heard of. The producers of these wines make them with as little intervention as possible and don't use herbicides, pesticides, or other additives. 

The company also has wine and food bundles on offer. These tend to shift, so I found Organic Wine & Rogue Creamery Organic Cheese Gift Set the last time I checked. But previously it had bundles including salami, too. 

Plonk is among the more expensive wine clubs I've reviewed. The starting price for its most affordable bottles is $9.50. Shipping is free, but note that you need to buy at least 6 bottles for the company to deliver. 

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Ideal for

Wine Type

Active Deals


$7.49 per bottle

1 bottle

Anyone who loves wine

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

First box of 6 wines for only $45.00 from Firstleaf

🥈Naked Wines

$7.99 per bottle

6 bottles

Small business supporters

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines

Get 50% Off! from Naked Wines


$10.00 per bottle

1 bottle

Premium wine lovers

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

Enjoy 6 Exceptional Wines for Just $41.94 from Vinesse

Bright Cellars

$10.00 per package

A 3-bottle bundle

New wine drinkers and cocktail lovers

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines as well as cocktails

Get your first 6 bottles for $55! from Bright Cellars

Wine Insiders

$8.99 per bottle

3 bottles

Fans of high-end wine

Red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines

Get 10% off + FREE shipping! from Wine Insiders

The California Wine Club

$10.99 per bottle

1 bottle

Anyone who loves west coast wines

Red and white wine

Save 50% on the wine in your first shipment with promo code SAVE50! from The California Wine Club

Wine Awesomeness

$13.25 per bottle

1 bottle

People who want to try global wines

Red, white, rosè, and sparkling wines

Get 50% Off! from Wine Awesomeness

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Tips for Choosing the Best White Wine Delivery Service

Finding the best white wine delivery service can be an enjoyable yet daunting task, given the number of options available. Knowing the top wine subscription services is a great start. But to find the 1 that best suits your preferences, consider these 4 crucial points:

  • Consider your preferred grape varieties and regions. The flavor of a wine depends on the grape variety and region of origin. For example, French and Argentine white wines from the same grape variety can have different flavors. For an efficient way to explore and filter different options and the large assortment, I recommend opening a Naked Wines account.

  • Set a budget. Most of the providers I covered in my review have options for every budget. But I think that Firstleaf offers the biggest bang for your buck, regardless of your budget. The lion's share of its selection is award-winning wines, many of which have won multiple awards, up to a dozen. And they're suitable for both budget hunters and discerning connoisseurs.

  • Think about taking a wine personalization quiz. Both beginners and experienced wine enthusiasts take surveys helping them tailor bottles according to their palates. Join them to have as little margin for error as possible and get the most enjoyment out of sipping wine. Bright Cellars has 1 of the most thorough wine customization quizzes I have taken so far.

  • Consider subscribing to a wine club. You'll gain various membership benefits by joining the wine club that suits you. These can include special pricing compared to non-member purchases, returning wines that don't meet your expectations, and access to exclusive gifts. In this context, Vinesse is worth considering.


What is a good brand of white wine?

Firstleaf's Weelderige Velde is 1 of the most awarded white wines, and wines in general, you'll find on the market today. It collected 13 prizes, some of which are 4 90+ points awards, 3 gold medals, and 2 special awards. Produced in South Africa, this Chenin Blanc vino features pear, lychee, and lemon flavors.

What is the most popular white wine?

Chardonnay is widely recognized as the most popular white wine. Its appeal lies in the diverse flavors and finishes it can exhibit, much of which depends on the region where the grapes are grown. Check out Naked Wines to explore the variety of Chardonnay wines, as this wine club has dozens of these on offer.

What is the best white wine for a house party?

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio are great party wines. If you have a lot of guests with different palates, Chardonnay is a safe bet. But if your guests like exotic flavors, Sauvignon Blanc should be a great choice. Vinesse is a white wine delivery service that has all the wines I mentioned in its assortment.

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